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Style and Protect Your AirPods With Wildflower AirPod Cases

We love our Apple AirPods for so many reasons. They're stylish, sleek, and subtle. And they do away with all of that tangled wire nonsense that used to make it such a nightmare to use earphones back in the day. Whenever we need some music to brighten up our day (or motivate us for a workout), we just pop our AirPods in and start living our best lives.

But they're not perfect. If you're anything like us, you've probably lost a few Airpods over the years. They're super easy to misplace. And if you don't have something that protects your Airpods against dust, bumps, and spills, you've basically created a recipe for disaster.

So, we figured we needed to create something that keeps Apple AirPods safe from the moment they leave your ears to the moment you put them back in. That's where our AirPods case designs come in. We're going to explore why you need these cases in your life before looking at some of Wildflower's best designs.

Why You Need AirPod Case Covers in Your Life

For the price you paid for your AirPods, you better believe that you'll want a case that guards them against the outside world. But there's no reason that case can be as sexy and feminine as it is secure. Here are eight reasons why you need a Wildflower AirPod case in your life.

They're So Much More Stylish Than Your Charger Case

We know what you're thinking - "I can just throw my AirPods into the case they came in. My charger case does the job, so I don't see why I need a different case when I have something available already."

We mean, sure, you could just throw your AirPods into the charger case, but where's the fun in that? You're not doing anything to make your AirPods stand out (or communicate who you are to the world) when you use a charger case that doesn't match the energy you bring to the table. Remember - everybody else who has AirPods has that exact same case.

There's nothing "designer" about using any old box to store your AirPods, either. You're an individual, and AirPod cases communicate that to the world with fashionable designs that make you feel proud to pull out the case and take out your AirPods. All eyes will be on you (and you'll have people asking where you got your sexy case) when you have a Wildflower case in your life.

Protection for Your Apple AirPods Max Against Jostling

"Okay, we hear you," you tell us. "An AirPod case looks great, but I'm a practical girl. What if I don't care as much about style and I just want a place to put my Pods when I'm not listening to music or on a call."

Again, that's fine for regular AirPods, we guess. The charging case that comes with them does a good enough job of guarding them against being jostled around when it's in your purse or your pocket. But what if you have AirPods Max?

If you don't want to keep them wrapped around your neck all day, you're probably going to throw them into a bag or purse. And there, they don't benefit from the same protection as normal AirPods get from their charging case.

Wildflower's covers serve more than an aesthetic purpose in these cases. They're designed using tough polyurethane that adds an extra layer of protection to your Maxes so they don't get damaged while being jostled around. Think of the covers like little suits of armor that deflect anything that bounces off the pods, and you're on the right track.

Keep the Dust at Bay With a Customized Cover

Picture the scene. You bring your brand new AirPods Pro home and set them to the side. You charge them up and take them out of their charging case. Then, you go on vacation for a few days and forget to bring them along with you. That's a nightmare because your precious items have gone straight from checkout to nothingness, and you can't wait to get them back.

Now, imagine that you maybe didn't do a great job of cleaning the house before you left, which means the dreaded dust has started to settle. And worse yet, you didn't put your AirPods in any sort of case, so they're just lying around. That dust could get into your AirPods and clog up the delicate electronics inside (think a hair-clogging-up-a-drain scenario).

When you get back home and decide to spend some time with your favorite singer, you may just discover that your AirPods don't even work anymore.

We're going to extremes here, but you get our point. Dust is the enemy of all electronics. AirPod case covers keep the dust at bay.

Get Away From Bulky Options With Lightweight Cases

Let's get a little more practical now. You're sold on the style and functionality of cases (and we'll dig even deeper into the style side of things in a minute), and you've started looking for an AirPods Pro case.

You're going to find that materials matter. A lot of cases out there provide the basic protection you need to send your AirPods to a land of safety. But they're not always convenient, with some being too bulky to carry around easily and others not coming with useful features (like a keychain attachment) that make them easy to link to your keys or a belt buckle.

Wildflower cases are different because we make sure that our AirPods cases are as sleek and sexy as you. By the way, that's a philosophy we follow with our iPhone cases, too, and it's one that makes shipping so much better because you don't have to worry about paying more for extra weight.

Impress Other People With Your Sassy Style

We said we were going to come back to the style issue, and here we are. Your AirPods case is so much more than a box that protects your earphones. It's a reflection of you - who you are, what you are, and everything that you bring to the world.

If you want a cute AirPod case to go along with your coy personality, Wildflower has so many options that you won't know where to look first (and we'll share a few of them in just a moment). If you want something sassy and badassey, we have you covered there too with a collection of AirPods cases that scream, "Here I am - deal with it!" to the whole world.

Our point is that your case is you. It's a personification of the style and aura you project from the moment you walk into a room.

Stop Scratches in Their Tracks

We can't think of a single situation where scratches are a good thing (minds out of the gutters, girls). Every scratch on your iPhone ruins the sleek look that Apple has worked so hard to craft. And the same goes for every bit of tech you have, as scratches are the enemy of style.

A good AirPods case stops scratches by encasing your earphones in a cool cocoon designed to stop them from shifting around when you store them. Do you remember when we talked about jostling in a purse or bag earlier? That's how scratches happen, and a good case is how you make sure they don't happen anymore.

Get on the Go With AirPods Cases Built for Travel

If you're a jet setter who's on the move so much that you never feel like you're settling down, you have AirPods because they keep you connected to the world. You use them on calls, they're great for watching movies and listening to music when you're flying, and they're perfect for the downtime you get when you're on vacation.

But travel comes with risk.

You can't wear your AirPods 24/7 (that would be so uncomfortable), so you need a case to keep them safe (and look good) when you're not using them. The right case easily slips into a carry-on bag or your pocket, making traveling with your AirPods easy.

