Olivia O'Brien x Wildflower Cases

"I hope you enjoy my collaboration with Wildflower Cases! I only use Wildflower Cases (DUH!) and working with my fam, Dev and Syd, was so much fun!" - Olivia O'Brien."
- Olivia O'Brien

The Olivia O'Brien x Wildflower Collaboration - When Style, Music, and Feminine Energy Blend Together

Some collaborations just make sense. A perfect example? Olivia O'Brien and Wildflower. O'Brien, rising high in the music industry, is a trendsetter who is always herself through her performances on tour, fashion sense, and her social media posts.

Her collaboration with Wildflower has produced some truly inspired, one-of-a-kind iPhone cases. O’Brien and Wildflower might be a match made in heaven, like the first time you heard your favorite song; it just clicks.

Olivia O'Brien as a Rising Star Since Middle School 

O'Brien's rise as a star singer/songwriter has been inspiring. She has dominated the pop scene with force. Her original hit song "hate u love u" (recorded when she was just 15!) gave us a glimpse of her personal life and powerhouse potential. And she’s been living up to it ever since then with her micro mixtapes of new music that just blows minds away and has kept her career movin' on up.

Not only is she one of the most insanely talented artists, but her own life experiences and stories shine through in her lyrics. They give you these intense feelings of your voice actually being seen and heard. She just gets it. And because she's been at it since middle school, it’s no wonder her family of fans that see her on tour can relate. For sure, you couldn't help but stan.

Her music is an infectious mix of pop songs, R&B, and cool indie songs. Each track resonates with people from all walks of life who see her in concert on tour. She has a way of taking the deep stuff life throws at us – love, heartbreak, hope, and personal growth – and turning it into great song, something we can groove to.

Words That Hit Deep

Her lyrics are real, human, and relatable as if she’s speaking directly to your soul. Her writing is almost like a superpower: the ability to take the messy stuff and put it into a song to make it easy to handle, even fun. Just check out "Sad Together," "Just Friends," or "Empty," and you'll get it. Right in the feels, but they feel good.

Since her debut, O'Brien has been on a roll. From the moment she burst onto the music scene, it was clear that she had something special. Her singles and EPs were a testament to her growth as an artist, sending us with her on a wild journey with every release.

And then her debut album, “Was It Even Real?” arrived, like a culmination of all the late nights and early mornings, the highs and lows, the joys and pains of creating art. She took all these experiences, put them into songs, and condensed them into this one record. It was like she grabbed hold of our hearts with her voice from the very first note.


O'Brien isn't just impressive because she can perform on stage and has a superb voice. She can write songs, snap rad photos and even play the piano. She's got a style and aesthetic that is truly unique. She fearlessly expresses herself, both in her music career and personally - rocking everything from retro fashion to experimental cuts and colors.

Her authentic attitude, even making friends with the weird kids, has made fans adore her and made O'Brien a trendsetter. It's like everyone wants to be buddies with the coolest kid in class.

The Collab That Fused Together Music and Fashion

The O'Brien x Wildflower collection is the absolute best of what music and fashion have to offer. It's like carrying a piece of her concert stage, or her micro mixtape, with you wherever you go.

The iPhone 13 cases inspired by O'Brien's songs and personal style are so much more than just a pretty accessory. They're a way for fans to show off their individual style and rep their favorite artist.

Not to mention the colors, designs, and textures they picked also make it an art piece you won't find anywhere else. It's almost like having that one epic music video shot or seeing her on tour right on your phone. And they're cute. Because it's OK to be cute and powerful, girls. I mean, seriously, how cool is that?

Limited Edition and Exclusive

It's a must-have - the Olivia O'Brien x Wildflower phone case. This limited-edition creation embodies Wildflower's brand ethos, and fans are going crazy to get their hands on it.

It's not just a marketing ploy when we say these cases are a must-have; this collaboration is making fashion and music history. Think of it like securing a ticket to her sold-out tour, but even cooler – you get to take a piece of the fun home with you. No fan of Olivia O'Brien can go without one of these cases. And because they’re limited edition, you need to act quickly – true fans of Olivia O’Brien are snapping them up.

A Testament to Individual Style

We've all been there – scrolling through Instagram for the perfect phone case, but nothing quite fits your style. That's why fans are so stoked that Olivia and Wildflower are teaming up to make something special. Not just stylish phone cases - but a way of expressing yourself and the things you love.

They say you wear your heart on your sleeve - well, these cases let you throw your personality onto your phone and out into the world. It's as if your music is right in your hand - and at last, you can show off your unique self-expression in a sea of sameness.

Olivia O'Brien's Personal Touch in the Collaboration

The collab is more than just your run-of-the-mill celebrity endorsement. It's a real partnership, with Olivia getting hands-on in the design process. She's best buddies with the creators and founders, Dev and Syd. That's why her signature style and musical vibes come to life in each super unique phone case.

Every detail is a tribute to her individual style and artistry - from the funky colors and patterns that capture her music video aesthetic to the many little details that echo her words.

They are all bright and vibrant, with a feeling of fairy-tale innocence to them. These cases are nature-y, dream-like, and even cottage-core. And they've got just enough glitter to be fancy but not tacky. It all looks hand-drawn and personalized, like a page from Olivia’s personal journal.

