Devon and Sydney Carlson Take Us Around the World

carlson sisters

Fashion month — but make it Carlson. We’re fresh off the most hectic time of the year for the world's most influential stylistas, who traverse fashion's capital cities to sit front row at shows and attend exclusive soirees. Of course, we asked Wildflower co-founders Devon and Sydney Carlson to take us along for the ride. 

From the bustling London streets to the couture-clad catwalks in Milan, uncover the magic of Fashion Month through the lens of the two trendiest sisters we know. The dynamic duo offer an exclusive glimpse into the glamorous (or not so glamorous) world of globe-trotting. Last minute fit-checks, late-night flights and gifts from Gucci are all in a day's work for Devon and Sydney, who’ve documented every step just for you. 

Buckle up, baby, this is Fashion Month unfiltered.


SYD: Touchdown in Milan! Walked into my hotel room to these beautiful flowers from Gucci.


SYD: Nothing like a post 20 hour travel day shower…time for bed.


SYD: Getting glam is always fun.


SYD: Show day outfit and quick photoshoot before heading out.


SYD: Sister sister fit-check!


SYD: Breakfast in bed before the long travel day home.

That's it! Catch you in September. 


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