How Wildflower Became the No. 1 Name in Aesthetic Phone Cases

How Wildflower Became the No. 1 Name in Aesthetic Phone Cases

What are phone cases for?

Well, some brands of cases would have you believe that they're purely for protection. Each case is nothing but a "military-grade" shield against drops, bumps, and knocks.

We disagree.

Sure, durability is important. Especially when you're a girl-about-town, browsing the boutiques with your buds or jetting off across the globe on another adventure. You need a case that can take a hit.

But strength isn't the be-all and end-all. Nor should it be the only thing on your mind when picking out your next iPhone accessory. For us, aesthetics are just as important, if not more so.

Beautiful, eye-catching cases can elevate phones. They transforming these often bland devices into fab fashion accessories.

Aesthetic cases make you feel proud to whip out your iPhone in a busy city street and tap away a text to your pals. They allow you to express yourself in a fun, fresh way. And the right phone case can truly feel like an extension of your own personality.

At least, that's what we believe. And it's that belief that led to the birth of this very brand, driving us along, every step of the way, as we grew from the tiniest seed into the strong and beautiful Wildflower you see today.

Here's the story of how it all happened...

Making Aesthetic iPhone Cases Since Day One

We'll be honest: we never expected this! Wildflower started off small. In fact, it was tiny to begin with.

We couldn't have imagined that one day, we'd be seen as a leading light in aesthetic phone cases, or that so many wonderful Wildflowers all over the globe would choose to keep their phones in our pretty products.

But hey, that just goes to show that passion pays off!

To be more precise, it was the passion of Michelle Carson, our founder, that truly set this story in motion.

She could be described as the spark or catalyst of Wildflower's success. But really, the best way to describe her is simply as a mom. A mom who loves her girls, Devon and Sydney, and wanted to do something special for them.

A Treat for the Girls

Like so many teen girls, Devon and Sydney loved their iPhones.

So, Michelle wanted to buy them some aesthetic iPhone cases and started looking online. She expected to easily find plenty of cute and stylish products. Instead, the online world was a barren wasteland, with hungry buzzards, dusty tumbleweed, and not a single pretty case in sight.

Okay, maybe it wasn't quite as dramatic as that. But Michelle couldn't find the aesthetic iPhone cases she was looking for.

So She Gave Up?

No. Of course she didn't. In fact, she did the exact opposite of giving up! Instead of simply settling for a substandard case or buying something basic for her girls like a lazy mama, she got to work. She made her very own phone cases from scraps of fabric and craft supplies she had around the house.

The result was a veritable work of art. Two fabulous aesthetic iPhone cases that Sydney and Devon fell in love with. And they weren't the only ones...

Impressing the Right People

Devon and Sydney instantly snapped their iPhones into their lovely new cases. And it didn't take long before their friends at high school let out a collective "Wow!" at the sight of them.

In no time, Michelle was busy making more phone cases in case any of her girls' pals wanted one. Maybe she expected to sell half a dozen of the phone cases. 10, if she got lucky.

But what happened next was a genuine movie moment that nobody saw coming!

Let's set the scene.

It was 2012. LA. A restaurant. A day like any other.

Devon and Sydney were hanging out. Chillin'. Chattin'. But they weren't the only fabulous young ladies who chose that particular hangout spot on that particular day. Another special someone also happened to be there. Someone called Miley (freaking) Cyrus!

Then What Happened!?

Well, how would you react if you spotted Hannah Montana herself sitting two tables over from you? Devon and Sydney walked over and asked Miley for a selfie. The pop star agreed, and was instantly attracted to Devon's phone case.

She loved it. She wanted one. And when she found out that the girls' mom had made it for them, she only had one word of advice "You need to start selling these things!"

And so, like Miley's very own "Wrecking Ball," Wildflower smashed onto the scene in an instant. The sisters made a site, got to work with their mom on making more cases, and started something special.

Blink and You'll Miss It

Right from those early days, the Wildflower founders all agreed that they wanted to make aesthetic phone cases the right way. They didn't want to simply outsource everything or mass-produce them with the same old designs over and over again.

No. They wanted their phone cases to be special. And what's more special than a limited edition?

That's why all Wildflower aesthetic phone cases are handmade and always limited edition. There's only a set amount of each one. And when they're gone, they're gone!

