Why a Personalized Phone Case Is a Great Gift Idea

Why a Personalized Phone Case Is a Great Gift Idea


Choosing the perfect gift is never easy. Unless your friends, family members, or loved ones are incredibly vocal about their wishes (something like a birthday register would be a lifesaver!), there’s always a bit of fear that your gift might not hit the mark.

Now, we know it’s not about the gift; it’s the thought that counts. But let’s be honest – not everyone is great at masking disappointment. And you probably don’t want to be the cause of any disappointment for your loved ones, especially on a special occasion.

Luckily, we’ve got just the gift that will appeal to most people, regardless of their age, and save you from any awkward moments – a personalized phone case.

What makes a personalized phone case such a great gift idea? That’s what this article is here to tell you! And don’t worry; we also have your back if you like the idea of customized phone cases but lack the time (or the inspiration!) to create one. Either way, your next gift-giving sesh will be nothing but fun!

What Makes a Personalized Phone Case Such a Great Gift Idea?

We know it’s bold to claim that a phone case can guarantee a favorable gift reaction, regardless of who is on the receiving end. But read about the benefits of gifting custom phone cases, and you’ll immediately understand where we’re coming from.

A Personal Touch

We can go on and on about the art of gift giving, but what truly lies at the basis of every great gift? The answer is simple – thoughtfulness. It’s about demonstrating how well you know that person and how much effort you’ve put into their gifts.

Even the same gift can have two completely different reactions based on how much thought you’ve put into it. How?

Well, let’s say you buy your sister or another family member a random perfume. Sure, that’s a great gift, as there are few people in the world who don’t like smelling nice. But buy your loved one the perfume they’ve always wanted, and your gift receives a whole new meaning! It now shows that you pay attention to their wishes and are willing to go the extra mile to bring them joy.

The same can be said for a custom phone case.

Gift your grandmother a custom phone case with pictures of all her grandchildren. Or gift your partner a case with your fave couple pic (and perhaps even match it to your own phone case!) Or gift your bestie a case filled with their favorite photos of their celeb crush (It’s OK, Conrad from “The Summer I Turned Pretty” also came to our mind!).  The possibilities are seemingly endless. But the result is always the same – an unbelievably meaningful gift that shows just how much you care.

A One-of-a-Kind Gift

When you personalize a phone case to gift to your loved one, you’re essentially giving them a one-of-a-kind gift. No other phone case in the world looks the same, which just adds to your gift's uniqueness. Sure, you might’ve used a photo or two from Pinterest as an inspo, but your ultimate creation is still entirely your own.

An Everyday Companion

When you receive a gift you adore, you usually never want to let it go. But let’s be honest – how many gifts can you truly wear or carry with you every day? A wallet, of course, a select few pieces of jewelry, and (ding, ding, ding!) a phone case.

A cute phone case can be any person’s best friend – it goes with almost any fit, is suitable for virtually every occasion, and is incredibly travel-friendly. So, whether the gift recipient is going to school, work, club, or traveling abroad, they’ll always carry a piece of your thoughtful gesture with them. And can it get more adorable than that?

A Fierce Protector

Sure, when talking about custom phone cases, the emphasis is on the case style and different types of customizations you can apply. But let’s not forget the primary role of a phone case: protection.

A phone case will, first and foremost, protect your iPhone from things like scratches, cracks, and other mishaps. So, by gifting them their own phone case, you’re actually giving them a fabulous shield for their device.

Now, you might think that just about any phone case can do a decent job protecting a device. So, why does it have to be a custom phone case? The answer is simple – it absolutely doesn’t have to be a custom phone case!

But just imagine this – your bestie drops her phone and nervously picks it up, only to realize her love for something silly like #Bonrad ship (and your love for her) has saved her phone from breaking.

