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Wildflower iPhone 6 Cases - Smart, Sassy, and a Little Badassey

Your iPhone 6 has been with you through thick and thin. You love that little phone and you want to keep it covered against damage (and make sure it matches your aesthetic) with a gorgeous new case.

The problem - every case you find is some icky rubber contraption that makes your iPhone feel bulky and definitely makes it look unattractive. How are you supposed to feel good about watching content or taking photos when you can't even find a case that tells the world who you are?

Wildflower knows this problem. We've seen it, we've felt it, and we've solved it with a collection of cases for your Apple iPhone 6 that are anything but the same old thing. Let us tell you a little more about them.

Why You Need a Wildflower Phone Case for Your Apple iPhone 6

"Look, I get that having a phone case is a good thing," you tell us. "I want to protect what's inside the case and make sure my phone works. Yada, yada, yada. What makes Wildflower's cases worth my time?"

Good question! Here are our answers.

Get Away From the Stock Look

Apple does a lot to make their phones look good (and they should for the price they're sold at), but we can't get away from the feeling that the iPhone 6 design is a little...drab. Sure, it looks okay. But that phone sold millions, which means that millions of people have a cell phone that looks exactly the same.

That's just so "stock". If everybody's phone looks the same, how is anybody supposed to get a sense of your personality from your phone? They can't, which is why you need a Wildflower phone case.

Think of a Wildflower case as more than a protective holster for your phone (though protection is definitely offered), and instead, think of it as an expression of you. Our cases are unique and limited edition. They're splashes of color in a drab world where everybody is the same, making them great for telling the world who you are and what you're about. A Wildflower case is an aesthetic - you're aesthetic - and it'll help you express yourself through your iPhone 6.

Protect Your iPhone 6 From Drops and Spills

Let's get the obvious out of the way here - an iPhone is an expensive product, and it's one that's vulnerable to all sorts of issues. Every drop to the floor (and we all know how slippery phones can be) is a recipe for a shattered screen or a dented phone. Any little spill can get into the circuitry and stop the phone from working.

Wildflower cases have that most crucial of cell phone case features - protection. You won't ever have to worry about your phone getting knocked out of your hand at a wild party. Or, let's face it, being accidentally dropped when you go to put it on charge (we've all done it - don't lie). Drops and spills won't be problems because your case is a suit of armor ready to deflect anything that comes your phone's way.

Go for a Slim Case That Isn't Bulky

Bulk is one of the biggest problems we've found when shopping for a case. Sure, a bulky case is protective, but it doesn't feel good to the touch. It's like trying to navigate your phone while it's wearing a huge coat, which can make it a nightmare to actually do what you want to do with the phone.

Slimline is the way to go.

And slim is what you get with a Wildflower case. We've done away with the bulk to create cases that feel like they're part of your Apple iPhone 6 rather than being huge bulky things that make the phone harder to use.

Get Away From Hideous Rubber Cases

"I'm still a bit wary," you tell us. "I get that Wildflower cases look amazing, but I've already got a rubber case. I don't know whether I'm happy with it because it looks a little 'meh', but it's doing its job."

Come on, girl. Is "meh" the word you want going through your head whenever you pull your phone out?

A lot of the boring cases you can get from any old shop are hideous rubber things with no design flair, and, let's face it, they look awful. Wildflower's cases are the exact opposite, as we're inspired by the world around us (and the people we collab with) to create cases that project an aura - your aura - to the world.

Protection for Your Screen

Let's quickly dip back into the more practical side of having a cell phone case - screen protection. Anyone who's dropped their phone has experienced that dreadful couple of seconds where you see it hurtling to the floor. There's nothing you can do about it. You just watch and wait until the phone lands, and you hear that tell-tale cracking sound that tells you that your screen just broke.

Wildflower solves that problem with a smart little addition to every iPhone case we make - a bumper.

Think of this bumper like the one that's on the front of your car. It gives just a little bit of extra protection so that when your phone drops screen down to the floor, the bumper is the first thing that hits.

Be Truly One of a Kind

Here's what makes Wildflower phone cases so special - every case is one of a kind.

That doesn't seem to make sense at first, as you can see when you browse our collections that we have, well, collections. But the secret to a Wildflower case is that every order is handmade. We put time and effort into personally crafting every one of our products, especially their designs so that no two cases (even cases from the same collection) look the same.

Our philosophy is that you're one of a kind, so your phone case should be, too.

A Taster of Wildflowers iPhone 6 Cases

We think we've talked enough about what makes Wildflower's cases such special items. How about we give you a little taster (an hors d'oeuvre, if you will) of what we have in store for your iPhone 6?

