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Wildflower - Cute Phone Cases Designed for the Modern Girl

We've all heard the same things from manufacturers of phone cases. They offer "military grade protection," and they tell you that you need their cases to protect your device so you don't have to worry about drops and scratches.

That stuff's important, sure, but it's all a little...ho-hum, Where's the energy? The passion? The phone cases that are made as much to light the feminine fire within as they are to offer a protective shield?

Wildflower is the answer.

At Wildflower, we know that you pay for a phone case or cover because you want that case to speak to you. It's not all about drop protection and pointless features. A good case brings a level of artistry into your world that is unlike anything that anybody else has seen before. It's that artistry that Wildflower delivers. And as you explore our website, you're going to see it on full display, ready for your phone.

Our Best Sellers

From collabs with our favorite influencers to phone cases that visually describe how we felt when we created them, these are the bestsellers in the Wildflower collection.

"Express Your Selfie Style with Exclusive Case Designs From Devon Lee, Sydney, and Michelle Carson."

Sale - Up to 70% Off

Do you want to spend a little less and still get a case for your iPhone that's unique to you? Check out the cases we have on sale with up to 70% off. And remember - these are limited-edition cases. Once they're gone, you'll never see them on our site again.

Featured Collab

"I hope this case takes you to the magical world I created with Wildflower Cases. May it bring you as much joy as it brings me." @taylorgiavasis

Shop Our Collabs

We bring together some of the most wonderful influencers in the country to collab with us on phone cases that offer something you won't get anywhere else - artistry inspired by fierce femme life.

Post & Tag @Wildflower Cases

Take your images with your Wildflower case on Instagram. We guarantee that we see all of them and we love to hear about what being a Wildflower means to you.

What Does it Mean to be a Wildflower?

Wildflower is so much more than a name we came up with to manage a brand. It's a philosophy. To be a Wildflower means to be a girl who is unlike anybody else in the world. You tap into what makes you special, and you use your accessories (including your phone case) to showcase the value that runs through your veins.

Cute phone cases are just an extension of your energy. And believe us - you have the Wildflower energy if you embody the traits below.

You're Untamed Female Energy

Being a Wildflower is all about the energy you bring to the world. But what that energy is depends on the girl. Some are passionate and fiery, unafraid to let the world know that they have the ability to fend for themselves. Others are cute and coquettish, carrying an innocence and sweetness that breaks down barriers and makes people want to spend time with them.

Whatever your Wildflower energy may be, there's one important thing that every Wildflower shares - she's untamed.

Nobody can put a dampener on her day because she's going to use her energy to show everybody what she's made of. She embodies the feminine spirit, whether that spirit comes from her cute phone cases or it's her rough and ready nature. A Wildflower can't be tamed. And neither can you.

You're the Trendsetter Who Can Create Magic

Following along with the crowd is okay for some. You'll keep company with people who don't quite match your energy, but at least you'll fit in, right?

That attitude isn't the Wildflower way because a Wildflower doesn't follow in anybody's footsteps. She's a trendsetter rather than a trend-follower, and she makes her own rules because she realizes that every day is an opportunity for her to bring something new to her life.

That's not to say that trends (and the people who create them) can't inspire them. But even when she's looking to others for guidance, she uses what she finds to carve her own path. A wildflower is unafraid to be different, to be herself, and she'll break through any barrier in her way to cast the magic that leaves everyone marveling at her strength.

You're Strong and Encourage Folks to Be Themselves

Strength flows through wildflowers in nature. It has to be because a wildflower grows with no cultivation or help from anybody else. But in doing so, it shows that nature always finds a way and that others can follow its growth to create a garden of the wild variety.

A Wildflower embodies that strength in her life. She's unafraid of what lies ahead because she knows she has the feminine strength to push through and get to where she needs to go. And while she may have help along the way (unlike wildflowers in nature), she's a capable woman who sets her goals, achieves them, and inspires others to be the same.

That last point is important. While a Wildflower case may be exclusive and limited edition, the Wildflower philosophy is about embracing others as much as you embrace yourself. You're the person who can see the energy inside everybody. You help people to unleash their energy, with no judgment, and the only thing you love more than developing strength within is helping others do the same.

