Realisation Par x Devon Lee Carlson x Wildflower Cases

“A princess meets a frog in a fantasy world. Transport into a nature-filled scene where a magical kiss transforms a frog into prince charming.” - @devonleecarlson

Réalisation Par x Devon Lee Carlson x Wildflower Cases: A Match Made in Fashion Heaven

“Real” is something we all strive for. No fakes or pretenders. Devon Lee Carlson knows this. That’s why the co-founder of Wildflower is real about what excites her, what thrills her, what sends her imagination soaring. Which makes the Réalisation Par x Devon Lee Carlson Wildflower case an exciting combination of both reality and pure enchantment, all in the same whimsical design. This masterpiece line isn’t just another collaboration but the collaboration.

What Makes the Réalisation Par x Devon Lee Carlson x Wildflower Case So Special?

Once the news broke that the Réalisation Par was collaborating with the Devon Lee Carlson, fashion girlies around the world rejoiced. On the one side is Réalisation Par’s stunning “Touched by the Hand of Devon Lee” collection. On the other is Wildflower’s enchanting iPhone case. Together – magic.

A Dreamy Design

But what’s the deal with this case? What makes it so special? Well, one look at this iPhone case, and you can immediately tell what sets it apart – the delightful tapestry of captivating imagery it features. Just think about the eclectic blend adorning this case: blooming roses, succulent cherries, sensual kisses, mischievous frogs, and graceful butterflies. Truly a kaleidoscope of nature’s most enchanting icons.

A Fantasy Fort

This Realisation Par x Devon Lee Carlson x Wildflower item isn’t just a pretty face, er, case (though to be honest, we’d let it slide even if it was!). This case is also all about safeguarding your iPhone from the dreaded drops. Thanks to a durable black rubber bumper, your screen should stay safe and sound even during the wildest adventures.

A One-of-a-Kind Opulence

Select this case from Wildflower’s magnificent collection, and you’ll know you have a genuine one-of-a-kind piece. Each case is handmade, which translates to each case being wonderfully unique.

A Fairytale Fit

When you order your Réalisation Par x Devon Lee Carlson x Wildflower case, you’ll be able to choose a size based on the specific iPhone model you have. But whatever iPhone you have, one thing’s for sure – this case will fit it like a glove. Each case is tailor-made for a specific iPhone model.

Let’s say you have an iPhone 14. With this case, you don’t have to worry about anything obstructing your cameras or charger port. Plus, you’ll still have easy access to your phone’s tactile buttons.

An Emblem Enchantment

There’s no doubt about it – this case is stunning on its own. But each brand participating in this collaboration added a little something to make this case extra special.

Representing Réalisation Par, you’ll see a “for Réal” text scribbled close to the camera opening. These two simple yet impactful words have become a staple in the brand’s items, signaling that you own an authentic Réalisation Par piece.

On behalf of Wildflower, a silver “wf” emblem (á la T. Swift’s anthem “Bejeweled”) awaits in the bottom right corner. Just like its Réalisation Par’s counterpart, it's meant to send a clear message – this is an authentic, one-of-a-kind, limited edition phone case.

Why Réalisation Par x Devon Lee Carlson Is a Divine Pairing

Brand collaborations are nothing new. Brands collaborate all the time between companies, celebs, influencers, and designers. But you can just tell when a collaboration is organic; everything simply falls into place. This is why a Réalisation Par x Devon Lee Carlson collaboration was always meant to be.

An Enduring Love Story

The love story between Réalisation Par and Devon Lee Carlson started way before their enchanting phone case launched. Devon was actually one of the first Dreamgirls to be shot by the brand’s creative director and co-founder, Alexandra Spencer. Dreamgirls are Réalisation Par’s muses and guide posts when cooking up inspiring new pieces.

Since their first encounter, Realisation Par and Devon worked together on many occasions (once a Dreamgirl, always a Dreamgirl!). Of course, this ongoing love story culminated with a few labors of love for each brand.

Both the clothes and the phone case this divine pairing made together feature signature prints that scream their names.

A Shared Foundation

Both Réalisation Par and Wildflower were created (and are still operated) by women. Even the origin story for each company sounds similar.

Réalisation Par was founded by two friends, Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot. These two successful women drew inspiration from the collective mindset of women surrounding them to create a brand that empowers women and makes them feel confident.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

It’s because our very own Wildflower was established by two sisters – Devon and Sydney Carlson – backed by the invaluable creative vision of their mother, Michelle Carlson. From the very beginning, Wildflower was meant to represent all the girls living their lives passionately, independently, and freely. And it has remained true to this mission to this day.

A Unique Approach

Réalisation Par and Wildflower even approach fashion in the same way.

The first brand doesn’t create collections. Instead, it puts out individual pieces that every girl is missing in her closet. These stunning pieces can be styled and worn in a million ways, allowing every girl who wears a piece to express her creativity and let her personality shine through.

Similarly, Wildflower only launches individual pieces, giving them space to stand out in all their glory. Each product is filled with character and personality and will find its way to the right person.

Keep It Wild and Keep It Real

Realizing you need more from these two brands?

Hop over to the Réalisation Par’s website and explore the Touched by the Hand of Devon Lee collection, filled with romantic nostalgia and playful sophistication. If you’re all about accessories, check out Réalisation eyewear that offers a timeless shape with a nod to Hollywood (and hurry, The Mulholland is back in stock!)

As for Wildflower, all you need to do is choose the size of your iPhone and discover a magical world of cases that combine trendy designs, vibrant colors, and whimsical elements. And that’s just the beginning. Join the Wildflower fam, and make every important accessory uniquely yours, from laptop bags to AirPod cases.

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