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Take Your Phone to the Max With Wildflower iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

Are iPhones magic?

Yes, we know that every iPhone is a tech device at its core - a collection of chips, cables, magnets, plastic, and metal. But what makes us love and trust this slim, pretty bad boy so much?

For some, the images are what makes all the difference. But in most cases, it's about the style and how Apple designs the iPhone. I mean, these phones are gorgeous to the point of verging on art. And it's in a woman's nature to make something that looks good even more beautiful.

Well, when it comes to your Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, Wildflower has just what you need to make your phone stunning and unique. We create custom protective cases that look like no other. And we're not talking about an everyday cell phone case; we're all about designs that reflect your style of life.

You know what style we're talking about - the one filled with great talks, tight communities, and friends for life. The one where love and passion for all things beautiful reign supreme. That's what Wildflower is all about.

Of the Looks, Creativity, and Drop Protection - What Makes the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max the Right Phone for You

Let's start the talk about iPhone 12 Pro Max with something all of us know: this phone is huge. It needs a screen protector the size of a baby blanket, and it's heavy, too. But if Kim Kardashian could make a massive phone stylish, then, girls, so can we.

And it's not like the iPhone 12 Pro Max makes this difficult to pull off. After all, even though years have passed since it came out, it's still one of the best-looking phones sold today.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has another important trait. Want to guess what that is? We'll help you.

It's the trait that you look for in your BFF and what we hope to find in a lifelong partner: reliability. Not by accident, this is the same trait that made so many brands rise and fall. And luckily for all iPhone 12 Pro Max owners, this phone excels at being reliable.

Just a Bit About Tech (But Don't Click Away Yet)

If you know anything about us, you know that we don't like to talk hardware, so we won't spend too much time on it here. Still, even we have to applaud Apple for building a phone with military-grade material. Is it really military grade, as in used by the Armed Forces? We don't know (or really care), but it sure feels incredibly tough and durable.

Wireless charging is another plus. Why?

You no longer need to worry about whether your phone will drop to the floor while it's being charged. And we already hear you say, "Wait, what's wireless charging got to do with whether my phone will drop?"

The answer is: magnets. The charging station (sold separately) keeps the iPhone 12 Pro Max firmly in place with powerful magnets. The charger itself is powered by a cable, but that's beyond the point.

Okay, so far, we've covered the basics: The iPhone 12 Pro Max is made of quality material, very durable, bulky, and charges wirelessly. Speaking of stuff that isn't our primary concern, the phone is sold today at about half the original price.

Now, let's get to the good part. First, there's the camera.

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max has a ground-breaking camera and the processing power to go with it. And you know why that matters: photos and selfies. Snap a photo with this phone, upload or save it, and just wait for the comments.

Second, the looks. At this point, we're expecting nothing less from Apple than stunning designs, and the company certainly provided just that for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. With its lovely form, this is a device you'll absolutely want to protect.

It's rare to see phones that are so durable and stylish at the same time. To that end, this phone is an absolute gem. Okay, now we're pretty much done with the tech talk.

Are iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases There Just to Provide Adequate Protection or for Something More?

We'll answer the question above immediately: Talking about phone cases that "provide adequate protection" just makes us yawn.

Sure, drop protection is important - you want that extra protection to increase durability. Plus, carrying an iPhone 12 Pro Max is plenty of work already, without worrying if your phone will drop, breaking its marble-like finish.

But outside that extra protection, iPhone 12 Pro Max cases have another purpose: to turn your phone into a form of art. At least, that's how we at Wildflower approach each case we make.

Some people carry phones around for practical purposes. We girls do that, too, but we know that there's much more than practicality to think about! Your phone becomes a part of your outfit, and, like anything else you wear, it needs to reflect your individual style.

In fact, if there's one thing more durable than any phone, it's a woman's sense of the aesthetic. That's got nothing to do with drop protection - it's all about inspired, fashionable designs. And once we start talking about being stylish, we've officially crossed fully into Wildflower territory.

Beyond "Adequate Protection" - The Magic of Wildflower iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

Does phone fashion come with drop protection? Yes, if you shop from the huge variety of phone cases made by Wildflower!

Our imagination takes us beyond quality, level of craftwork, and protective features. Of course, every case we produce has all that in droves. But trendsetting is always our ultimate goal.

How do we set trends?

Our iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases are made for you and you alone. Yes, the form will be similar - it is a phone case, after all - slim, resistant to scratches, and quality-made. However, no two of our designs will be exactly the same.

As a woman-owned business, we make unique, limited-edition cases that tell an important part of your life story. That's why our cases do more than keep your iPhone safe. Let's see some examples of the collection that's currently in our shop.

Cuteness Overload: Wildflower Animal-Inspired iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

You know that we don't put a limit on how cute or girly a design can be. If you don't know this, first, welcome to Wildflower. Second, brace yourself - this section will have cuteness galore!

