The Hottest iPhone X Cases

The Hottest iPhone X Cases

Why do we buy Apple's products?

Some may do it because iPhones are perfectly compatible with their MacBooks or because of the built-in tech and great features. Some might like their new iPhone because it's designed to be slim and durable at the same time.

But why do we love iPhones?

Because they're crazy stylish!

If you have an Apple iPhone X (or one of its successors), the thing you're looking for the most is the design. In fact, many people decide to protect their new iPhone X with a common screen protector and a clear case just to let the device flaunt its amazing looks. After all, whenever a new iPhone comes out, the reviews can't help but rave about its design. It's understandable to want to show it off.

When it came out in 2017, the iPhone X was an instant hit, as were the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone Xr that followed it the next year. Every device from this line had a perfect style, which is why many are still rocking these products today.

And if you're still in love with your iPhone X, you want to protect it as best you can. Besides screen protectors, getting a durable case is just what you need to do for that extra protection.

But sacrificing style for protection isn't necessary. In fact, you can keep your iPhone X safe for years and make it look stylish at the same time.


Wildflower iPhone X cases, of course! If there's anything that can make an Apple iPhone X more stunning than it already is, our phone cases will be the ones to do it. And we have just the iPhone X cases to match your style and mood. Whether you're looking for a cutesy design or something with more of an edge, you'll find it among our phone cases. In fact, there's only one thing we can't offer: a standard iPhone case!

Check out what Wildflower has in store for all you iPhone X girls!

Find Your Perfect iPhone X Case

The perfect iPhone X case must have several specific features. Of course, it must offer the necessary protection for the rest of your phone, just like a screen protector, well, protects the screen, both from impact and contaminants like dust.

But, it also needs to be a slim case that doesn't make your phone too bulky. The best phone cases will also give you a good grip of the device so you don't have to worry about the phone slipping out of your hand.

Most importantly for Wildflowers, this perfect, slim case of yours must have a fresh, gorgeous design. From designs that will make your phone look all nice and cute to brave options bursting with glitter and colors, here are some great picks of Wildflower iPhone X case models.

Latte Love

Are you as passionate about latte as you are about your iPhone X? Show it off with one of our phone cases from the Latte Love line! Besides providing the protection your phone needs, these cases will be just what you need when grabbing your daily cup of deliciousness. Best of all, we have different designs for all tastes - and we're not talking about personal tastes, but various latte flavors.

Point in case, check out this Peppermint Latte Love iPhone X case, done in soft pink and passionate red tones. Or, when the holiday season rolls in, dress your phone in the Pumpkin Spice Latte Love case. And for everyday enjoyment, there's the standard Latte Love design.

Pretty Prep

Keep your iPhone X protected and in style with a daring Y2K design. Full of pinks, oranges, and zebra and leopard patterns, the Pretty Prep iPhone X case will add a new layer to your most imaginative outfits. This one is also on final sale - move quickly and add it to your cart before our supply runs out.

Flower Funk

The name of this case should spell it out: the Flower Funk iPhone X case is designed to take you back to the fun (and a bit wild) 60s. If you love exotic color combinations and florals, this case will be an easy pick. Throw on a hippie-style dress and accessories to complete the set, and get inside the funky time machine!


In keeping with the previous entry, the name of these cases includes all you need to know about them. It's time to wake up your feline nature with some big cat energy, and the Tiger iPhone X case will be a great way to show your claws. Let out your roar loud and clear with this case featuring tiger stripes on an orange background. Keep this case on a tight lanyard - it might feel the need to run off into the jungle.


You bought the iPhone X because that phone's fire, right? Then, dress it in a case designed to reflect precisely how hot your phone and you are. The Flames iPhone X case will be the perfect fit for just that! And don't worry - this flame is completely safe. It comes in blue, lavender, and pink options to dazzle everyone around you with the right amount of heat.

Heavenly Hearts

Delicately done in pastel colors, the Heavenly Hearts iPhone X case will make your phone glitter with mesmerizing girl energy. The case is fully compatible with Apple's iPhone X, as well as with girls who want to make it clear they're playing it nice. If that's you, throw this heart-filled case into your cart, but don't hesitate. This one is currently going under the regular price and won't be available in our store forever!

Maui Airbrush

Like a dolphin protects swimmers from sharks, this artistic case will keep your phone safe - and grip everyone's attention while doing it. Picturing a perfect tropical sunset in vivid colors and a gracious dolphin jumping out of the ocean, the Maui Airbrush iPhone X case is nothing less than irresistible. Forget about shipping - this case is straight-up swimming towards you!

Pink Rodeo

Ready to raise some dust? Get on the rodeo while showing your feminine energy with this perfectly designed case. Done as a statement in pink, the aptly named Pink Rodeo iPhone X case is built for ultimate protection and an undeniable impression. You'll find that great, timeless designs like this are worth keeping, so don't miss the opportunity to add this gem to your selection of phone cases.