That rarity. That exclusivity. It's part of what makes every Wildflower aesthetic phone case so beautiful.

If there was some never-ending, mass-produced supply, these phone cases would lose something. A little of their heart or soul, perhaps. Everyone could have one. No one would be impressed. And that's simply not how Wildflower does things.

Handcrafted, Just Like the Originals

The very first Wildflower aesthetic phone cases were handmade by Michelle Carlson.

You might assume that we'd start to do things differently over the years. Maybe we'd buy some fancy phone case machine that can make a thousand aesthetic phone cases in under a minute?

Nope. We still put our phone cases together by hand, and we wouldn't have it any other way. It's part of our story, our personality, and it's one of the things that makes Wildflower's aesthetic iPhone cases oh-so-lovely.

You see, when you make things by hand, each one is unique. It has its own little quirks and character. It retains a little something of the person who made it.

When you hold a Wildflower aesthetic phone case in your hand, you know that it's truly one-of-a-kind. Sure, others might look similar, like seashells at the beach or flowers in a field, but none of them are ever 100% identical.

And we think that makes them even more beautiful.

We Don't Follow Trends, We Set Them

Another big part of the Wildflower philosophy is that we don't simply copy what everyone else is doing.

We're Wildflowers, after all. Just like you, we have our own ideas, our own stories, characters, personalities. Why would we ever want to cover all that up and just go with the flow, like everybody else?

Instead, we express ourselves, letting our inner artists run wild with every single design. We push boundaries, break barriers, and live as free spirits, the way every Wildflower should.

The result? Aesthetic iPhone cases that are different, daring, and delicious in all the right ways.

Products for Every Personality

We're ballet-core gals at heart. We're all about that fantastic fusion of pretty-in-pink leggings mixed with functional, fashionable streetwear. Maybe you're the same way. But maybe you're not.

That's part of the joy of this funny old thing called life. We're all different, each with our own loves, hates, tastes, and styles.

And even though we lean a little into pink, pretty, and floral designs for many of our phone cases, we also try to keep things varied, with a wide range of aesthetic iPhone cases to suit every personality.

Ballet-core beauty? Check.

Cute as a button? Check.

Fun and funky? You got it!

In short, no matter what kind of Wildflower you are, you can find the aesthetic iPhone cases of your dreams in our collection. And with new phone cases arriving all the time, your next awesome accessory could be right around the corner!

Teaming Up with Beauty Queens for Collab Dreams

We love designing aesthetic iPhone cases. But there's one thing we love even more! And that's working with amazing phone case designers, influencers, and brilliant beauty queens in order to make world-class collabs.

Taylor Giavasis.

Bretman Rock.

Caroline Ricke.

Creators. Trendsetters. Friends. We've had the time of our lives working with all of these powerful people on some truly magical designs.

And you know what they say, two heads are better than one. So, when we work with these wonderful influencers and fashion gurus, we create aesthetic iPhone cases that really break the mold. They're fresh, funky, wild, wicked, and whatever else you want.

iPhone case collabs are a huge part of our catalog, and we fully believe in the magic of great minds coming together to make beautiful things happen.

Beauty Is Always Our No. 1 Priority...

Ultimately, a big reason why Wildflower has become such a big name for aesthetic iPhone cases is because we always put beauty first.

We can't help it. We love pretty things, like charming home decor and too-cute accessories. Doesn't everyone?

So, when we're working on new phone cases and thinking of ways to make every iPhone case pop, we always keep coming back to that one simple question: "Does this iPhone case look good?"

If yes, we're on the right track. If not, we know that we need to do something different.

And that's why we work hard on each iPhone case design. These products take time and effort, but in the end, each and every one is as perfect as can be, with all the love and care we pour into it.

... But It's Not the Only Thing We Think About

Beauty may be top of our goals list here at Wildflower HQ. But we do keep functionality in mind, too.

We're not exactly like those "Ultra Mega Super Strong Military-Grade Rock Solid Barrier" phone case brands you see out there. But we certainly want to ensure that our aesthetic iPhone cases are built to last and won't let you down.

So, after working hard to make the details of each aesthetic iPhone case as pretty as can be, we then focus on the less exciting part: making phone cases that won't break or shatter at the first sight of danger.

