Wildflower Apple AirPod Case: Add It to Your Shopping Cart Today!

Wildflower Apple AirPod Case: Add It to Your Shopping Cart Today!

We want to share a quick story with you.

When Wildflower's own Devon Carlson met Miley Cyrus back in 2012, the popstar icon inspired her and her sister Sydney to launch an iPhone case collection.

And so they did.

They took to the internet and made our limited-edition iPhone covers available for trendsetting gals like yourself.

That was only the starting point.

We knew the covers would improve your look and complement your outfit, no matter what you choose to wear.

But we wanted to take accessorizing to the next level by giving your AirPods a cute case of their own.

That's exactly what we did.

Since day one, our AirPods Case collection has taken the world of Gen Z cottage-core gals by storm.

You're part of this realm, so make sure not to miss out on our exclusive offer.

What makes it so perfect for me, you might ask? Wait till you hear about it.

Let's check out why Wildflower cases for Apple AirPods are a must-have for gals like you.

Why Should You Shop Your AirPods Case from Wildflower?

We know, girl - the search for a LIT charging case takes forever.

And you might even be close to giving up.

"Screw it. I'll just carry my AirPods Pro in my hands. None of the cases I've tried is good enough for me."

But hold it right there.

With Wildflower by your side, "quitting" shouldn't be in your dictionary.

We've always bailed you out with our adorable cover collection, and we'll keep doing just that.

So, your quest for the right charging case for AirPods ends now. Wildflower's store is packed with AirPods cases that will fit in with your other accessories in no time.

Here's what makes our AirPod case stock perfect for you:

Wildflower Leads the Charge in Making Colorful Cases

How many times have you heard this one:

"Stop being so picky! Just buy the first case you find and shut up!"

Yeah, right. Like you're really gonna listen to these simps.

If you did, you might as well dress like Baby Boomers on their way to the supermarket.

Wildflower understands you're a gem.

Wildflower understands you set trends.

This is why Wildflower stands out from generic brands by giving you colorful Apple AirPod covers.

Whether you need a baby pink, black-and-white, purple, or beige charging case for AirPods, we're here for you.

Each case is brimming with your favorite colors.

And the best part - they go amazingly well with your threads.

Feeling extra-special and want to make heads turn with every step? Our animal and fruit-themed cases won't let you down.

So, don't think for a second you should limit yourself to generic, blank cases. Wildflower has all the colors you need to stir your imagination and conquer the world in style.

Wildflower Wireless Charging Cases Are Thin


All that talk about how it doesn't matter what charging case you use sucks.

But TBH, what's even more annoying is listening about how you should find a super-thick case.

For real, fam? No, I don't.

That's exactly how you should address these people.

They can keep their rugged cases and covers that look like giant apples in their jeans and purses.

You're not like that.

You're not about to let accessories ruin your daily look.

This won't be an issue if you stick with Wildflower.

In addition to their colorful designs, our cases are also the GOAT when it comes to thin Apple covers.

Both slots of the case are just the right size for your AirPods. As such, they keep your favorite devices nice and safe without bulking up your attire.

There are no thick walls.

There are no oversized compartments.

And none of those XXL handles that turn your case into a full-blown coffee mug.

It's just your AirPods and two sleek slots.

Once you put them in your Manu Atelier or Zara purse, you'll be like:

"Would you look at that! I can still put my iPhone AND wallet in here with no issue. Hell yeah!"

Wildflower AirPod Cases Are Super-Flexible

Why spend so much time looking for a charging case for AirPods when you only need a case for one device?


We know you've probably used AirPods for a long time. Like many other chic gals, you're proud of all devices.

That includes 3rd generation and 2nd generation AirPods.

No matter the version you strap to your ears, you can put your feet up, knowing Wildflower cases are compatible with it.

And expect more of the same in the future.

That's because we follow the latest trends from the Apple HQ and update our products accordingly.

As soon as the next AirPods hit the shelves, stick with us, and you'll be the first girl to pick up a matching case.

Wildflower AirPod Cases Are Fully Functional

Standard cases hit differently.

But in a bad way.

Remember all those times you tried a generic model, and it started squeaking just a few weeks later?