Phone/screen protector designs can be done in various gorgeous styles. But if you want to look at something truly beautiful at the back of your phone, you'll need nothing more than a clear mirror. Well, check out the Mirror iPhone X case for just that. It contains no glass, but gives you a great, clear reflection nevertheless. This case is ideal for those last-second reviews before taking a selfie.


There are no prices on love and beauty. With the Venus iPhone X case, you can show your inner goddess while keeping your phone perfectly protected. Artistic, elegant, and slim, this case is as powerful as an Olympian. It even has raised edges to act as a screen protector - an all-around divine solution for your iPhone X.

Have an iPhone Xs? No Problem!

So far, you've seen reviews of select Wildflower iPhone X cases. But what if you have an iPhone Xs? No problem! Our iPhone X cases are great at keeping Xs models protected, too. In fact, all the options we've shown you so far are compatible with the Apple iPhone Xs. There are many more phone cases in this category, which is why we've split them between these two models. So, let's continue with our reviews!

Collab iPhone Xs Cases

Besides designing our own phone cases, Wildflower occasionally collaborates with amazing artists to give you more great options for phone and screen protection.

Claudia Sulewski

We'll kick off this section with the astonishing Claudia Sulewski iPhone Xs case. Phone protection has never looked so feminine and tough at the same time. Barbed wire, a tattooed heart with a "Dog Mom" inscription, and angel hearts - you'll have slim chances to find cases that go even near this one.

Amanda Steele

What does it take to show women's power and energy? Nothing more than a single word, and that's precisely what the Amanda Steele iPhone Xs case is based on. Using only the repeating word "Femme," these cases serve both for phone protection and as a mighty statement.

Pizza Slime

Your Apple iPhone Xs can have an iconic smile with the Devon Lee Smile phone case. And yes, that's Wildflower's co-founder Devon Lee! As far as our iPhone Xs cases go, this is an absolute must-have if you want to show you're a true Wildflower at heart.

For the second collab with Pizza Slime, we have cases with Sydney Carlson's equally iconic eyes. Want to roll back your eyes like a Wildflower co-founder? Get the Sydney Carlson Eyes iPhone X case in your cart and make the message clear.

Jesse Jo Stark

Even the most imaginative reviews can't begin to explain how cool and elegant yet simple this case is. Inspired by Jesse Jo Stark, the queen of rock, these cases are just as playful, sexy, and powerfully feminine as their creators.

We've Got Cases for iPhone Xs Max, Too

Although we've shown you numerous phone case reviews so far, we're not nearly done! We've gone through Apple iPhone X and iPhone Xs options, but you know we're yet to cover the iPhone Xs Max. Again, every case we've mentioned so far exists for this model as well. And again, we'll add more case designs to help you fill that cart top to bottom.

Rodeo Drive

Do you ever get tempted to just yell Yeejaw from the top of your lungs? Don't hold back anymore and get the Rodeo Drive iPhone Xs Max case to awaken the cowgirl inside. Horses, paisleys, and Wildflower logos on this slim iPhone case will transport you to the Wild West and get you ready to shoot some equally wild selfies.

Vintage Denim

Another case with a historical theme, the Vintage Denim iPhone Xs Max case provides more protection than a sturdy pair of jeans at a portion of the price. And when it comes to outfit options, denim goes with practically anything, so this case will prove nearly universal for your day-to-day.


Besides showing your style, your phone can proudly showcase your zodiac sign, too. Wildflower has designed a case for each sign, from the intuitive and deep Pisces, through the confident Sagittarius, to the optimistic but unpredictable Gemini. Don't miss out on these fantastic cases for the Apple iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and Xr!

Cases for Apple iPhone Xr

For the last direct descendant of Apple iPhone X, Wildflower has prepared some unique options along with case designs available for other models. Here are some select models, ready for shipping as soon as you pick your favorites.

Cherry Girls R 4EVER

We'd describe this phone case as the ideal mix of sweet and tough. A pink background, a tribal tattoo, and a pair of juicy cherries on top describe the spirit of a cherry girl in a simple but impactful way. Get the Cherry Girls R 4EVER case and show everyone who you are at the core.


Our Coachella cases pay homage to the playful desert festival. With the spirit of Coachella adorning your phone, you'll need to hold your lanyard extra hard, lest your iPhone runs away to party on its own.

Antonio Garza

Ready for an otherworldly experience among the stars? The Antonio Garza iPhone Xr case will transport you to an ethereal galactic space filled with pink-colored planets and wonder. Launch your selfies into the stars with this unique collab iPhone case.

Discover Your New Favorite Apple iPhone X Cases

Whether you've got an Apple iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, or Xr, Wildflower has the cover to match your style. Want to complete your look or simply dress your Apple iPhone according to your mood? Visit Wildflower's website and take your pick. Find the perfect case for your phone and start living the Wildflower way.

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