Collection: Stickers!

Phone Case Stickers: A Stick-tacular Way to Make Your World More Fun

Once you start collecting stickers, there’s no looking back. You’re on a one-way street leading straight to the colorful world of self-expression and creativity. All you’ll want to do is collect more stickers and find new ways to arrange them and new surfaces to which to add a touch of whimsy.

Well, you’re in luck, as Wildflower is thrilled to assist you on this sticky journey!

Check out some of our awesome phone case stickers and all the amazing ways you can use them. Spoiler alert – your phone case is just the beginning!

Why Wildflower Phone Case Stickers Are the Way to Go

Let’s keep it real – stickers aren’t exactly a revolutionary product. You can probably buy them at every corner and go crazy on your iPhone (all the smooth and flat items you own, actually). So, why Wildflower stickers? What makes our stickers so special?

Visually Stunning

Whatever Wildflower product you decide to buy, one thing’s for sure – its visual appearance will never let you down! We’re all about combining colors, shapes, and patterns to achieve that wow factor, and our stickers are a perfect example.

Mind-Blowingly Crisp

For our stickers to be as vivid and striking as they are, they must be printed in the highest resolution possible. And that’s exactly the case!

Made With High-Quality Materials

Most people would be surprised to learn how much thought goes into creating high-quality stickers. They might be tiny and silly, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be made of durable material and meticulous design.

With Wildflower stickers, you don’t have to worry about the quality and durability of your sticky decorations, as our production process makes sure they’re with you as long as you want them to be!

Sticky ‘Till the End

Wildflower stickers are made using a strong adhesive, which means they won’t budge once you stick them on the surface of your choosing. Let’s say you decide to spruce up your iPhone. Don’t worry about tossing your device into your pocket or bag afterward; our stickers aren’t going anywhere.

But does this mean you’ll have to keep them on forever? Absolutely not! Come on, with so many colorful options to choose from, who’d want to stick to a single arrangement forever? Once you’re ready to remove (or rearrange) the stickers, you won’t have any issues.  

Easy to Use

The next benefit of Wildflower phone case stickers is kind of a given. Since removing them intentionally is a breeze (thank you, removable adhesive!), using these stickers is nothing but fun. They’re easy to position, stick, and then peel off and reposition if necessary.

Delightful to Match

Our stickers have numerous appealing features, but being able to match them with other accessories might just be our fave! Many of our stickers use existing designs seen on iPhone and AirPods cases.

On the other hand, some stickers don’t exactly match existing designs, but they complement them beautifully. So, let’s say you’re obsessed with our Pizzeria design (or just pizza in general, ‘cause understandable). You can have an adorable pizza party on your iPhone case thanks to the Pizzeria Sticker Pack.

The Wildflower Mobile Phone Stickers You’ll Absolutely Love

At Wildflower, we’re all about helping you express yourself freely and letting your personality shine through. Check out some of our adorable sticker packs that help you do just that.

Wildflower 10-Sticker Pack

Choosing the perfect phone case stickers is no easy task, especially if you’re indecisive. So, why not let fate decide? And by fate, we mean our wonderful team at Wildflower!

Visit our site and choose the Wildflower 10-Sticker Pack assortment. Just think of the thrilling experience of discovering which of the random collection of stickers you’ve received. And allow us to let you in on a little secret (though it might not be a secret if you’re a Wildflower girlie through and through) – these stickers are inspired by our past and existing phone case designs.

This means that you can create numerous design combinations to match your favorite phone case or perhaps try out a design arrangement that’s never been seen before. The possibilities are endless! The 10 stickers are selected randomly and can include any of our designs, including our precious collabs.

Alphabet Sticker Pack

Do you feel like you’ve got a lot to say? If so, say it with stickers! Although initially designed to complement some of our iPhone cases, our Alphabet Sticker Pack has gone on to have a life of its own.

When purchasing this pack, you have two choices to make. First, which will complete your vision – the multicolor version or the solid blue or yellow ones? Second, which device or surface will you use first to show the world your mind?

You can use these letters and numbers to spell out your name on a notebook, add your angel numbers to your phone case, design personalized posters for your room – the list can go on and on. Whichever you choose, one thing’s for sure – these stickers will stay on hassle-free, conveying your message for a long time.

Pizzeria Sticker Pack

This colorful Pizzeria Sticker Pack filled with adorable puffy stickers might be our cutest pack to date! These pizza-themed stickers will be the perfect addition to any foodie’s phone case, laptop, or planner. They’re simply vibrant and fun, although they might make you hungry from time to time!

How to Apply Wildflower Phone Case Stickers

We know that applying stickers isn’t rocket science, but we’re simply here to give you some helpful tips on how to perfect this activity.

Step 1: Make Sure the Surface Is Clean

There’s one important step to consider before the Wildflower stickers even come out of their adorable packaging – starting with a clean surface. If you just grab your device and start sticking away blindly, you risk trapping dust or dirt particles underneath the surface. Why does this matter?