Kitten Around iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

No reason to beat around the bush: We think "cute," we think "kittens" - that's just a general rule of life. Well, with Kitten Around iPhone 12 Pro Max cases, you get precisely what it says on the box: lots of fluffy, pearl-eyed kittens floating around like furry cherubs in the sky. One look at the back of your phone with this case on, and you won't worry about a thing for the rest of the day.

Lone Fox iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

You probably think the previous case immediately takes the cake. What could be cuter than a bunch of kittens? In that case, we present to you a worthy contender: an adorable tiny fox!

If Lone Fox iPhone 12 Pro Max cases couldn't get an "aww" from most girls (and boys, for that matter), we'd know the world's truly gone wrong. We're happy to tell you it has not come to that point!

Poodle Doodles iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Cuteness overload continues with a dog breed that's been closely related to fashion forever: Poodles. Of course, our huge variety of protective cases would be incomplete without these lovable pups. That's why Poodle Doodles iPhone 12 Pro Max cases are here to take our cute game to the next level. If you're a Poodle lover, you might find these even more "aww"-inspiring than kittens!

Bear-y Bow Dream iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

So far, you might think that we've already spent all our cuteness credits on the first three items. But no, we can manage quite a bit more. Introducing Bear-y Bow Dream iPhone 12 Pro Max cases! Yeah, we're bringing up the teddy bears. However, don't start shopping yet - there's more.

Bunnies in Bonnets iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Cuteness is cuteness, but when you see a protective case with bunnies, the "overload" part starts to ring true. In fact, Bunnies in Bonnets iPhone 12 Pro Max cases are so adorable that this collection just became harder to write about! Maybe it's a self-preservation mechanism kicking in to protect us from straight-up melting away.

Be My Bunny iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Did you think we've hit the final level of cute with the previous case? Yeah right. We offer you Be My Bunny iPhone 12 Pro Max cases, a pretty good contender for the "I can't even" award in the cuteness category. You could find something cuter in our collection, but this case takes the cake in our books.

Fawn Angel iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

If you have a strong Bambi nostalgia, Fawn Angel iPhone 12 Pro Max cases might hit the spot. And even if you haven't seen Bambi (and... what?), the image of a gorgeous fawn with angel wings may have you worrying about your mascara in seconds. Does this count as cute or bittersweet? Depends on what you choose to believe. Do we have the absolute right to cheat on our own blog? Absolutely yes!

Bear-y Ballet iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Balletcore meets teddy bears? Bring it on, say we - whatever happens, is a small price to pay for witnessing this level of cuteness! Thus, we offer you Bear-y Ballet iPhone 12 Pro Max cases as the chances of your heart not melting become even slimmer.

Swan Lake iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

At this point, writing this list is threatening to turn into doom-scrolling on our own site, and there's yet so much work to do. So let's wrap it up with an image of pure beauty: a lake with swans, butterflies, and flowers. Swan Lake iPhone 12 Pro Max cases are here both as a final entry and our salute to cottagecore cuteness.

When Two Beautiful Minds Collide: Our Colabs

When we at Wildflower create protective cases, we often opt to work with notable artists whose passion matches our own. That's one of the reasons why we have such an expansive range of unique cases to choose from. Here are only some of our exciting collaborations with world-class designers and trendsetters.

Taylor Giavasis iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

We couldn't offer a better example of someone else's vision matching our own art than the Taylor Giavasis iPhone 12 Pro Max case. It's our kind of cute with Taylor's stylish intervention. Were it not a collab, this case would probably be at the top of the previous category - it's even got ducklings and tiny dancing mice!

Bretman Rock iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

It's not marble, it's not sapphire - it's Bretman Rock and his breathtaking tie-dye patterns that make up the Bretman Rock iPhone 12 Pro Max case. Sold! As if the design wasn't enough, we're throwing in some Da Baddest stickers for your ultimate femmecore pleasure.

Enya Umanzor iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Want to see the full range of feminine art? Check out the Enya Umanzor iPhone 12 Pro Max case - it will protect your phone from accidental drops and your mind from people with poor taste. This is one of those cases that make you want to think and just relax and enjoy the view at the same time.

Natalie Krim Horse Girl iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Artworks don't have to be on a canvas to offer the ultimate viewing pleasure, and this Natalie Krim Horse Girl iPhone 12 Pro Max case proves that point perfectly. How many times can you see phone cases that testify to the artist's love for their craft and the feminine form? Now you can witness just that!

Nailea Devora iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Do you sometimes feel like a sassy coquette, queen of laughs, and loving goddess, all at the same time? If so, grab the Nailea Devora iPhone 12 Pro Max case and show your entire emotional range in one place. Cases like these are a rarity, so when one drops, you shouldn't hesitate to check it out - it's a matter of time before it's sold out.

