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Bring Out Your Feminine Power with Wildflower's Trendsetting iPhone 10 Cases

We can all admit it: for most of us, an iPhone isn't just a piece of technology. It's one of those great things in life that let us share, connect, and communicate. But being a girl with an Apple iPhone X isn't the same as just owning an iPhone as a product.

It's about being fashionable and engaged, girly and powerful, always active and jaw-dropping gorgeous.

That's why your Apple iPhone X doesn't represent just a product. Like all things that you surround yourself with, your phone shows what you're about. It's an extension of your one-in-a-million personality and style.

And guess what? Your iPhone X case is the same.

As a woman-owned business, Wildflower knows that there's more to an iPhone than the technology inside and that iPhone cases can do more than protect the gadget. We want to give you a design that reveals the core of your feminine nature. For that reason, we put our heart and soul into making unique cases for iPhones of all generations, including the iPhone X.

Loving Your Apple iPhone 10? Show It Off in Your Individual Style!

"Girl, I can't believe you've still got that iPhone X! That came out, like, a century ago."

Did you hear something like that before?

Well, we're here to tell you that there's nothing wrong with rocking an Apple iPhone X for as long as you want to. Why?

It's not because these phones are more affordable, although it's true that you can buy a good iPhone 10 on Amazon without emptying your purse. It's also not because it "still serves me nice." No, there are two reasons why we won't let go of older iPhones.

Why Is the Apple iPhone X Great?

First, the iPhone 10 is more than good - it's amazing. Second, if you're like us, you don't think about prices or tech specifications. You think about things that are close to your heart. And we said it before: We don't see phones as products, but as part of who you are.

To keep it simple, you love your iPhone 10. That's why you haven't "upgraded" to an iPhone XS, 11, 12, or beyond.

Truth be told, the iPhone X isn't the smallest of the available options. Older models are more friendly for a girl's hand. But iPhone X is the first truly full-screen iPhone to come out, without the Home button that now seems like a bad dream. Plus, you can still update the phone to iOS 16, Apple's latest operating system.

And then there's the camera. Did you know that the iPhone X has the same base 12MP camera like the Apple iPhone 14? Yes, the photo technology has shown a lot of progress between the two models. But Apple obviously thought that what they put in the iPhone X was so good there was no need to upgrade.

In other words, you can snap that perfect photo and publish it with pride. But you already know what a good time you can have with Apple iPhone X taking selfies. Especially when you do it with the back camera using a mirror.

Speaking of which...

Are You Making a Big Deal About a Phone Case? We Think Not.

Imagine this situation: You're all set for a night out and want to snap a selfie before you go. So you take out your iPhone, get in front of a mirror, and strike your best pose.

And that's when it hits you.

Although the Apple iPhone X comes in the brand's signature cool grey, the colors just don't match. It can be as slim and stylish as anything, but your phone simply doesn't go with those shoes. Or, worse yet, with that dress. And just like that, the perfect moment is ruined.

And then someone dares to tell you that a stock iPhone case works just fine. Well, it doesn't. We'll never stop pointing this out: Protection isn't the only purpose of phone cases. Plus, we're girls, not construction workers.

The Joy of a Custom iPhone X Case

Sure, an iPhone X case should be hard, slim, and compatible with your phone, and it should protect it from damage. But that's what pretty much any iPhone case will do. That's the product. On the other hand, not every case will look fabulous with your choice of colors. You need options.

And when you're looking for those options, there's no such thing as "making a big deal" out of it. That's why you aren't just picking up a random iPhone X case from Amazon. And we're not saying there's necessarily anything wrong with them - you simply need something really special.

Want to get all doll-core, cottage-core, or straight up femme-core? Then Wildflower will be at the top of your list of options.

Select Your Stylish, Limited Edition Apple iPhone X Case

Let's talk about your Apple iPhone X case. What do you want it to be? Unique, classy, cutesy, ballet-core, family-friendly? Something completely different?

