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Wrap Your MacBook in Style With a Wildflower’s MacBook Case

Powerful. Reliable. Sleek. Those are just some words perfectly describing MacBooks. But do you know which adjective you won’t see listed here? Affordable. You also can’t really describe a MacBook’s design as fun.

Luckily, a single object can take care of both pain points by protecting your investment and giving it a cute makeover. The object in question is a MacBook case.

Let’s see why Wildflower’s MacBook cases (or should we say bags) should be on your to-buy list.

Why Invest in a MacBook Case

Let’s not sugarcoat it – Apple is always trying to get you to buy more accessories. So, why should you voluntarily spend more money, especially given the price of the MacBook itself? That’s precisely what we’ll address in the following section. Read the benefits of owning a MacBook case, and you’ll immediately buy one of these babies for your laptop.

Keep Your MacBook Safe and Sound

As you’ve probably expected, added protection is the No. 1 reason to buy a MacBook case for your laptop. After all, these powerful machines come with quite a hefty price tag, so you’ll want to be extra certain nothing bad can happen to them.

Of course, let’s give Apple some credit. The brand goes above and beyond to ensure the MacBook’s durability. These laptops feature a highly resistant aluminum frame, solid and robust ports, and a scratch-resistant glass panel covering the screen. Basically, the keyboard is the only part that’s not reinforced (Unfair, if you ask us, where’s a keyboard cover?!).  

But all these layers of protection work when you’re inside. For the most part, at least. When you’re outside or heading to another place, it’s a whole new set of rules.

Outside, stuff happens. Even if you only have a short walk from your car to your office or classroom, you can get caught in a downpour. Or, you can rush to get on time and accidentally drop your MacBook. When such unfortunate events happen, you’ll probably wish you’ve used something to protect your laptop.

So, whether you’re constantly on the go, often commute to school or work, or are just plain old clumsy, don’t leave your house without a trusty MacBook case.

Keeping your MacBook safely tucked away while on the move will also help prevent dust, debris, and other no-no stuff from infiltrating your laptop’s delicate components and messing up its performance.

Turn Your MacBook Into a Super Cute Accessory

Sure, most people will buy a protective accessory primarily to safeguard their costly device. But it’s just us, girl; we don’t have to pretend. It’s perfectly understandable to want a MacBook case for its looks, first and foremost.

And can anyone blame you? One look at the adorable flowers, playful butterflies, and whimsical hearts on Wildflower’s MacBook cases and this accessory books it from the nice-to-have to the must-have category.

With a MacBook case, your MacBook can become a part of your OOTD, not just a nuisance you must lug around. Match the case to your fit for a monochromatic serve, or use this accessory as a fun pop of color.

Plus, carrying your MacBook in a super cute laptop case will help you easily differentiate it from others, whether in a classroom or an office.

Let Your MacBook Case Carry Your Load

Juggling a million little things in one hand is the ultimate girl move. You’ve got your phone, keys, and wallet, and there’s somehow still room for Starbucks. As impressive as this is, you don’t have to do it all on your own. Drop the extras in your MacBook case and enjoy your vanilla latte in peace.

That’s right, a MacBook case can also serve as a bag for a few additional items. Of course, you don’t want to go overboard, as you can scratch your Mac laptop (which is what we’re trying to prevent in the first place!).

Select a MacBook case with a looser fit, and you’ll have the perfect sidekick for a busy day.

How to Choose the Perfect MacBook Case

So, you need a MacBook case. That’s just a fact! It protects your precious laptop and helps both your style and your busy lifestyle. But how can you choose the perfect MacBook case for your needs? We can help you with that, too!

Look at it this way – a great MacBook case should share similar qualities with the laptop itself in terms of quality, durability, and functionality. Read our guide below, and choosing between MacBook cases will be a breeze.

Make Sure Your MacBook Fits

Although this might seem obvious, people often overlook this basic step. And there’s no judgment here! Most of us have been so drawn in by appearance that we forget all about functionality. It happens when booking accommodation, buying a car, and, if we’re honest, getting into a relationship or two.

So, we’re here to be your voice of reason! Before purchasing a MacBook case, make sure it’s big enough to hold your Mac laptop. Better yet, go for a 16-inch laptop bag so you can fit any Apple model (and a few accessories on the side!).  

Everybody Should Be Comfortable

When it comes to MacBook cases, we don’t want anybody or anything to be restricted or uncomfy. This goes for you, as the person carrying this case around, and for your laptop. Your MacBook should be able to move a bit inside the case to prevent a tight fit and avoid scratching. Then again, carrying your laptop in a huge bag won’t do much for its protection.

So, look for softer MacBook cases that feel comfortable in your hands or on your shoulders but are sturdy enough to protect your precious laptop. In the size department, don’t go more than a few inches over your screen size.

Look for Multiple Compartments

A quality MacBook case can hold much more than just your laptop. Besides a few personal belongings, you can use it to store the necessary accessories and cables for your MacBook. After all, you’ll need all the extra help you can get, judging by the rate at which Apple is getting rid of MacBook’s ports.

However, just tossing these items in with your laptop isn’t the best move. You can scratch or otherwise damage the device, which goes against the whole point of buying a protective case. To avoid this unfortunate (and costly!) scenario, look for cases with multiple compartments.

Ideally, you should have at least two pockets inside for your everyday essentials.

Expect Durability

Given how durable a Mac laptop is, you’ll want your MacBook case to keep up. A great case will be constructed using premium materials, from interior to exterior, including every zipper and compartment. Of course, don’t forget about the handle. After all, this is the part that stands between a perfectly functional laptop and a cracked screen somewhere on the floor.

Stay True to Your Style

If you’re fond of MacBook’s traditional, sleek look, you’ll find your perfect case among Apple’s MacBook cases. But truthfully, the brand isn’t exactly known for its vivid colors and creative designs. So, unless you’re going for a posh vibe, you’ll probably want a case with a bit more personality.

And that’s all we can suggest for this step. The rest is up to you. Are you a Y2K girlie? Consider a MacBook case with the iconic heart pattern. Are you more of a flower-power type of person? Get something funky to match your vibe. You can’t go wrong either way!

Why Choose Wildflower MacBook Cases

If you aren’t a fan of browsing around and comparing “specs,” let us give you a helping hand. Wildflower MacBook cases are the cases you’re looking for. Why?

Well, it simply checks all the boxes for the ideal MacBook case described above. It fits a 16-inch laptop and protects it with a soft, felt fabric on the inside. The inside is also where you’ll find two mesh pockets perfect for storing a variety of catch-all tech.

Unlike traditional MacBook cases, Wildflower cases serve more like laptop bags. As a result, they are easy to use, don’t fit too snuggly, and don’t block any crucial ports.

But the outside is where Wildflower MacBook cases truly excel.

The brand offers one-of-a-kind, limited edition MacBook cases with striking designs that will help you stand out in the sea of plain old boring Apple cases. Best of all? You can find a matching iPhone case or AirPods Max cover and transform your fit into a unique ensemble that will be a magnet for compliments.

Of course, you can always mix and match these accessories, depending on your current mood and aesthetic era. The point is that no other MacBook case lets you express your personality and unique style in quite the same way.

Let Wildflower Protect and Beautify Your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air

Now that you know why a Wildflower MacBook case should be your next purchase, browse our collection and find the bag that best suits your style. But why stop there? Venture past the MacBook cases and find super-cute matching iPhone cases and AirPods Max covers to take your everyday fits to a new level.