Everything You Need to Know About Naileadevora - TikTok Superstar and Wildflower Wonder Woman

Everything You Need to Know About Naileadevora - TikTok Superstar and Wildflower Wonder Woman

We'll let you in on a little secret - we're super selective about choosing the brand ambassadors who represent our products.

A true wildflower is sassy and adventurous. She embodies feminine energy in her fashion and is so funny that she keeps everybody laughing. A wildflower will improve your day from the moment you meet them and will stay on your mind week after week once they're gone.

So, when we're looking for brand ambassadors (and especially design collaborators) for our phone cases, we want to find people who are empowered. People that carve their own path and aren't afraid to be who they are for the world to see. People like Nailea Devora.

Who Is Nailea Devora?

If you're reading this, we're willing to bet that you know exactly who Nailea Devora is. But for the uninitiated, let us give you the highlights:

-She's a TikTok superstar with a staggering amount of views.
-Nailea has 4 million followers and counting on Instagram.
-Her YouTube channel is one of the funniest places on the web.

    Nailea Devora is the modern-day influencer - a true Renaissance woman who dips her fingers into every pie. If you need fashion advice, Nailea is your girl. When you're looking to have a good time with a gal pal who's going to make you laugh, you need Nailea Devora in your life.

    Basically, Nailea embodies everything about the Wildflower spirit. She does her own thing, no matter who tells her otherwise, and she's become immensely popular because she's unafraid and the walking embodiment of a limited-edition woman. In short - she's a perfect Wildflower ambassador.

    What You Need to Know About Nailea

    Before we give you a taster of what she's come up with (along with our designers), let's learn a little bit more about our newest Wildflower woman.

    1 - Her Comedy Videos Are Amazing

    A lot of people know Nailea Devora because she's a fashion guru who seems to have more options than hands when it comes to the outfits she wears. But we love her for more than her fashion sense. Nailea is hilarious, as anybody who's come across her on YouTube or TikTok will let you know.

    This is the woman who colored her own nails in black marker pen (well...just a small gap) because she couldn't find her nail polish. And she's so blunt. She's the girl who'll tell you exactly what she's thinking as soon as she thinks it. And if you don't believe it, ask the guy to whom she sang a one-line song called "I Love You B*tch" (complete with an off-key chord) right after meeting him.

    All we can say is check her videos out. You will laugh - guaranteed.

    2 - She's on TV as Well as TikTok (and YouTube and Instagram)

    We're going to get to Nailea's social media success in a minute (and trust us when we say it's worth the wait). First, we want to celebrate the fact that we're seeing more of Nailea Devora wherever we look, including when we switch on the TV.

    The girl has an IMDB page, and she's starred as herself (who else?) in shows like "Something About Larray" and "Secret Saboteurs." If you ask us, Nailea is on the verge of transforming her social media superstardom into an even bigger career in television. But if she does, don't worry. We're sure she'll keep posting the same quality videos to her socials even when she launches into the stratosphere.

    3 - She's Amassed Over 400 Million Views on TikTok

    Let us say this one a little louder for the people in the back - videos related to Nailea Devora have over 400 million views on the TikTok app. That's nearly half a billion, which is just an insane number.

    And if you check out her TikTok, that level of popularity won't be a surprise to you because it's on TikTok where Nailea will provide some of her funniest moments. That nail polish to black marker pen incident we mentioned earlier? TikTok. The same goes for the hilarious song she sang to the man she'd just met.

    It's not just the content of the videos themselves that make her TikTok output so special. It's the little text bubbles (that tell you what she's really thinking) that usually make us laugh the loudest.

    4 - The First YouTube Video She Posted Catfished the Internet

    If you ever want to see the true essence of Nailea Devora, you need to check out the first video she ever posted to her YouTube channel. It's called "how I catfish the internet (the tutorial)," and it's hilarious.

    Nailea walks us through exactly what she does to transform herself into a fashion icon through clothes and makeup. And she does it all with her tongue firmly planted in her cheek, acting like she's catfishing people into thinking she's more beautiful than she is (she's stunning at all times, by the way). It's the perfect combination of Nailea's humor and her talent for fashion, so it's no wonder that this video alone has over 6 million views.

    5 - Nailea Promoted Products for Sweetpeeps Jewelry

    Nailea Devora is a woman of taste. That's why she's a Wildflower, as she brings the perfect mix of pure feminine energy and self-deprecation to the mix. And as a woman of taste, she'll only collaborate with brands that match the energy she brings to the table.

    Enter Sweetpeeps Jewelry.

    With Wildflower, Nailea helps design stunning limited-edition phone cases. With Sweetpeeps, she showcases beautiful and high-end jewelry to her Instagram following (6 million followers and counting) to provide the world with a glimpse at another of her favorite brands.

    6 - She'll Choose What to Post for Her Own Protection

    A lot of social media stars out there show you everything. Any little moment in their life is fair game for their channel of choice, and it can all get a little much when they don't just give you a peek behind the veil. They lift the whole thing and throw it away.

    Not Nailea Devora.

    Nailea is super protective about her privacy (as she should be) and will only post videos showcasing what she wants the world to see. Yeah, she'll give you occasional peeks into her private life. But they're just that - peeks. You're not going to see Nailea dishing the dirt on herself or others because her socials are places for love, positivity, and fun.

    7 - Her Lip Syncs Are Hilarious

    If you haven't seen Nailea lip-synching to cheesy music - do it.

    She doesn't lip sync as much as she used to, so you'll probably have to go digging through some of her old TikToks to find her "belting" her heart out. But trust us when we say you'll love what you find.

    Nailea Devora - We Love Your Content And Your Cases

    From the moment we first laid eyes on Nailea Devora, we knew that she embodied the Wildflower spirit. She's everything that we want to be (and that we want to give to you with our products), so a collaboration was a natural step for us. And happily, Nailea was totally on board and has helped us to come up with iPhone cases that are perfect for her fans.

    We'll let Nailea tell you about her cases before we reveal them:

    "Hope u love this case as much as I do. It's the perfect embodiment of myself and the things I enjoy. The entire Wildflower team kills it. Live, laugh, love, Wildflower. Love you!!! Nai."

    We hope you love the case, too!

    Presenting the Nailea Devora x Wildflower Cases

    We think it's about time we show you what Wildflower and Nailea Devora came up with, don't you?

    Everything that makes Nailea so popular with her fans is built into this case. Take a look at the center, and you'll see an animated pickle inspired by the pickle that Nailea painted on the wall of her home. There are lil homies (i.e., ladybugs) all over the place, too, with five on the case for you to enjoy. Combine that with some of Nailea's sassiest sayings (slay mama!), and you have a case that's the perfect vision of what goes on in Nailea's head (and videos) at all times.

    Shop the Limited Edition Nailea Devora x Wildflower Cases


    We've worked with Nailea to create cases for a ton of phones, including:

    • iPhone 14, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max, and 14 Plus
    • iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max
    • iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max
    • iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max

    No matter which of these phones you have, there's a Nailea Devora phone case waiting for you. But you have to act fast. These limited-edition cases are handcrafted for every order, meaning no two cases are exactly the same. Once they're gone, there won't be any more, so you need to get your case today to guarantee that you can welcome a slice of Nailea into your life (and onto your phone).

    If you're ready to wrap your phone in a unique Nailea Devora case, you can shop from the collection in the Wildflower store. Every single case has a five-star review, and we guarantee they're going to go fast, so shop now for cases that offer the perfect fit for Nailea fans.

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