Go Inside NYFW With Devon and Sydney

Go Inside NYFW With Devon and Sydney

New York, New York. There’s no city like the Big Apple, and no stretch of time as more mutually overwhelming and invigorating than New York Fashion Week. Just ask Devon and Sydney, our resident fashionistas. 

Now veterans at NYFW, we asked the girls to document their journey: think shows, after-parties and every activity in between. From traipsing around in custom Sandy Liang looks to pregaming with spaghetti pomodoro, Devon and Sydney share their exclusive, never-before-seen New York Fashion Week diary: FW24 Edition. 

Hi, it’s Sydney! Come with Dev and I on our fun (and kinda chaotic) trip to New York for fashion week. Let’s gooo!


SYDNEY: Touched down in NYC! Airport to hotel ft. my Starface patch covering my fashion week pimple.


DEVON: Outfits for Sandy Liang ◡̈ she made us custom pieces for the show!


SYDNEY: Dev and I’s pre-party meal (we had this twice in a row): pomodoro and a side of spinach and fries.

Also, me: a glass of wine, her: an espresso martini.


DEVON: Dev on Dev! I curated photos for the Look One event, so of course we had to stop by! 


SYDNEY: Steak frites and whiskey sours! A night out with friends at Lucien before a party. (Dean Dicriscio is pictured here!).


DEVON: I snuck over to the bar next door to watch the superbowl while Sydney and our friends had dinner at Lucien.


SYDNEY + DEVON: We did it, besties! Hope you enjoyed coming to NYC with us…can’t wait to do it all again in Milan. 



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