You're Limited Edition and Want to See That Ethos in Your Next Phone Case

You're looking for cute phone cases and all you see is the same old same old. Every case looks like it came off a conveyor belt and had no love poured into it. Sure, you could buy the case and get some drop protection, but that isn't enough. You're a limited edition girl, and you want a case that is as unique as your sparkling personality.

And therein lies another aspect of being a Wildflower - being a limited edition woman.

Girls who are limited edition experience life with a free spirit because they know that they're special (hint - every girl is limited edition in her own way). Anything that looks like everything else is anathema to them because they want everything they own to speak to their uniqueness.

You're Passion Personified

If you've ever seen a wildflower in full bloom, you know it can inject passion into even the most lifeless of surroundings. It doesn't let anything else determine what it does - and neither do you. A Wildflower is passion personified. She's so filled with passion, for herself, for the people she loves, for life, that she's positively overflowing.

Every challenge she faces is simply an obstacle to overcome. Every achievement she makes (and there'll be many) are reasons to celebrate. Whether it's a quiet night at home with her partner or a wild night on the town with the girls, and selfies galore, a Wildflower feels intensely and isn't afraid to let her feelings show.

Her devices should do the same. Wildflower creates every one of our cases from scratch because we want them to embody the unique passion that you bring into every aspect of your life.

What do You Get with a Cute Phone Case from Wildflower?

By now, you've probably had a chance to check out some of our cute phone cases and you can see what we mean when we talk about making sure those cases embody what they mean to be a Wildflower. But phone case users want more than philosophy - they want practicality. So, here's what you get from every quality Wildflower case.

A New Case That's Unique to Your Style

When we say "new," we mean it in more ways than you may think.

Of course, "new" starts with our designs. If a Wildflower case isn't creating a trend, it's on a trend because it's made in collaboration with somebody who inspires you. But "new" carries over into how we make the cases. Rather than using the tired old production line method, which just creates boring cases designed to collect dust, we handmake every case so it's brand-new and unique to the person who buys it.

Unique is always new. It can't be anything but because something that's unique doesn't yet exist in the world. And that's something that you'll be able to say about your Wildflower case - just like you, there's nothing else quite like it.

Complete Your Look

A phone case is a fashion statement. It's like a little sign you hold up that explains who you are at a glance and makes you feel like your look is complete. But there's no such thing as a single "look." Every girl has her own style, whether it's the classic black beloved by goth girls or the pure cottage core that comes with some of our cute phone cases.

Wildflower's goal is to create cases that complement your look, whatever that look may be. That's why we're always hard at work creating new designs and coming up with case ideas that match the style you bring into your life.

You've got the outfit. Your accessories are on point, your bag matches, and you need a final touch. That last little touch is what you get with your Wildflower case because it ties everything together to complete your look.

Be Your Own Brand (with a Little Help From Wildflower)

You want to tear up TikTok. Ignite Instagram. You have visions of being an influencer showing people how to live your way, which is why you're so focused on building your brand. That brand needs to be unique to you - smart, sassy, always on point and ready to deliver magic to the people.

With a little help from Wildflower (and the right phone case), you get something that speaks to you and your followers. Your case becomes part of your brand, and you can use it to establish little visual cues in your social media pics and videos that your followers immediately recognize and associate with you.

iPhone Cases Made Specifically for Your Phone

There are no bodged-together phone cases with Wildflower. Every case we make is specifically designed to fit certain models of iPhones (sorry, girls - no Samsung cases here). Here's the full list:

  • The iPhone 14 generation, including base, 14 Plus, and 14 Pro
  • The iPhone 13, 13 Mini, Pro, and Pro Max
  • iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Mini, and 12 Pro Max
  • The iPhone 11 generation
  • iPhone X, Xr, Xs, and Xs Max
  • The iPhone 6, 7, 8, and SE
  • All Plus models of the iPhone 6, 7, and 8

You'll see this dedication to diligent design in every case, especially when you check out the camera slots. The cut-outs are perfect. We make sure the measurements match so there's nothing getting in the way of your perfect selfie.

