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This love affair with selfies is sticking for good. Meet your phone’s new best friend, the Pink Heart Stickeez, is here to support you through your daily content creation. Go hands-free while taking a selfie or filming a GRWM video. Simply attach Stickeez to the back of your phone and press down to secure it. Then, stick it to any glass or mirror surface and start creating hands free content. Remove, wash, dry, and reuse - she’s as functional and supportive as she is sweet.

Why Wildflower Cases Stickeez vs others on the market?

Compared to similar products in the market, our Stickeez stand out with her unique pink color and adorable heart shape. What also sets ours apart is the inclusion of double-sided suctions, eliminating any adhesive mess and allowing you to effortlessly mix and match with a variety of phone case styles.

Details and Care:

  • Stickeez works its best magic on smooth, clean surfaces and while they typically adhere well, results may vary depending on the surface.

  • Please ensure that Stickeez is securely attached to both the phone and the surface before letting go.

  • Never leave your phone unattended or attached to any surface for an extended amount of time. Stickeez is designed for temporary adhesion rather than permanent attachment and is not guaranteed to adhere as a permanent solution.

  • Content: 100% Silicone

  • Wildflower Brands LLC is not liable for damages caused as a result of improper use of Stickeez.

*Please note that while our Pink Heart Stickeez are designed to fit most standard phone sizes, they may not adhere perfectly to smaller or mini-sized phones.

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