Whatever you answered, you're in the right place with Wildflower. We design gorgeous iPhone X cases in exciting colors and offer you countless options when it comes to style. You could say that a similar design to ours is hard to find, but that wouldn't be true - it's actually impossible!

Our iPhone cases are unlike any others. Why?

We don't think of ourselves as some hard sellers pushing out a product. Our mission is all about friendship, community, and passion. And each of those values is built into every design we dream up. That's why none of our cases are exactly the same and why they're limited edition - because none of us girls are exactly the same.

Let's walk you through our selection of protective cases for the Apple iPhone X.

Embrace the Black and White Aesthetic

Starting with a classic combo, black and white can sometimes work better than any other colors. There's a reason why this aesthetic stands out among many other options - just think of black-and-white photos or movies. Get it in monochrome, and there's no way it won't look amazing.

With this philosophy in mind, we designed several black-and-white cases for iPhone X.

Houndstooth iPhone X/Xs Case

What do you get when you combine black and white with the famous Houndstooth pattern? Nothing less than perfection! Well, that's precisely what you'll get with our Houndstooth iPhone X and XS cases.

This elegant phone cover will be an ideal match with anything from evening attire to a chic urban look. Of course, the cover protects your iPhone while keeping it fashionably slim. Best of all, you'll look like a classic-era superstar.

Checkers iPhone X/Xs Case

If you need a discreet design for a low-key but fashionable appearance, you can never go wrong with black-and-white checkers. It's among the ultimate options when you want to take a selfie without the cover drawing all the attention.

In that case, look no further than our Checkers iPhone X/XS cases. Once you try this case, you'll know why they say simplicity is a show of good taste.

Moo Moo iPhone X/XS Case

When you think about smart and friendly animals, do you think of cows? No? Well, neither did we - until recently. As it turns out, cows know what it's all about! Believe it or not, these wonderful bovines have BFFs, can figure out who they do and don't like, and are perfectly capable of holding a grudge if you cross them.

If all that's not enough to call a cow your spirit animal, nothing is! Well, Wildflower has just the phone case to show off your love for these gorgeous giants - our Moo Moo iPhone X/XS cases.

Have a Passion for Latte? Check Out These Cases

Can you imagine a day without latte? We sure can't! The foundation of coffee and milk with the flavoring of your choice is just what the doctor ordered when you want to kick back with your girlfriends and get all the latest.

Wildflower has options for you latte lovers out there! Here are our custom iPhone X cases with the theme of our favorite beverage.

Latte Love iPhone X/Xs Case

The creme and brown heart shapes make up the primary variant of the Latte Love iPhone X/XS case. Going out for an early cup? Dress your phone in our Latte Love iPhone X/XS case and share the love. That way, you can match your phone cover not only with your outfit but your coffee, too.

Peppermint Latte Love iPhone X/Xs Case

Not up for a classic latte? How about we spice it up with some delicious peppermint. Then, adorn your device in the Peppermint Latte Love iPhone X/XS case to bring that spiciness to life. This phone cover comes in exciting shades of red and pink.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Love iPhone X/Xs Case

Okay, we've shown you some spice, but when you think "spiced latte," what's the first thing that comes to mind? That's right, the holiday special and everyone's favorite drink come fall. So, when you decide to treat yourself with a cup of pure deliciousness, pack your phone in our Pumpkin Spice Latte Love iPhone X/XS case to complete the experience.

Latte Love iPhone X/Xs Case l Matcha

We've gone over various tasty treats in latte form, so it's about time we check out some options for returning to a healthy everyday life. And what's a healthier coffee variant than matcha? Bringing the best of green tea and latte together, this beverage is delightful and good for your body and mind.

Celebrate the better choices in life with our Latte Love Matcha iPhone X/XS cases. And make sure to pair the phone cover with the colors of nature since it comes in two lovely shades of green.

