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Dig into the Wildflower Collection to Find a Classy Yet Sassy iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

The iPhone case market is at its peak, but this doesn't mean much to you, does it? A coquettish gal like yourself isn't looking for something you can find on every corner.

God no!

You need something that reflects your personality. Something designed to sweep your lady friends off their feet. Something that taps into exactly who YOU are.

Wildflower comes to the rescue with limited-edition, one-of-a-kind iPhone 13 Pro Max cases. Our cases are stylish, cute, and wild - just like you.

So, the search ends now. You've finally found THE brand that gives you and your phone the glow-up you've been dying for. All that remains is to see what makes our cases special and why you'll love them the moment you lay your eyes on them.

Take a Closer Look at the iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Collection by Wildflower - Style AND Substance

Consider your average date with your lady friends. It's a beautiful day, so you whip out your fav sheer tights from the closet and hit the road. Add your sunglasses adorned with flowers, stars, and other ornaments, and you're good to go.

But are you really? What if we told you could embolden your quirky, uplifting style? (No, we don't mean dressing up like Lady Gaga for her Grammys).

Let's keep it simple yet effective - our iPhone 13 Pro Max case collection. Here's a closer look at our curated assortment and what it brings to the table for slay femmes like yourself:

Aesthetics – You Can Never Have Enough of Them, Right?

We know how much you love experimenting with different clothes. The thought process usually goes something like this when you set foot in your king-sized closet:

"This Dior shirt is just dripping. I gotta wear it tonight."

"What about these baby pink high heels? Oh, what the hell. They put me in the spotlight, and that's exactly what I want."

Once you've found stunning garments, it's time to accessorize your looks with aesthetic items. Look no further than any – and we mean ANY, Wildflower iPhone 13 Pro Max case.

We've created each product to match your clothes perfectly. Whether you feel like wearing a short skirt, long dress, or some denim, don't worry - your Pro Max case will hit differently. It goes brilliantly well with pretty much anything, thanks to its aesthetics.

What exactly do we mean by aesthetics? We mean that every element mingles with each other in a harmonized way.

Every line.

Every square.

Every circle.

Every cute little animal.

They're all one cohesive whole that agrees with any type of clothing. Take it on your next night out, and you'll truly feel special (even though you already are). You'll look nothing like the thousands of NPCs with the same generic case you can find on every corner.

Quirky Personality Personified (Talk About Word Play LOL)

Here at Wildflower, we get a HUGE number of orders every day. And there's a reason our fellow slay queens choose us as their only shop for iPhone 13 Pro Max cases.

Here it is - our phone cases showcase funky, cottage-core personalities. That's why you NEED to buy your next iPhone cover from us. Each has that one thing that makes it just right for you.

Take this Lone Fox iPhone 13 Pro Max case as an example. Do you often feel like howling at the night sky by yourself? It's calming and lets you take a break from all the stress of being a trendsetter (and trust us, setting trends can put you on the rack sometimes).

If so, you can't go wrong with this case. It's perfectly in tune with your personality, which, at times, just wants to be left alone. You're not only about making an impact - you also wish to have some "ME" time and take a load off.

And how about this absolutely irresistible Bunnies in Bonnets phone case? Admit it - you may have been a sucker for stylish bonnets at some point in your life. Who knows, you might still be. All you need is something to rekindle your passion for this sheesh-it-looks-fantastic piece of clothing. The phone case does just that.

But even if you're not about bonnets, do we really need to say it? There are freaking bunnies - and so many of them. If there was ever a cuteness overload, it would be this iPhone 13 Pro Max case. It reveals your bunny-loving personality and lets it shine in full glory. It'll put a smile on your face whenever you pick up your phone and need some cuteness to start your day.


How many times have you looked at lone wolves on Tumblr and went: "Gosh, I really wish I could be just like that." But wait, stay with us, what we mean here is a lone wolf in a good way. Someone who stands out. Someone who's completely different from most of the girls out there and has the accessory to prove it.

That's where our iPhone 13 Pro Max cases come in. All our products are (drums roll) LIMITED EDITION.

You know what this means. That's right - by buying our iPhone 13 Pro Max cases, you separate yourself from the rest of the pack. Yes, you and a few of your besties who appreciate the Wildflower difference may have matching cases, but that's it.

Nobody else even comes close to your new prized possession. They have default, run-of-the-mill cases that add little-to-no value to their device.

But you know what limited-edition also means. You need to get a move on before someone snatches your lit case. So, what are you waiting for? Choose a stunning model and take a proud walk downtown to show off your individual style and make heads turn with your fashionable phone case.

By Gals for Gals

When buying your phone case, you shouldn't focus on the product only. You should also consider the maker of the product. If their personality is worlds apart from yours, trust us girl, you can keep looking.

You need someone like you.

Someone with a similar taste in music.

Someone who also spends hours on Instagram and Tumblr looking for stars and flowers.

And, most importantly, someone with core feminine values.

Wildflower checks every box. Proudly founded by Devon and Sydney Carlson, Wildflower is a woman-owned business that knows what it takes to please our fellow gals with a-ma-zing cases.