What to Do if You Don’t Have Enough Time for a Custom Phone Case

Ordering custom phone cases is a pretty straightforward process for the most part. First, you come up with the design, choosing the perfect print or eye-catching background with some lettering. Then, you simply upload your design to the chosen website, and that’s it! They’ll customize the case for you and send it.

But what if you don’t have enough time to wait for the customization process? You might’ve received a late invitation, or you’ve waited a bit too long to make a decision. What then? Should you scrap this fabulous gift idea and look for something else that can come close? Absolutely not!

That’s where Wildflower comes into play.

Buying Wildflower phone cases is different from buying generic cases. These cases are one-of-a-kind (which we’ve already established is a huge plus!), and each of them oozes creativity and reflects specific interests and personalities.

All you have to do is select the one that fits your loved one the best and, thus, still retain full control over the phone case’s meaning.

Here are a few ways you can approach this selection.

Select a Case Style Based on the Gift Recipient’s Aesthetics

Lucky for you, Wildflower has the perfect phone case for just about any popular aesthetic you can think of. So, all you need to do is determine which aesthetic your loved one is vibing with the most and gift them a phone case capturing it perfectly.

Let us give you some examples (and perhaps an idea or two!).

Someone obsessed with the “Barbie” movie and Barbiecore will love the Devon Lee Smile iPhone Case, as that very smile was namechecked in the movie’s soundtrack. A goth girlie will match her Star Tattoo iPhone Case with every fit, while a cottagecore girlie won’t be able to stay away from the Fresh from the Garden iPhone Case. The Chocolate Cherries iPhone Case is perfect for a cherry girl, and we could go on and on like this.

Select a Case Style Based on the Gift Recipient’s Favorite Color

Does your loved one have a color they’re obsessed with, à la Olivia Rodrigo and purple? If the answer is yes, choosing the perfect phone case has just become a breeze!

Wildflower’s website even allows you to sort the phone cases by color, so you’re just a few clicks away from the perfect gift.

Pink girlies will have a field day with Wildflower cases, but the Bow Beau iPhone Case might just take the cake. Green aficionados will undoubtedly fall in love with the unique Salem Mitchell iPhone Case. And we didn’t mention Miss. Rodrigo for nothing – the Lavender Butterfly iPhone Case is any livie’s dream come true as it features both butterflies and the color purple.

Select a Case Style Based on the Gift Recipient’s Zodiac Sign

Does the gift recipient not mess around when it comes to astrology? If so, we’ve got the perfect gift for them! Wildflower offers a Zodiac collection of phone cases. So, whether your loved one is an adventurous Sagittarius, a sensitive Cancer, or a fierce Leo, they’ll adore their cosmic-tacular gift.

Select a Case Style Based on the Gift Recipient’s Fave Celeb or Influencer

Let’s face it – the stan culture is one of the most powerful forces in the world. There’s seemingly nothing a group of dedicated stans can’t do, from making their favorite artist change an album cover to getting the Justice Department to investigate a ticket sales company after a disastrous tour ticket release.

In other words, when stans love an artist or a personality, there’s nothing they won’t do for them.

So, if your gift recipient stans a celeb or influencer, don’t think twice about getting them a phone case that’s designed by them.

With Wildflower, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

We’ve collabed with numerous celebs, brands, and influencers over the years, so you only need to take your pick. Will it be the hilarious Bretman Rock, adorable Nailea Devora, or the iconic Trixie Mattel? It’s all up to you (or the gift recipient, to be precise!).

If you can’t find the celeb you’re looking for among our collabs, you can always get a phone case that resembles their style. For instance, Our Lucky Girl Case simply screams Taylor Swift, as it features her (surprisingly) lucky number 13.

Wildflower Cases: The Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can use Wildflower cases as an alternative to custom phone cases without compromising thoughtfulness and uniqueness. Better yet, with Wildflower cases, you won't have to worry about poor designs, faded colors, and phone cases of subpar quality.

Choose the perfect Wildflower case today and make any occasion extra special.

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