wildflower chrome iphone wristlet
wildflower chrome iphone wristlet
wildflower chrome iphone wristlet
lifestyle image 01 chrome wristlet
lifestyle image 02 chrome wristlet
lifestyle image 03 chrome wristlet
lifestyle image 04 chrome wristlet
lifestyle image 05 chrome wristlet

Chrome Wristlet

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You’ll love our Chrome Wristlet. This adorable chrome heart is surrounded by shiny chrome beads. Loop it through the side of your phone for an instant dose of cuteness and hands-free convenience.

Don't miss out on this polished accessory!

Details and Care:

  • Gentle Care: Safeguard the charm of your wristlets by avoiding water or harsh chemicals like perfume, hairspray, and deodorant, which can harm the phone strap.
  • Handle with Caution: Always watch over your phone when wearing the wristlet and steer clear of high-impact activities.
  • Please use responsibly, keeping wristlets away from infants and children.
Shield Icon Cute and Protective
Shipping Icon $2.95 US Shipping
Heart with Flames Icon Female Owned
Limited Edition Icon One-of-a-kind

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