Hint - if you don't know what iPhone you have, you can figure it out by measuring the phone's size. We have an entire article that helps you when you bust out the measuring tape.

Make Sure People Notice You with Your New Phone Case

All eyes on you.

That's what a Wildflower attracts with her energy, and when the attention gets drawn her way, she wants to give the admiring onlookers a glance at something special. Our cute phone cases are that something special for one reason - they're your look distilled onto your phone.

Anybody who glances in your direction when you have your phone out will see your case and instantly identify the type of Wildflower you are. They'll love the design. They'll love the attitude. And if you're the social butterfly type, you can use your case to start conversations and get people talking. Who knows who you might meet?

Support Your Device with Extra Screen Protection

Well, we're finally going to get into the topic that every iPhone case creator talks about - device protection.

We know, we know, every case you've ever seen says it can protect your phone. But you still need to know what Wildflower does differently to go with your design.

Every case we create has a raised bumper on the front. If you drop your phone face-down, that bumper will be the mini shield that stops the screen from making contact with the ground. It's made using sandblasted polyurethane and black rubber.

Materials That Matter

You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs (a little homespun wisdom for you there), and you can't make great phone cases without experimenting with different materials. That's what we did. And we ended up finding that perfect mix - the materials that come together to create the perfect phone case.

We've already mentioned the mix of polyurethane and black rubber for the case bumpers. That little combination equals strength and a little bounce, keeping your screen guarded against anything that comes its way.

As for everything else - handmade and handcrafted materials all the way. Wildflower doesn't have a huge manufacturing line that pumps out case after case with no care or attention paid to the materials. Every case is unique. Every case is made by somebody who truly cares about making sure your phone looks phenomenal from the moment you slip the case on.

Cheap (or Free) Shipping

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your Wildflower case in your hands (and on your phone), which is why we have a special deal on shipping:

It's FREE in the U.S. for anybody who places an order that's worth $50 or more in the Wildflower store. Think of it as our little thank-you to the girls who support us in everything we do.

But don't worry if you're not spending $50 with us today. Shipping on every other U.S. order is just $2.95.

On the Blog

We love talking about our work. We love helping you find the cute phone cases that take your phone from blah to beautiful. And in our blog, we share our wisdom, from what's going in with the latest Wildflower cases to little tips and tricks you can use for your iPhone.

The Phone Case Showcase - Check Out the Best in Our Collection Ready to Purchase

By now, you're probably ready to start shopping for your next phone case. We have over 100 in our collection, and every one is crafted with the same love and attention. These cases are unique. Special. And they're limited edition because you're limited edition.

But maybe you're not ready to go snooping through every case we offer. That's cool - we're here for you. Here's a little selection of five of our favorite cases right now. And remember, if none of these cases speak to you, there are plenty more waiting in the Wildflower wings.

Star Girl iPhone Case

There's a good reason why the Star Girl case is one of our best sellers - it's the perfect case for any dolls who love dark colors. We've let the goth look inspire us, with just a touch of razzle-dazzle thrown into the mix, so you get a case that tells the world you're a superstar.

It starts with a black background, reminiscent of the type of deep and dark night sky that you only see when there are no lights blocking your view. That black gives the stars a chance to shine. You get plenty of them on this case, with different designs (and even stars made of stars) so you get the grunge case for your night-time adventures.

Discover the Star Girl iPhone Case.

Moo Moo iPhone Case

Cows are amazing. We found out that cows form friendships with each other that last a lifetime. But if you cross them, you better watch out. They can hold grudges for years and they'll moo you into next week if they don't like you. Honestly, that just makes us feel more connected to these beautiful bovines - they're Wildflowers through and through.

If you're feeling that cow connection, say "mooooo" to the Moo Moo case. The inspiration for this one is simple - we created the classic cowhide for your phone. A bold white background featuring black splotches brings a touch of the farmyard to your phone. And girls... act fast. This exclusive case is on sale and selling fast.

Discover the Moo Moo iPhone Case.

Nailea Devora iPhone Case

Oh, Nailea. You so sassy. And we absolutely adore your TikTok, which is why it was such a thrill for us when Nailea agreed to collab on this case. The result - the perfect case for you if you're a Devora devotee.

