Watch Sydney and Devon Swap Outfits


Lil Angel takes on Lil Devil in a Wildflower styling challenge.

Usually, sisters wearing each other’s clothes is a recipe for chaos. Think: stretched sweaters and inexplicable stains. A lost item can result in explosive conflict, and heaven forbid one sister wears the other’s new dress first. 

 Of course, the Carlson sisters are no exception — borrowed outfits have caused many disagreements between Devon and Sydney. However, on rare occasions, sharing clothes has brought the two closer, which brings us here: a joint styling challenge.

 Putting their relationship to the ultimate test, the girls were each challenged to create a look for the other inspired by Wildflower’s new Lil Angel the Lil Devil cases. The catch? They would be pulling from their own closets to do so. Between the pair’s diverse style and an overall lack of preparation, it’s safe to say this is no easy feat for either Devon and Sydney. See how it all turns out below, and pray for sisterly peace. 


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