Sandy Liang iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Interested in dollcore and the anime aesthetic? Well, how would you like a chance to snap a photo with your camera but with anime doll eyes instead of your own? Get the Sandy Liang iPhone 12 Pro Max case, and your wish will become a reality.

Realisation Par x Devon Lee Carlson iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Part pop art, part fairy tale, the Realisation Par x Devon Lee Carlson iPhone 12 Pro Max case is one of those fashionable protection cases that you didn't even know you needed. At least until you saw it. Visuals like these are a reminder that there's always more beauty than any camera can capture.

Antonio Garza iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

If there's one thing that can't be bought or sold, it's the universe and all of the incredible celestial bodies floating far beyond our grasp. But the Antonio Garza iPhone 12 Pro Max case gives you the next best thing. So unless you're planning to become an astronaut (or Jupiter suddenly drops by), this case will be the closest you'll come to touching another planet.

Olivia O'Brien iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Once upon a time, a family published a series of photos featuring fairies. Whether that was a trick of the camera or not, now you can have your fairy adventure with Wildflower cases. The Olivia O'Brien iPhone 12 Pro Max case takes you to a storybook world where you don't have to worry if the magic is real - it's yours to carry around.

Fruits, Flowers, and Other Gifts of Mother Nature

Nature is the source of universal beauty wherever you're from. It deserves all of our protection and admiration, and we at Wildflower celebrate Mother Nature with our unique iPhone cases.

Chocolate Cherries iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Cherries are some of the tastiest gifts of nature. In combination with chocolate, they turn into a real delight, even for those among us who don't seem to have a hint of a sweet tooth. Celebrate this irresistible combo with our Chocolate Cherries iPhone 12 Pro Max case.

Peony Floral iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Flirty, sexy, delicate, and ultimately girly - that's how we'd describe the Peony Floral iPhone 12 Pro Max case. The image of the bulky, lush pink flowers on a gentle green background makes this one of our most feminine cases.

Miss Mary Jane iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Are you looking for some stoner protection for your iPhone? If so, please welcome our dear friend Miss Mary Jane in this summer-themed iPhone 12 Pro Max case. Wondering if cases like this can protect your iPhone properly? Look at it from this angle: How can an iPhone fall down if it's constantly high?

Fruit Tart iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Yes, this one's called the Fruit Tart iPhone 12 Pro Max case. But we promise - it's all fruit and no tart! So if you're looking into cases that bring out your inner sweetness without additional calories, this is the case for you. For added iPhone protection, keep your device away from actual sugar and fruit juices!

Fresh from the Garden iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Roses, butterflies, and bees. It's hard to imagine a more feminine iPhone case than this. The Fresh from the Garden iPhone 12 Pro Max cases will get your eyes rested, and your spirit reinvigorated wherever you are. This is a phone case that protects your device as well as your inner peace.

Baby Pink Posie Rosie iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Awaken the sweet, sleepy princess in you with our Baby Pink Posie Rosie iPhone 12 Pro Max cases. Touching and gentle, this image will be the perfect addition for the ultimate girly selfies.

Strawberry Fields iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Do you wish for the summer to never end? Carry it with you at all times in the form of Strawberry Fields iPhone 12 Pro Max cases, and immerse yourself in the imagery that invokes youth, happiness, and the profound joy of life.

Pink Hawaiian iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Hawaiian shirt designs as phone cases? Sounds lovely! That's precisely why we made the Pink Hawaiian iPhone 12 Pro Max case. Grab it before it's sold out, and enjoy the magical pink waves wherever you are in the world.

Pink Stone iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Do you want to protect your phone in the best way possible? Why not try encasing it in a stone - an otherworldly Pink Stone? The pink crystal is a distributor of good vibes and compassion. It will give your selfies a unique look, teeming with love.

One Zodiac Case for Each Sign

We're nearing the end of this blog, but our catalog is far from exhausted. For example, we have an iPhone case for every sign of the Zodiac. It's impossible to say which is the most beautiful, but we can say one thing: regardless of your sign, you'll probably end up jealous of some other sign simply because you like their case more!

Abstracts and Patterns With an Attitude

With Wildflower cases, you can choose any form of self-expression that comes to mind. Our cases with intricate, abstract imagery will be just the thing for some, while others will be enamored with well-known patterns like leopards, Polka dots, or checkers.

Images that don't represent any real object can sometimes be more powerful. So keep on exploring our collection and find the cover that speaks to your soul.

Wildflower - More Than Your Typical Cell Phone Case

Will Wildflower cases protect your iPhone? Certainly, but they'll do much more than that. Browse our offer of iPhone 12 Pro Max cases, and you'll come across the cover that exudes you the best. Oh, who are we kidding? You'll find several such covers! All the more reason for you to start looking.

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