Knowing ladies are in the driver's seat gives you peace of mind. They'll keep rolling out premium cases that exude your personality and charm.

Seamless Blend of Functionality and Elegance

Wildflower has put so much into designing spellbinding cases that you may think: "Alright. I gotta say, the cases look incredible, but what about their functions?"

More power to you for asking this critical question. After all, the last thing you want is an iPhone 13 case that doesn't let you press the power button accidentally. Or it gets in the way of bumping up the volume when grooving to Lana Del Rey and Vampire Weekend.

Well, you can relax, girl, since our iPhone cases have all the functionality you need from your cover.

For example, take a look at this lovely Be My Bunny case. Now, we need you to focus here. The bunny is the cutest thing you've seen on the internet today, but we'd like to turn your attention to something else.

If you take a look at the camera cutout, you'll see it leaves just enough space for you to take crystal-clear shots of you and your sassy gals drinking Starbucks coffee. It's not too large either because we want your loving rabbit to be in the limelight.

Now check out the sides. The power and volume keys have heavy-duty protection, but this doesn't take away from their functionality. You'll still be able to comfortably press each key without needing to use too much force and risk breaking your brand-new Bella Hadid-like fingernails.

Mixture of Stylish Looks and Tough-as-Nails Body

You're walking down the street with your purse and iPhone 13. "Hmm. This looks fun. My fav boutique just texted me they have a sale. Let's go, gals!"

Hold on, a hunk of guy catches your attention. His hair is shiny, and his clothes are clean AF. Plus, his muscles make him look like the knight in shining armor you've been waiting for.

But it turns out he already has a girlfriend. Bummers!

Luckily, there's another way to add some armor to your life - our phone cases.

Now, you might be thinking: "I've seen similar-looking case bumpers at a local department store. Why are these any different?"

They may look similar, but as you know, looks can be deceiving. The reason our covers are so robust is that they're made of military-grade materials. Whether you accidentally hit the device against the hood of your Mini Cooper or drop it on the dance floor, don't panic.

It'll remain intact (unlike your hair on a windy day).

If you're worried about your screen, don't be. The bumpers extend slightly beyond your display to keep the sensitive glass from shattering.

Notice how we said slightly? That's because we didn't want to go overboard and make the case protrude too far from the screen. This ensures you can use your touchscreen comfortably, even with XXL nails.

Additionally, dust might have been an issue with your previous cases. It seems there's a tight seal between the case and your iPhone, but when you remove the case, you discover a pile of dust on the volume keys and near the camera.

Our 13 Pro Max cases won't let that happen. Their next-level sealing doesn't allow dust and dirt to get inside and ruin the looks of your elegant device. So, you can go sunbathing in Santa Monica in peace, knowing sand won't leave a mark on your gadget.

If you want to kick the safety factor up a notch, why not choose one of our cases that are available with screen protectors?

For instance, the Fawn Angel case is simply too good to miss. It has everything you need from an iPhone case - an endearing forest animal in the middle, soothing colors, AND you can get it with a display protector.

Colors, Colors, Colors, and More Colors

What's the one thing that can make or break the appeal of your iPhone 13 Pro case? We've mentioned several potential problems, such as lack of functions and fragility. But there's an even more important feature.


When looking for the case of your dreams, color is one of the first details you notice. As a gal that's all about femme-core values, you need a product with just the right colors for your personality. Otherwise, it just won't be the right fit, even if it has pretty ornaments.

Wildflower is here to save the day with some lit nuances.

Our entire collection is jam-packed with stunning colors, which is easy to see when you take a look at this Bretman Rock case. This might be your GOAT cover due to all the incredible hues and how they complement each other. There's scarlet, navy blue, baby pink, and dozens of others to create a mesmerizing visual effect.

There's also this Manifest case. If we could use just one word to describe this case, it would be: ethereal. It's easy to get lost in all the colors. At first glance, they look like a rainbow, but if you keep looking, your imagination runs wild. You're immediately transported to a NY fashion runway with models wearing colorful clothes and camera lights shining everywhere. The butterfly in the middle only adds to the symphony of images.

But what if you like to keep it simple? What if you only want two colors on your cover: black and white? Oh boy, do we have the right product for you - the Polka Dot iPhone 13 Pro Max case.

It's basic, but it's also elegant. The case has a black background interspersed with white dots, all of which are aesthetic and evenly distributed. Looking for the right case to wear with your polka-dot bikini? What's there to think about? Put this cover in your purse and conquer LA beaches in style.

Wildflower Is a First-class Ticket to the Phone Case Heaven

Isn't it amazing how much you can get from something simple as a phone case? Wildflower does start with simplicity, but our iPhone 13 Pro Max covers are nothing but basic.

They extend your personality.

They reinforce your funky taste in clothes, music, and everything else.

They protect your phone from all sorts of threats.

Ready to transform your device and make your girlfriends jealous of your limited-edition case? Jump to our website NOW and enjoy our premium selection.

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