Living, laughing, and loving are the inspirations for this case, which dumps you straight into Nailea's world and makes sure you never want to leave. And it's full of Devora delights, starting with the animated pickle that you see on her wall in so many of her vids. It's here, along with her lil homies (tiny ladybugs), cute teddy bears, and some of the funniest sayings that ever came out of Nailea's mouth.

Discover the Nailea Devora iPhone Case.

Fruit Tart iPhone Case

Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries galore was the design philosophy for this case. We've created something sweet and fun - just like you - that's perfect for the fruity girl. And there's a little romance in the air with this case, too. Just check out the heart-shaped design of the strawberries and you'll see this is the perfect case for your spring fling.

Not the fling type? That's okay. The summery vibes emanating from this case are perfect for your next picnic. And if you want a case that's (almost) good enough to eat, you've just found it.

Discover the Fruit Tart iPhone Case.

Groovy Shroom iPhone Case

"It's so groovy, dude."

Those will be the first words you hear from anybody who sees the Groovy Shroom Case. Funky mushrooms dance across a yellow backdrop in a case that's all peace and love for the girl who loves nothing more than good vibes and fun times.

This is the case for the playful Wildflower. The girl who loves to groove to the music and dance the night away. And it can be yours in our sale. Act fast - you don't want to miss the march of the mushrooms.

Discover the Groovy Shroom iPhone Case.

We Do More Than Just Phone Cases

Wildflower started with two phone cases and a dream. After a chance encounter with Miley Cyrus (who loved our co-founder, Devon, and her case) that dream blossomed into a reality. And now, we do so much more than cases, with Wildflower crafting accessories galore for your iPhone.

AirPod Cases

Keep those AirPods safe and looking fabulous with customized AirPod cases. No matter what generation of AirPods you have (or even if you take it to the AirPods Max), you'll find cases with our coquettish designs printed all over them. They keep your AirPods safe, of course, but they're just like our phone cases - designed to demonstrate who you are to the world.

Discover Wildflower AirPod Cases.

Camera Bling

Do you want your snaps to sparkle? Well, that starts with the device doing the snapping - your iPhone camera. Wildflower's camera bling bedazzles your besties and puts massive smiles on their faces. And let's face it - who doesn't love to see a little sparkle on the back of their phone?

Discover Wildflower Phone Camera Bling.


Oh you charmer. That's what everybody will say to you when you have a Wildflower charm hanging from your iPhone. We've created charms to match the style of our cute phone cases, and they're ideal for making your phone pop that little bit more.

Discover Wildflower Phone Charms.

Laptop Bags

Heaving around a laptop isn't fun. The device gets exposed to the elements, and people with sticky fingers may see that laptop and decide to have a field day. Wildflower solves those problems with our laptop bags. With their cute little handles and designs inspired by our phone cases, you make carrying your laptop a breeze and get a bag that boosts your style.

Discover Wildflower Laptop Bags.

Wildflower Screen Protectors

There's no such thing as being too safe (our mothers teach us that valuable lesson), and you can make your iPhone even safer with a Wildflower screen protector. It slots right over your screen. And when combined with one of our cases, you get a rubber bumper and a screen protector shielding your screen from drops, dents, and scratches.

Discover Wildflower Screen Protectors.

Wildflower Tote Bags

Take on the world with a Wildflower tote bag hanging from your shoulder. We've gone full floral with these bags, creating the perfect vintage look while giving you bags that are practical and powerful. They're cute and make the perfect accessory for your outfit.

Discover Wildflower Tote Bags.

Keep Your Phone Safe and Stylish - Shop with Wildflower

Being a Wildflower is about being a girl who's able to grow and survive anywhere. She thrives, no matter what the world throws at her, and she's a free spirit whose independence shines through. That's the attitude we bring to our cases. Our founders, Michelle, Devon, and Sydney, are women with a simple vision - make cute phone cases by women and for women.

When you shop with Wildflower, you're getting a unique phone case. That's our guarantee. We're limited-edition. We're handcrafted and complete love. We're Wildflower, and we're always coming up with new ideas, new collabs, and new ways to help you express who you really are.

Shop from our collection of cases and become the Wildflower you were born to be.