Hell, it sometimes doesn't even take weeks for the first signs of damage to kick in. Many products start failing just days after your purchase.

And this simply doesn't belong in your viral fashion world.

Designer clothes paired up with a squeaky AirPod case that barely opens? Don't even think about this combination, girl.

And you won't have to because Wildflower makes fully functional cases for your AirPods.

They're especially easy to open if you have long fingernails (duh, which slay queen doesn't).

All you need to do is get your finger between the lid and the case. It's so intuitive that it'll practically open itself.

But even if you're rocking these long puppies, you won't have a hard time popping the container open.

And guess what - you'll be able to do so thousands of times without all those annoying sounds.

The case will work as well as it did on day one. Why? Because Wildflower has a passion for easy-to-use gadgets.

We want our fellow trendsetters to use and store their favorite devices with ease.

Our AirPod cases show this in the best light.

Wildflower Offers a Speedy Wireless Charging Case

Whether you're up for some Ariana Grande jams or you're feeling wild and can't wait to hear the next Travis Scott track, having a fast-charging AirPods case is critical.

Think about it - a case that takes hours to charge your AirPods is a big L in everyone's book.

What's a W? Well, a W is something that only takes about 20 minutes to recharge your precious gadgets.

That's exactly what Wildflower cases do.

Included in every case is a powerful system that often needs less than 20 minutes to bring your AirPods back to 100%.

If that's not super-cool, nothing is.

By recharging your AirPods at breakneck speeds, you can keep listening to dank music pretty much all day long.

Just don't forget to give the case some love too. Plug it in from time to time to make sure it has enough power for your AirPods.

Do that consistently, and you'll see why the name Wildflower is music to slay queens' ears (literally LOL!).

Wildflower Apple AirPod Cases Come With Just About the Cutest (And Practical) Loop

As a coquette, you're not subtle.

You're here to dazzle everyone with your otherworldly looks and sassy charm.

For this reason, hiding your Wildflower AirPods cases in your purse or pocket isn't a very good idea.

Not that you shouldn't show off your purse, but why not carry your wireless charging case outside your purse?

Wildflower AirPod cases easily clip onto anything with a ring or strap to attach to anything from the loop on your jeans to car keys, you name it.

Put it around your finger, spin your case around, and watch as everyone turns their attention to your hand.

The first thing that goes through their head will be, "Gosh. I wish I had one of those! It's freaking dripping!!!"

That's what Wildflower brings to the table.

Do you know what else we bring to the table? Limited-edition cases that are trusted by celebrities all over the world.

We've already told you about Miley Cyrus and how she feels about our collection.

But she's not the only one.

Kylie Jenner, Taylor Giavasis, and many others have used our products.

So much so that the iconic WF logo has become a real eye-catcher.

That's why it's included on all our accessories, including AirPod cases.

Conveniently strapped to the petite ring, the logo adds a new dimension to your gadget.

It adds glow-up.

It adds that "oomph!" factor.

It adds the "WOW" effect.

Wherever you take your AirPod charging case, other girls will envy your individual style and recognize you're part of the Wildflower family.

Wildflower Lets You Customize Your Case

Isn't it annoying when an AirPod case is only available in one color? We know - big yikes!

The design is decent, and it looks like your next pickup, but the lack of color variety is the deal breaker.

Even the price is good.

Yet, the fact that there's just one color is a huge flaw.

With Wildflower, you don't have to worry about this.

We've already highlighted the colorful nature of our AirPod cases, but there's more.

Wildflower gives you even more value by letting you customize the end result.

Whatever case you choose, you'll be able to order the product in many other shades, not just the primary hue.


....You can even customize the size of your case. AirPod Pro is the default choice, but alternative options are available too, such as AirPods Max covers.

Sounds heavenly, doesn't it?

That's exactly right. Wildflower is the heaven for lit girls like you who need a flexible accessory.

What AirPod Cases Can You Get from Wildflower?

"What cases can I get from Wildflower? Don't I already know the answer?"

Not quite. We've covered WHAT KIND of AirPod cases you can get from us and what makes them a chic gal's dream.

