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There is no shortage of beauty influencers, but few stand out like Kensington Tillo. Known among friends, fans (and the Carlson sisters), as ‘Kensation,’ the model and makeup connoisseur has captivated audiences worldwide as a creative authority with infectious energy. And now, Kensington applying those same instincts to Wildflower — sealing her first collaboration with a kiss. 

Featuring a series of kisses in different lipstick shades
, Kensington’s Wildflower case pays homage to her deep-seated admiration for the artistry of makeup. As the daughter of a model, Kensington was introduced to makeup young — experimenting with her mom’s products while turning to YouTube for tips and tricks. When she eventually became a model herself, Kensington discovered found her favorite part of shoots was (surprise!) the getting-ready experience. So she turned to beauty blogging full-time. 

On the set of her Wildflower shoot, Kensington shared her vision for the case — emphasizing the significance of infusing personal touches into every aspect of her creations. With each kiss representing a distinct hue in her makeup, she effortlessly intertwines her passion for makeup with her innate flair for storytelling, inviting her audience into her world. Each kiss print was performed by the lips Kensington herself – in her very favorite shades – designed by a makeup lover, for makeup lovers. 

Watch Kensington get ready below to uncover her favorite makeup techniques and the lipsticks that have to stay on her at all times. Kisses!


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