The Coachella Case for iPhone (White and Black)

With the Coachella case, we evoke that feeling of communing with thousands of other people in the desert. The sun is beating down, your favorite bands and artists are blasting their biggest hits, and you're partying like there's no tomorrow in a place that's all about peace, love, and music.

Every element of this case is designed to match the Coachella feeling. The iconic Ferris wheel is there in all of its glory, as is the famous Coachella logo. And we've loaded the case with desert imagery so that it's full of playful and bright features that put you in a musical mood.

Our Coachella case comes with white and black backdrops, so you get your choice of which one works best for you. Get your 'Chella fit for iPhone 6 (or iPhone 7 and iPhone 8) with this colorful collab case.

Claudia Suleweski iPhone Case

You're a dog mom, and you're little furry friend is your pride and joy. We're dog lovers, too, and we've collaborated with dog mom supreme Claudia Suleweski to create an iPhone case that tells the world just how much your dog means to you.

Claudia's gone for the tattooed look with a gorgeous heart emblazoned across the case (with "Dog Mom" in bold print running across a banner). There are just a few divine features in there too, like the red roses and angel wings, that contrast perfectly with the tattoo look.

This is a case that's soft in its message but tough in its looks. It's perfect for the girl who wants to say, "I love my dog, and don't you dare mess with them (or me)." Grab it for iPhone 6, 7, 8, or SE.

Amanda Steele Cell Phone Case

Amanda Steel is "steel" by name and "steel" by nature. She's a femme au pouvoir (woman in power), and this collab case is directly inspired by her STEELE collection.

Its elements represent the beautiful dichotomy of being a woman. The blush pink background is soft and delicate, with the "Femme" logo repeating in big and bold type to tell the world that delicate doesn't mean weak. You're a woman in power, and this case tells the world that nobody can knock you from your perch.

The Amanda Steele iPhone 6 case is a limited edition, and they're selling fast. If you're as strong as steel (and want to showcase the feminine side that lies beneath), it's the perfect case for you. Get it now before it's sold out.

Venus iPhone Case

The ancient Romans worshipped the goddess "Venus," and she is the embodiment of a powerful woman. She was love. She was beauty. And she was iconic.

The Venus iPhone case is our homage to the beauty of a god that may no longer be worshipped but lives on in the heart of every powerful woman. It features the titular "Venus" with the classic coquettish pose where she uses her hair and hand to hide herself from view. She's bare and bold, but she won't let you in until you prove yourself worthy.

If that sounds like your kind of woman (and especially if you are that kind of woman), this iPhone case is for you. It's part of our Summer 2020 collection, and we still have a few available. Get it now and become the goddess of love and beauty anywhere you go.

Tana Mongeau Phone Case

Roll the dice, take a risk, and go for a walk on the wild(flower) side with the Tana Mongeau iPhone 6 case. This case is our love letter to Tana Mongeau, who has been such a huge Wildflower supporter, and it's a case that embodies everything she is as a woman.

The case features a pair of dice (adding up to a perfect 10) set against a flame motif with a checked pattern. It's fire and flame, with just a touch of the wild, to tell the world that you're not afraid to take risks in any aspect of your life.

But you don't need our little mini-review of the case to tell you that it's something special (just like Tana). They're only available in limited quantities, and once they're gone, they're gone forever, so take a roll of the dice and order yours today.

Stop Looking at My Phone iPhone Case

Your phone is your little slice of the world wrapped up inside a small package Nobody gets to be a part of that world unless you let them in, and everybody else needs to pay attention to a simple message - stop looking at my phone!

We've collaborated with Pizza Slime to create this tongue-in-cheek case that tells any lookie-loos exactly what you think about their roving eyes.

It's all tongue-in-cheek, though, with this case really being made to get a smile out of anyone who happens to glance at your phone. It'll make people look twice at your phone (and then never again), so get it now before it sells out.

Shop for iPhone 6 Cases With Wildflower

Any iPhone 6 case you buy has to do more than click on your phone. It has to click with your personality, making your case an extension of who you are and the message that you want to send out into the world. Wildflower is all about helping you to find something that clicks. We know that every girl is a free spirit who can't be tamed, with her own unique personality that she expresses in everything that she does, says, and wears.

With a Wildflower case, you turn your iPhone into an extension of who you are - limited edition, one of a kind, and unafraid to showcase yourself to the world. Our iPhone cases embody our philosophy of living passionately as only you can, which is why we handmake every case so that there can never be another one quite like it anywhere else.

You're unique. You're special. And with a Wildflower case, you have something that embodies your feminine spirit and puts it on display to make everybody stand up and take notice. We've given you a taster of our iPhone 6 cases. But you can shop so many more (including our star sign range) in the full case collection.

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