Get the AirPods Case That's Perfect for You

We think we've made the, erm, case for AirPod cases by now. If you want the Cliffs Notes version, they're safe, stylish, and designed to showcase who you are as a person. That is, as long as you have the right case.

That's where Wildflower comes in. Let's sort the stylish from the also-rans as we look at the limited edition AirPods cases that need to find their way into your hands.

The Bow Beau Collection

Cute by name and definitely cute by nature, the Bow Beau collection is the ultimate accessory for the off-duty model look. The highlight is the beautiful bow design (offset against a subtle checked backdrop) that makes your AirPods case look just like a ribbon that you've tied into your hair. It's pure doll core!

We offer two versions of this case - one for AirPods Max and another for AirPods Pro. The Max case wraps right around your Max headphones, making them cases that you can actively wear while you nod your head to your favorite tunes. As for the AirPods Pro case, we've gone all out with the ribbons, as they feature several all around the case rather than the single big and bold ribbon on the Max case. Whichever one you choose, you're getting a cutesy case that is limited edition and 100% handmade.

The Peony Floral Collection

Maybe you want your AirPod case with fewer ribbons and bows and instead prefer more of the cottage core look. We have you covered there as the Peony Floral collection leaves your Apple AirPods awash in a sea of flowers (peonies, to be exact) that exude feminine energy and look beautiful to boot.

These cases feature fluffy pink peonies of different sizes spread across a seedling green backdrop, giving you a little taste of nature in your pocket. They're perfect for hikes through nature trails because they ensure your AirPods match the energy of your surroundings. If Peonies are your thing, we have cases available for shipping for AirPods Max, Pro, and Pro Gen 2.

The Strawberry Fields Collection

Peonies may be pretty, but strawberries are so tasty that you'll want to eat up their AirPod covers before you even get them to the checkout. We've gone with a "fruitier" design in the Strawberry Fields collection, drawing inspiration from the most delectable (and sexiest) of fruits around.

Color contrast is the theme of this collection, with the eye-catching red of the strawberries offset against an off-white backdrop that makes the little fruits stand out. If you love this cover design, we offer it for several types of Apple AirPods, including Max and Pro. Plus, you can complete the strawberry look with a cover for your iPhone, too.

The Star Girl Collection

David Bowie may have been the Star Man, but you're the Star Girl, and this case is an extension of any woman who shoots for the stars in everything that she does. "Snazzy" is the word we'd use for this Wildflower collection, as every star comes with a different design. Some are filled, others use bold lines to contrast with the black backdrop, and one is a star made up of tons of other stars (our favorite, by the way) to really stand out.

Color-wise, we've gone for a simple black-and-white contrast, with the black background being inspired by the night sky, while the white stars feel like they burst directly out of the case. If you're a Star Girl, you can get these cases for the AirPods Pro, Max, and Pro Gen 2.

The Pink Posie Rosie Collection

Roses are red, violets are blue, and when you have these cases wrapped around your Apple AirPods, there's not a soul who'll forget about you. These cases offer the ultimate in romanticism. Roses are scattered all over an off-white backdrop, almost like roses strewn all over the bed, bringing a touch of the wild to an otherwise cute flower.

The cases feature small roses for a good reason. As soon as somebody gets a glance at the case, they're going to want to come in for a closer look. That's when the scattering of roses fills their senses, making this the cover for those who want to get up close and personal with people. Again, we have limited supplies of these cases, which are currently available for AirPods Max, Pro, and Pro Gen 2.

The Aura Collection

A powerful woman has an aura that explodes from their body from the moment they set foot into a room. That's the sensation we aim to create with the Aura collection with an explosion of color that gets attention and perfectly matches your mood.

The little splashes of color make these cases memorable. And those with eagle eyes may notice that one of those splashes offers a cheeky little nod to the very thing contained within the case (take a closer look and see if you can spot it for yourself). Make your aura a mood that you share with the whole world with an Aura AirPod cover for your Max, Pro, or Pro Gen 2 pods.

The Dalmatian Collection

Calling all Disney fans, especially those who love "101 Dalmatians." The Dalmatian collection is right up your alley, featuring the famous black spots on a white body that makes the eponymous dog so beloved.

Of course, it's not just Disney fans who should rush to the checkout page for these cases, as anybody who has a Dalmatian (or just loves their look) will go crazy for this collection. You have to act fast, though. These are limited edition cases, and we're already sold out of covers for the AirPods Pro Gen 2. AirPods Pro and Max owners still have a chance to get their hands on some Dalmatian delight.

The Slay Collection

You are a queen, and you're ready to slay everybody in sight with a unique style that is so unmistakably "you" that it screams your name from the rafters. That's what the Slay collection represents, as we've combined sexiness with a touch of danger that gets you ready to slay the room.

Design-wise, these cases feature a black backdrop with the word "Slay" emblazoned across them in different fonts and styles. This is the cover for the warrior women out there, the women who aren't afraid to let the world know exactly who they are, where they are, and what they represent. If that's your aesthetic, you can grab a cover that "Slays" for your AirPods Max or Pro.

Safety and Style in One Package With Wildflower

We only have one question to ask you - what are you waiting for? Wildflower's cases are all limited edition, and once they're gone, they're gone forever. You need to find an AirPods case that doesn't just protect your earphones but represents your spirit and style to the entire world.

We're ready to help you find the right cover for your style (and the cases we've mentioned in this article don't even cover our entire collection), so why not head to our AirPod case collection page? You'll get to see everything that we have to offer and even score a stunning case for as low a price as $19.99 (with free shipping). Shop now and find the case that matches your feminine style.

  • Love wildflower cases!!! The covers are cool and fun and protect my headphones great! Have gotten so many compliments on them and will be buying more from this company!

    Mark B.