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Taylor Giavasis and Wildflower - A Match Made in Heaven

When someone mentions "internet personality," who's the first trendsetter that comes to mind?

Is it PewDiePie?

How about Kim Kardashian?

Jake Paul?

All these are icons in their respective fields, but if you really tap into your funky, cottage core personality, Taylor Giavasis is probably THE internet legend that pops into your head.

You've probably heard about her on numerous occasions, but we guarantee there's one fact you didn't know about her.

(drum roll please)


Yep. That's right. Taylor Giavasis recently worked with Wildflower to design one of the most stunning nature-themed iPhone cases. As you're about to see, it exemplifies everything you (and Taylor) stand for: femininity, class, colorful living, and elegance.

Before we get down to brass tacks, let's take a short trip through history and get to know Taylor better.

Sneak Peek of Taylor Giavasis' Activism

Taylor didn't start out like all the rest of them. You know all those girls who promote various brands on Instagram and TikTok for money?

Well, that's not how Taylor Giavasis got her career underway. It was a much nobler cause.

Much, much nobler.

And we mean by a large margin.

It all started when Taylor grew tired of body shaming. And it wasn't necessarily that others made fun of her look. She was aware of the negativity others were facing. Online abusers constantly targeted people and harassed them, opening them to public ridicule.

So, she took to Vine (a relic of the past from today's standpoint) and started raising awareness of how detrimental body shaming can be. She posted images of herself undressed to support body positivity.

Here's the main premise of her initiative - your body type doesn't matter. It shouldn't hold you back from what you want to accomplish. As long as you put your mind to it, nothing stands in your way.

And since you're just as good as "normal-sized" people, others have no right to abuse you.

What a powerful message.

In a sense, Taylor exposed herself to the public to protect others. She could no longer stand and watch the affected suffer, so she took matters into her own hands.

Thanks to her noble efforts, she received worldwide praise, laying the groundwork for a successful career.

What Platforms Does Taylor Giavasis Use?

It might not seem like it, but you're much more similar to Taylor than you may think. As a fellow Gen Z'er, she also mainly uses Twitter (as of October 2011), YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. You can find her on some other platforms, but those are her primary options.

Isn't that amazing? Since you were born in roughly the same period, chances are, you have the same interest. Who knows, maybe you both like watching pictures of cute kitty cats and doggies. Likewise, you may have the same taste in music as this celebrity

Some of the things you may have in common don't stop there. Have you ever used Vine? You know, that former social media giant where you posted short videos for fun? (kinda like today's TikTok).

Taylor Giavasis used it too.

But rather than simply create fun content, she mainly shared educational videos. The central topic was body positivity.

As previously mentioned, Taylor talked at length about body shaming and the damage it can do to young women. She pushed back against this, encouraging gals of all body types to be proud of themselves.

And many a gal have thanked her for it. The support she provided helped young women prevail over their mental health issues and online harassment.

The Taylor Giavasis/Nash Grier Family

It's no wonder Taylor was crazy about Vine. The platform's popularity allowed her to spread the word about critical topics and help people mend the wounds they felt due to body shaming.

But there's one more, even more important, reason Vine played a central role for Taylor. It connected her to Nash Grier - a fellow Vine creator and future life partner and fiance (and a definition of snack if you ask us). The two met about eight years ago and immediately hit it off. Shortly after they bumped into each other, the couple announced that they were dating.

One thing lead to another, and it was clear their relationship was going in the right direction. They soon got engaged, and Taylor gave birth to their first child in September of 2019 - Malakai Giavasis-Grier.

What's special about the labor is that Taylor decided to deliver the child at home. She was in pain for hours while her fiance was holding and supporting her every step of the way.

But the aches soon dwindled. The moment Taylor realized she had become a mother, all she could think about was how blessed she was. The baby gave their relationship a glow-up and solidified their love.

All their fans flocked to Instagram and other social media platforms to congratulate the couple on this gift of life. The two posted a picture of their little family that now consisted of Taylor, Nash, and their son Malakai.

But that's not everything when it comes to the Giavasis/Grier family. No, no.

In December of 2021, Taylor and Nash went onto Instagram and said they were expecting a second child. Their haters were skeptical they could even take care of one kid, let alone a second baby, but the couple proved them wrong.

Taylor's mom Nikki was excited about the news that she would become a grandma for a second time. She also headed over to Instagram and wrote a touching note to congratulate her daughter and future son-in-law.

Time flew quickly. July came. And the couple (along with their fans) awaited a second child.

Only this time, it wasn't a boy. Taylor now brought Noa into the world, an adorable baby girl. We know!! Our hearts melted too.

As soon as Noa was born, emotions flooded both Taylor and Nash, promptly throwing them into endless adulation. I mean, can you imagine their happiness? They already had a baby boy, but their son was now a big brother.

It's hard to put into words what the two felt at this moment. And there's no need to. Their social media posts did all the talking.

Taylor and Nash Are Special. But What About Taylor and Wildflower?

Femmes all over the world go crazy about Wildflower cases. Buckle your seatbelt 'cause the excitement is about to go on a whole different level.

The main reason is that Taylor Giavasis lent her kind attitude and general love of life to our design process. Together, we came up with this Taylor Giavasis iPhone case.

Let's deconstruct the product to see what all the fuss is about.

Blissful Nature

Step foot in your closet. What do you see (other than a pile of clothes you only wore once and never again)? Chances are, there's at least one Levi's T-shirt or Christian Dior dress with nature as the main theme. You can wear it pretty much anywhere, like to the nearby Starbucks or the cinema.

Why not complement the garment with another product that highlights Mother Nature? That's exactly what this Taylor Giavasis case is all about.

If this doesn't give you cuteness overload, nothing will. Just look at all those yellow ducklings enjoying their time together in a serene environment!

Or the adorable bunny in the bottom-right corner munching on its favorite fruit, strawberries.

Or the fawn making a grand entry from the left side and ready to overshadow every other animal with an affectionate look on its face.

Or the yellow butterflies flying from one flower to the next and spreading joy to the rest of the wildlife.

Wherever you look, nature will swarm you with gorgeous sights.

Endless Colors

Nature and colors go hand in hand. Taylor Giavasis was well-aware of this when she helped us design the case, which is why there are so many captivating shades here.

The ladybug might be tiny, but she sure as hell steals the show with that lit combo of red and black.

Then there's the greenery. From soft grass to lovely flowers, green dominates the case. You can almost smell the lush meadow!

Finally, a sprinkle of yellow, blue, and brown here and there contributes to the magical effect.

Some Toughness to Go Along with All the Delicacy

As a mother of two and bride-to-be, Taylor lives and breathes a contented life. Having a gentle personality is one thing, but having a gentle, or better to say delicate, case might be a tad problematic. After all, you don't want your phone to break upon impact.

This won't happen if you slide the Taylor Giavasis case onto your device. Made of military-grade materials, it can endure tremendous force without the slightest damage. It keeps your screen, volume buttons, and the camera, and power button intact.

Taylor And Wildflower Are Trendsetters - You Can Become One as Well

You've put on your favorite jeans and T-shirt. The style is dripping, but what's missing? That's right - your Wildflower Taylor Giavasis case. It personifies every loving aspect of your soul, like your colorful, cheerful disposition, love for animals, and delicacy.

Taylor's cover is A M A Z I N G. But there's more. The Wildflower selection has dozens of other cases that are in tune with your quirky self. Check it out right here, buy your fav product, and you'll have all you need to set a trend for your gal pals to follow.

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