These cases don't just look great - they tell a story too. Each one is like a wearable piece of art that reflects Olivia's journey as an artist and her passion for writing and playing songs. They're something to get excited about; just imagine how perfect your phone will be.

What Such Collabs Mean for the Music and Fashion Industry

When O'Brien and Wildflower teamed up, it was so much more than just a business arrangement. It was a harmony of music and fashion. It was about the power of collaboration and creativity.

People in both industries can be inspired by this partnership, which sets a high standard for any music and fashion projects that follow it. It demonstrates once again how the two can come together to create something beautiful, personal, and meaningful.

O'Brien and Wildflower knocked down boundaries to explore new avenues of expression. And in doing so, the result reminds us that everything is connected. We live in a world where fresh new music meets stylish fashion has become the norm. And that's fantastic.

The Special Nature of the Olivia O'Brien x Wildflower Cases

One of the most exciting things about the Olivia O'Brien x Wildflower collaboration is that the cases are totally exclusive. Each design is a limited edition, meaning that only a certain number of each case has been made.

So you can't find these cases just anywhere. Only Wildflower has been chosen to rock the design that lets phones show off the real style of O'Brien. It's like being handed a ticket straight backstage.

These cases are for you if you're brave enough to flaunt bright, bold, pink, and a little cottagecore.

That case on your iPhone 13 does more than just protect your phone. It's your very own piece of history. It will remind you of the good times when you went out and got wild. It’s part of the messages Olivia wanted to send. You get to flaunt your style while being part of something bigger than yourself. It will serve as a reminder of the hard times and how we got through them with fun, giggles, and cuteness.

It's About Being in a Community

You aren’t just getting a product when you buy these cases, no matter what the haters or naysayers may tell you. Having an Olivia O’Brien case is like joining a club. You become one with a community that's passionate about music, fashion, self-expression, and all things girly.

The mission of Wildflower is all about inclusivity and creativity, and this O'Brien x Wildflower collaboration continues that exciting tradition. Together, they're building an amazing community with a shared love of a great song and trendy things.

Think of it as your own fan club – a place to hang out with friends who understand your taste in good songs and fashion. And the phone case will be like a secret passcode that lets you know exactly who's a member.

What's Next for Olivia O'Brien and Wildflower?

The Olivia O'Brien x Wildflower collab has already been super amazing. We already know that both O'Brien and Wildflower are excited about pushing the boundaries of what they do, so you can bet they'll be bringing out something special from their collaboration in the future.

Whether it's a new song, fresh phone cases, or even unexpected team-ups between artists, her fans are always just a few clicks away from discovering something groundbreaking. Even before seeing it, you know it's going to be great

Let's Celebrate Women in Music and Fashion

The Olivia O'Brien x Wildflower team-up is way more than just a collab between an artist and a fashion label, though you probably already guessed that.

It's all about celebrating women in entertainment and fashion, showing how powerful female creativity can be, and proving that ladies can be trendsetters, innovators, and bosses at the same time. But they can still be girly and bubbly while doing it. All of their awesomeness should be celebrated and respected.

This epic partnership is like taking the "sad fucking summer" vibes (as Olivia herself would put it) and turning them into one huge celebration of the impressive achievements of women everywhere.

It's No More Sad Fucking Summer With These

When Olivia O'Brien and Wildflower teamed up,  they created something special. Olivia's sultry pop beats and Wildflower's unique phone cases were pure bliss from the get-go.

Hanging out with friends, finding the perfect outfit, or discovering the perfect song to dance to – this collaboration celebrates all those little moments of joy that make life worth living.

So, what are you waiting for? These limited-edition cases won't last forever. Grab your own case and be a part of this collaboration. It's like getting front-row tickets to her concert. You totally don't want to miss out.

Shop Online Like a Boss

As you browse the site, you'll see the energy and passion that went into each design. Each case is a mini-episode of O'Brien's life, a snapshot of her incredible journey. And as you hold one of these cases, you'll feel a connection, a sense of belonging to a community that appreciates fashion with fun notes. And they're super awesome quality cases, too.

This Olivia O'Brien x Wildflower collab is lit. It's a perfect way to show off your personality and celebrate self-expression if you're the trendsetter in your group. Whether you’re demonstrating how powerful you want to become, are an OG fan of O’Brien’s sick tunes, or just a girl who loves Olivia’s vibe, there's something for everyone.

You really don't want to miss out while this party's happening. Turn up and have some fun. Let's keep the energy movin' with this amazing collab. Be sure to check out Wildflower online!


Is Olivia O'Brien related to Dylan O'Brien?

Nope, Olivia and Dylan O'Brian aren't relatives. They just happen to share the same last name. It's a common one.

When did Olivia O'Brien release 'Josslyn'?

Olivia released the hit single "Josslyn" on February 14, 2020. The song quickly became a hit, and the track is still one of her most well-known hits.

What shows are Olivia O'Brien on?

Olivia may be crazy talented, but no, she hasn't appeared in any TV shows. Now yet, anyway. She has appeared on several music shows and done interviews, though.

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