Phone Cases Inspired by Zodiac

Some believe it, others doubt it, but your Zodiac sign can often say a lot about you. Are you a quick and fierce Aries, the sensitive Taurus, the always curious Gemini? Celebrate your sign and personality with a custom Zodiac iPhone X case by Wildflower.

Each phone case is airbrushed in a subtle but fancy way that symbolizes the very core of a particular sign. Pick yours and share who you are with your friends and community.

Pisces Airbrush iPhone X/Xs Case

Natural empaths, artists, and women of great wisdom, Pisces are all about sharing love and affection with the world. Now you can show your tender, loving nature to the people dear to you with our Pisces Airbrush iPhone X/XS case.

Aquarius Airbrush iPhone X/Xs Case

The Aquarius is a woman of great imagination and huge, original ideas. As they dream big and think deep, women of this sign will never compromise for less. And if you're an Aquarius, you won't settle for anything but perfect style, which is why this Aquarius Airbrush iPhone X/XS case will be ideal for you.

Capricorn Airbrush iPhone X/Xs Case

Few people approach life with such discipline and tenacity as Capricorns. As a proud member of this sign, you tackle every situation seriously, staying independent at all costs. Slip your phone into the Capricorn Airbrush iPhone X/XS case and show the world who it's dealing with right from the get-go.

Sagittarius Airbrush iPhone X/Xs Case

Are you the extroverted, generous, and glamorous life of the party? That means you're a true Sagittarius! Your optimism flows over to others, and that's the kind of positive energy that inspired us to create the Sagittarius Airbrush iPhone X/XS case.

Scorpio Airbrush iPhone X/Xs Case

A Scorpio is the kind of woman that turns heads and leaves no one without a powerful impression. Your passion and courage are legendary, and you always have the right response to every situation. Spread your charm further with our Scorpio Airbrush iPhone X/XS case.

Libra Airbrush iPhone X/Xs Case

Every woman and girl is breathtaking in her own way, but few are as graceful as Libras. Level-headed, fair, and natural-born diplomats, Libras are the friend you need when the going gets rough. Show your friends that they can always count on you by boasting the Libra Airbrush iPhone X/XS case.

Virgo Airbrush iPhone X/Xs Case

We don't know about you, but when we need a problem solver, we turn to a Virgo. And if this is your sign, you're in luck - your analytical, practical mind can handle anything the world throws your way. Simultaneously, you're the face of a loyal friend, and there's no reason not to show your wonderful nature off with our Virgo Airbrush iPhone X/XS case.

Leo Airbrush iPhone X/Xs Case

Do your friends describe you as live fire? If so, chances are you're a Leo. In that case, we'd say "you go, girl," but you've already got it covered. With dominating reds and oranges, our Leo Airbrush iPhone X/XS case will be right up your alley.

Cancer Airbrush iPhone X/Xs Case

As a Cancer, you've probably solved more problems for your friends than any self-help book out there. You've also felt every bit of their stress and concern, but also love and happiness. Now you can wear your Cancer Airbrush iPhone X/XS case as a badge of honor.

Gemini Airbrush iPhone X/Xs Case

With their insatiable curiosity and expressiveness, Geminis are the moving force of the universe. That's why we gave the Gemini Airbrush iPhone X/XS case the pallete of Mother Nature's greens and sprinkled it with stars to point out your otherworldly versatility and kindness.

Taurus Airbrush iPhone X/Xs Case

A Taurus may be the image of the ideal woman for many. Bringing the balance of reliability, strength, creativity, and sensuality, you seem to have it all. And you can show it with our Taurus Airbrush iPhone X/XS case, even though everyone can see your qualities at first glance.

Aries Airbrush iPhone X/Xs Case

The sparkly nature of an Aries seems to be able to set the world ablaze. Lightning-fast, driven, eager - you know who you are. The Aries Airbrush iPhone X/XS case will be the perfect phone cover to show off your fierce temperament and winning attitude.

Patterns and Viral Fashion Imagery

With Wildflower Apple iPhone X cases, you'll never be short on options. The very thing that protects your phone can turn the iPhone into a work of art or a fashion statement.