Well, if anything gets caught in the adhesive, you can say goodbye to a long-lasting sticker. Since it can’t adhere fully, it will likely peel off or curl up on the edges, ruining all the magic.

To avoid this unfortunate and not-so-cute scenario, simply wipe your device with a damp cloth before moving to the fun part.

Also, it might be best to avoid porous surfaces altogether. You might be tempted to deck out a favorite T-shirt or another fabric. Go right ahead; you can do whatever you want with your stickers. Just don’t expect them to stay on for too long. In fact, you might spot some fallen soldiers right away.

Step 2: Keep It Steady

The next step is pretty straightforward – just peel off the backing paper and glue down the sticker to its designated spot. To do this, gently press on the sticker to activate the pressure-sensitive adhesive. The only advice we can give you here is to take your time and try to keep a steady hand. If you rush, you’re one accidental twitch away from a wonky sticker.

Step 3: Remove the Air Bubbles

If air bubbles form, don’t worry! This can happen from time to time. It just means some air got caught between your sticker’s adhesive and the surface. Just push the bubbles outwards (using your hand or a flat object like a credit card) to force out the air bubbles, and you’re good to go.

The Many Uses of a Sticker

When someone says “stickers,” many people automatically think of phone case stickers. Though these stickers are incredibly popular and versatile (as you’ll see below), there are tons of other ways to use these tiny embellishments. After all, they are the perfect way to add personality to just about anything, so you’ll probably want them all around.

Use them to create custom art, personalize items, or make a powerful statement; the choice is all yours. To get the inspiration going, we’ve gathered the 10 ways to use these babies that we absolutely love.

Make Your Phone Case Pop

Phones have long ceased to be just a device you use to talk to friends and family, browse the internet, and access your favorite app. Your phone now functions as a full-on accessory, the perfect final touch to your fit.

Of course, it’s the phone case that does all the heavy lifting here. Sure, you can always choose one (or more) of our eye-catching Wildflower cases and call it a day. Or you can go one step further and truly make your phone an extension of your personal style. Naturally, this includes stickers and lots of them!

Jazz Up Your Mirror

Decorating your mirror isn’t exactly a brand-new concept. One search on Pinterest is all it takes to uncover a treasure trove of creative ideas, from DIY stormy clouds to elaborate fairy gardens every cottagecore girlie would die for.

However, if you’re more into minimalist designs, you can take the sticker route. As always, there are no rules to what you can create, but might we suggest an inspirational quote? After all, you’re probably looking at the mirror daily, and it would be perfect to have a cute and encouraging message awaiting you.

Writing something as simple as “You’re beautiful” or “Have a good day” with our sticker letters can make the start of each day just a bit more magical.

Make Custom Wall Art

Order stickers in a similar style or theme and use them to create an exquisite piece of wall art. Make a fun pattern, spell out an important message, or create an eye-catching collage; the choice is all yours. You can even cover up an entire wall portion with our square Wildflower stickers in a Polaroid-like fashion.

Just be careful about using stickers on textured walls. Such bumpy surfaces aren’t exactly ideal if you want your custom masterpiece to adhere correctly last.

Decorate Your Keepsake Box

As a tangible embodiment of intangible emotions, keepsake boxes hold a cherished place in the hearts of many people. This box will protect and preserve everything you hold dear, whether it’s a Polaroid from your favorite girls' trip or a movie ticket from that memorable date with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Given how important these boxes our, you’ll probably want to pay special attention to their appearance. That’s where stickers come into play. Use them to add a pop of color, a memorable quote, or a meaningful symbol; whatever matches the content of your box the best.

Embellish Your Stationery

Bullet journals, planners, diaries, and notebooks are just some of the items you can embellish using stickers.

These tiny wonders can come in especially handy with notebooks. Studying isn’t always fun (and even that’s an understatement!), so using stickers can help you stay on track. Label a specific page, emphasize encouraging feedback, or address important parts of your notes, whatever helps you stay motivated.

Other stationery products will allow you to get creative without the masking-up-your-boredom element. Let’s take bullet journals as an example. Stickers are the perfect decoration for all the important pages, such as the habit tracker (wishing you a slay kind of day) or a meal planner (hello, pizza!).

Make Your Laptop More Fun

Let’s be honest – you’re probably spending more time on your laptop or computer than you care to admit. Perhaps you even work from home, which translates to spending hours in front of the laptop’s screen daily.

So, wouldn’t it be best to look at a bunch of cute stickers instead of a cold, smooth piece of tech? We don’t know about you, but for us, the answer is a resounding yes! Use our stickers to add some visual interest to your laptop and keep yourself entertained as you’re typing away.

Deck Out Your Water Bottle

Although staying hydrated is crucial, not everyone keeps up with the recommended daily water intake. Carrying around a cute water bottle can change this.

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to remain loyal to your Hydro Flask or sport the TikTok-famous Stanley thermos. What matters is that your water bottle screams, “Hey, kids, drinking water is important and fun!” As a bonus, you won’t have an issue differentiating your bottle if your friend group is obsessed with these loyal companions as well.