Now we'll dig a little deeper.

As an independent, creative girl, you probably have too much on your plate already.

From one big plan to another.

So, you might not have enough time to browse the ENTIRE Wildflower collection (which is an unforgettable journey, BTW).

That's why we'll recommend a few wireless charging cases for your AirPods. Each exemplifies the above features and supports your untamed spirit.

Let's have a quick look:

Case No. 1 - Sugar Plum Floral AirPods Pro Case

We're pulling out the big guns right off the bat with our cutesy Sugar Plum Floral case. It's got everything you expect from a fabulous accessory.

It's got style.

It's got passion.

It's got that cottage-core flowery element.

And it's got that bling that makes you smile whenever you look at it.

The purple background is the hero of this case. It adds vibrancy to your daily wear, especially if you feel like wearing a yellow, orange, or green summer dress.

Then there are all the white roses. They look so realistic that it seems you can almost grab each petal and smell the lovely scents.

Every cottage-core, flower-loving gal should have this in their purse (or hand - the one and only loop is there). It illustrates the Wildflower difference in its full glory.

Case No. 2 - Pink Posie Rosie AirPods Pro Gen 2 Case

We're keeping the cottage-core theme alive and blossoming with our Pink Posie Rosie AirPods Pro Gen 2 Case.

This one is a bit less conspicuous than the first case, but it's just as amazing.

In place of the purple background is a soft shade of white. It's a flexible hue that blends in seamlessly with your outfit, even on those extra-sassy days.

For some contrast, we've sprinkled pink roses all over the case. They're not yet fully grown, but you can nearly feel the soft petals just from looking at them.

Also, the roses' green stalks are in tune with the rest of the case, providing a real visual harmony.

And how could we forget about the good old loop? It has plenty of room for your dainty finger.

Coupled with the classy WF logo, it gives off a unique vibe and tells others you're special (just like your limited-edition case).

Case No. 3 - Star Tattoo AirPods Pro Gen 2 Case

You're a star.

And pretty much everybody knows it.

But if there are still a few skeptics that need convincing, look no further than our Star Tattoo AirPods Pro Gen 2 Case.

It's hard to single out the star of this case because there are so many of them. From tiny ones with a nearly 3D look to massive ones with black highlights, it's a dazzling case from any angle.

And there's another thing that makes it a Wildflower favorite - the baby pink background.

It's soft and delicate, yet too gorgeous not to look at (just like you). The background complements the stars nicely and enhances their sheen.

But it still glows in its own right to make you super-proud of your zingy case.

Case No. 4 - Brown Floral AirPods Max Cover

AirPod Pro cases deserve all the attention they get, but what if you have AirPods Max?

Is Wildflower still the right choice?


We have a vast variety of AirPods Max covers, such as this one.

You can already tell by the name what the cover is all about - a brown background.

And you don't get just any brown background. This one isn't too dark or too bright. We've come up with just the right nuance to help you match the accessory to your mini skirt or Air Force shoes.

Plus, our cottage-core theme makes yet another appearance. The white flowers reflect your nature-loving side and go amazingly well with brunettes.

Then there's the scratch resistance of this cover. While it might not be the most important feature on your list, it can make a world of difference.

Whether you store your cover in your purse or backpack, you won't have to worry about car keys damaging the surface.

The cover will look as good as on the day you first bought it.

And you know what that means - listening to your favorite Taylor Swift hits in style.

To top it all off, the cover is light as a feather. It doesn't add any extra weight to your AirPods, so expect a seamless experience all day long.

Seize the Opportunity - Get Your Hands on a Limited-Edition Wildflower AirPod Case NOW

There's no comparing Wildflower to any other brand. We're in a league of our own, and our AirPod case collection shows just that.

Each case slaps with its gorgeous design, ethereal colors, and unrivaled functionality.

And did we mention that our cases are limited-edition? That's right, these cases won't be available for much longer, so don't let other gals beat you to them.

Head to our website ASAP and pick a case that matches your personality.

While you're there, why not check out the rest of our offer? From iPhone camera bling and charms to laptop bags and iPhone screen protectors, we have many stylish accessories that will take your breath away.

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