Feeling curious yet? Let's talk about some of our most creative designs.

Bring Out Your Inner Wild Cat

Sensuality. Flamboyance. Chic. Glamour. A touch of danger. That's the impression of a woman wearing the patterns of a large cat predator. If you like all that (and who wouldn't), we have a couple of phone cover options that will get your heart beating faster.

The Tiger iPhone X/XS case is the first protective cover you'll want to check out. It's the good old tiger pattern, but done in the unique Wildflower way that makes it different and more tasteful than anything you've seen before.

What's arguably more mysterious (and sexier) than a tiger? Why, the graceful leopard, of course! Show off your hunter's instincts with our Leopard iPhone X/XS case and let everyone know that this kitty got claws.

Set the World on Fire

Are you an indomitable spirit? A rebellious coquette? A girl that leaves a mark on the world? In that case, few images will fit your character better than flames, and we've got quite a hot cover selection for the Apple iPhone X.

In fact, the Flames iPhone X/XS case is so hot it might just burn you! This cover includes dancing orange flames on a cobalt-blue background, creating a contrast between fire and ice. It's just the cover to bring the heat up on your next selfie session.

But maybe you don't want to go too hard? In that case, try the Pink iPhone X/XS cover. As far as colors go, this phone case is milder and more easy-going, bringing the delicate touch of feminine pink to the flamy cover design.

Finally, if you want to bring out your tender nature, the Lavender iPhone X/XS cover will be the right choice. Dress your Apple iPhone X in this wonderful case and let your inner flower bloom. But beware - there's still plenty of heat in there.

From Pizza-Mania to Abstract

We'd introduce the first cover in this section with "If you love pizza..." but let's be honest: Who doesn't love pizza? So let's skip to the point and tell you about our Pizzeria iPhone X/XS case. Is it protective? Is it mouth-watering? A bit of both, but primarily protective - we wouldn't recommend biting into this case, no matter how slim and tasty it looks!

If the pizza isn't enough, we add a dessert in the form of some extra-puffy stickers because we know that getting two awesome things for a single price is always a treat.

Let's now turn to a completely different kind of phone case that can be summarized in two words: Flower Power. Go back to the wonder of the 60s with a Flower Funk iPhone X/XS case and awaken the hippie girl in yourself. As a genuine product of its era, this style will always be authentic and beloved.

Want to stick to the theme of love in a more delicate way? Then you'll love our Heavenly Hearts iPhone X/XS case. If there ever was a phone case that takes phones and makes them into a thing of celestial beauty, this is it. Enjoy the soft pink overtones and don't forget to put some similar colors on your screen for a complete impression.

If you're a Y2K fan, don't worry - we've got you covered as well! The Pretty Prep iPhone X/XS case doubles down on this aesthetic and takes a hard turn towards the noughties. Who knew that a phone case can transport you to a different decade?

Last but definitely not least, our Pink Rodeo iPhone X/XS case might just be beyond words. In fact, we won't even try to describe this phone case. Click the link, see it for yourself, and we guarantee you'll fall in love with it straight away. If, as a lover of all things pink, you had to choose only one protective phone case, this would be it.

When Two Gems Meet - Check Out Our Collabs

We at Wildflower don't make every phone case model solo. We love to combine our creativity with the energies of other amazing artists and organizations. Screen our site for collabs, and you'll find names like Salem Mitchell, Ciera Ramirez, Coachella, Jaded London, Frankies Bikinis, and many others. Together, we bring a fresh unique face to your phone.

The inspiration for our collabs ranges from genuine artwork on track with the masters of the Renaissance to atmospheric, high-style pieces.

Wildflower - We Make Phones Into Art

When it comes to your phone, what you see on the back is just as important as what's on your screen. We at Wildflower take this idea seriously and make it our mission. So jump on our iPhone X case page and check out the catalog - your new phone case is waiting for you there.

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