Make Your Lunch Box Adorable

Whether you’re packing a lunch box for a child or bringing one to work or school for yourself, stickers are a must! Besides offering a great way to distinguish your lunch box from the ones belonging to your classmates or coworkers, these nifty labels will make every meal more fun. Not to mention what a great conversation starter they are!

Personalize Your Car

We know you’ve seen the hilarious bumper stickers flooding every social media account. “Bestie, please let me merge” might just be our favorite one! With our stickers, you can spell out any message you’d like, be it a merge plea or similar requests, powerful statements about the ideas and rights you believe in, or even some well-intentioned (and not at all passive-aggressive) feedback to your fellow drivers.

Beyond sending messages, you can simply use stickers to add some pizzazz to your car and make it truly your own.

Make Binders More Functional

While some stickers are purely decorative, others can help you remain organized. Marking your binders with letter stickers, for example, can help you boost their functionality by a margin. And it won’t hurt to make them a bit less boring in the process!

Fun Ideas on How to Arrange Stickers

Having been armed with ideas on where to use your wildflower stickers, it’s time to move on to how to use them. Again, you’re in complete control here as well. There doesn’t have to be any rhyme or reason to how you arrange your stickers, just as not every tattoo must have a deeper meaning. Maybe you just like cute frogs!

But if you happen to look for inspiration on how to organize your stickers, we’re here to help. Some of these will get your creative juices flowing, while others might help you discover a more practical side of phone case stickers.

Arrange Your Stickers by Color

Most people love a good monochromatic look, so why not create one with your stickers? Single out each sticker of the same or similar dominant color and sticker-bomb a surface. Go for your favorite color if you want to get a lift every time you look at the sticker-covered surface. Or select a color that best matches the surface if you prioritize visual appeal.

Make a Striking Contrast

If you’re covering a somewhat dull surface that has an understated color, you’ll want to make a bang with your sticker choices. Let’s say you’re decorating a grey laptop. Choose stickers that will create a striking contrast against this muted background. For instance, vibrant colors like electric blue, fiery red, and neon green are sure to make a bold statement.

Save the Best for Last

Let’s say there’s a pack you absolutely love or an individual sticker that simply speaks to you. You might get tempted to reach for it first and display it proudly. But stop and think about this. If you continue gluing stickers, chances are your fave will fade to the background, which is exactly what you don’t want to happen. By saving it for last, you can give this sticker the prime spot it deserves.

Make a Tiny Shrine

Constantly being reminded of the things you love can bring nothing but a boost to your serotonin levels. So, gather all the stickers that reflect your hobbies, interests, and personality. These might include cute four-legged friends for a self-proclaimed cat lady or adorable succulent plants for a loving plant mom. Whatever the case, grouping all these things together will help you personalize your phone, laptop, or notebook to create a tiny shrine to your interests.

Create a Collage

Stickers don’t have to be spaced out on your designated surface. If you have a knack for scrapbooking, use the stickers to create a striking collage. For the biggest impact, lay stickers of different colors, sizes, and shapes on top of each other.

Spell Out Your Name

Letter sticker packs arguably offer the most possibilities. You can use them to write favorite quotes, inspirational messages, or daily words of affirmation. Or you can use them to spell out your name or initials on your belongings. Go for the same letters for a clean look, or mix and match styles and fonts for a fun, slightly chaotic text.

Arrange Your Stickers by Theme

There are tons of ways to arrange your phone case stickers to make them look visually appealing. Some of these don’t even have to do anything with your specific interests, just the things you think create a cohesive and trendy look. Create a flower garden, a foodie frenzy, or a natural retreat – the choice is all yours.

Create a Compelling Story

If you love to tell stories, whether through words, pictures, or clothing choices, carry this tradition onto your sticker placement. Carefully select your stickers and tell a whole story with different characters and objects.

This story might have something to do with your life, or it can reflect a song or a TV show scene you hold dear. For instance, it only takes a fox and a bench sticker to start building a beautiful homage to “Fleabag” (BTW, it still hasn’t passed!).

Cover Scratches and Cracks

Sometimes your sticker placement won’t be dictated purely by aesthetics. It will, however, have something to do with the unsightly cracks, scratches, and bumps you wish to hide. Whether they’re on your wall, car, or mirror, cute stickers can help you find a temporary solution and make these objects look almost brand-new again (with an added boost to the cuteness level!).

Stick to Wallflower

Whenever you feel it’s time to update an old phone case or add some pizzazz to your personal belongings, Wildflower has got you covered. Sprucing up everything you hold dear is a matter of four simple steps – visiting our website, clicking on “Shop All,” adding your favorite stickers to the cart, and checking out.

But why stop at stickers?

The “Shop All” tab will reveal a diverse selection of the most aesthetically pleasing cases for iPhone, AirPods Max, and AirPods Pro, as well as a super-fun collection of accessories that includes charmsiPhone camera bling, and laptop bags(it’s not only your laptop that deserves a makeover!). Stick with Wallflower, and you’ll always be able to express your unique style effortlessly.