Because we know that the life of Wildflower women like you can be a little risky every now and then.

You might find yourself reaching for your iPhone at a crowded concert, accidentally drop it on a busy city street, or bring it along for treks across the world.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, you need a phone case and other phone accessories that can keep up with you, while also keeping up to date with your style.

Even though our pretty phone cases might look dainty and delicate, they're anything but. We use super-strong polyurethane for each one. This phone case material is designed to absorb impacts and cope with knocks and drops.

So, even if you put your phone and phone case through some tough times, it should make it through without a hitch, continuing to look as fabulous and fashionable as you.

No Wildflower Gets Left Behind

You know something we noticed when looking at other phone case brands? How quickly they move on to the next phone or next big thing. So many of them only make phone cases for the latest iPhone models, leaving everyone else behind.

We don't work that way, and it's one of the reasons why you can count on Wildflower to deliver quality, aesthetic iPhone phone cases perfect for your device, whether it's old or new.

Maybe you've got a classic iPhone 8 you just can't bear to give up. Or maybe you're someone who ditches her old phone for the latest iPhone model as soon as it comes out.

Either way, we got you.

Our aesthetic iPhone phone cases collection includes:

  • iPhone 6 phone cases

  • iPhone 7 phone cases

  • iPhone 8 phone cases

  • iPhone X phone cases

  • iPhone 11/ 11 Pro Max phone cases

  • iPhone 12/ 12 Mini/ 12 Pro Max phone cases

  • iPhone 13/ 13 Mini/ 13 Pro Max phone cases

  • iPhone 14/ 14 Pro Max phone cases

  • And more!

So, no matter what iPhone model you're dealing with and what phone case you require, you can rely on Wildflower. We also have other fab phone accessories, like AirPods Pro and Max cases, too.

At Wildflower, no iPhone and no iPhone user gets left behind.

Our Favorite Aesthetic iPhone Cases

So, we've talked the talk. By this point, you know all about Wildflower phone cases and what makes them so special, pretty, and perfect (yes, we said it!).

But that's all just a bunch of words. Let's back them up with actions and show off a few of our favorite phone cases.

Lovey Dovey iPhone Phone Case

Can you even stop yourself from falling in love with our Lovey Dovey iPhone phone case? Decorated with doves, blue bows, and pink floral details, it's a beautiful ballet-core dreamscape! With a vintage feel and delicate aesthetic, this iPhone phone case is the perfect pick to bring out your feminine side.

Black and Pink Floral iPhone Phone Case

How to describe this gorgeous iPhone phone case? Well, we think the term "Crazy Color Clash!" is most applicable. You've got the pretty pink of the flowers, swimming in a sea of black. It's a stark contrast, with two bold ideas coming together to create something special. Ever feel like you've got a dark side and a light side? Maybe this phone case is the perfect reflection of your personality.

Fruit Tart iPhone Phone Case

Mmm. We're salivating just looking at this one! Fruit Tart is by far one of the tastiest phone cases we've ever made. Decorated with all of your favorite fruits of the forest, from strawberries to blueberries, this iPhone phone case truly looks good enough to eat. Want to take a bite?

Taylor Giavasis iPhone Phone Case

How could we possibly finish this list without including a couple of our fave phone cases collabs? Let's kick it off with this jaw-dropping iPhone design, right from the mind of Taylor Giavasis. It's a fantastic woodland scene, complete with cute critters galore. Even on dark and rainy days, a phone case like this can light up your life.

Bretman Rock iPhone Phone Case

We ADORE Bretman Rock. His makeup tutorials. His humor. He's the whole package. So we were thrilled to work with him on this stunning phone case. With tie-dye vibes and baby blue notes, it captures that retro-yet-modern feel that few phone cases do. There are phone accessories. And then there's this! Bretman took this aesthetic iPhone case to a whole new level.

Looking for Beautiful, Aesthetic Phone Cases for Sale? Choose Wildflower

As you can see, making pretty phone cases is what we do. We even have a little help from some truly special friends sometimes. And we have a collection of aesthetic phone cases to rival the very best!

So, if you feel like giving your phone a new outfit, or if you're tired of your boring, bland phone case, make an upgrade. Take a look through the product collection and pick out your Wildflower aesthetic iPhone phone cases and accessories today.

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