Move Over Quiet Luxury, We’re About to Get Loud

Move Over Quiet Luxury

Ariana Grande in the gray wool set at Wimbledon. Sofia Richie’s wedding week looks in the French Riviera. Kylie Jenner’s monochrome midi dresses at Paris Fashion Week. All 2023, our favorite ‘it’ girls served minimalism-core. ‘Quiet Luxury,’ some called it. ‘Old Money’ others said. And then, most simply, ‘Stealth Wealth.’ 

Dutifully, we all followed suit. Feathers and sparkles were shunned en masse, color eschewed for neutrals. We wiped our eyes makeup-free in ‘clean girl’ fury, while pulling on white t-shirts, cardigans and gold teardrop earring dupes. Then, suddenly, a bright spot in a sea of black and white. In late September, Miu Miu sent a pair microscopically-small of panties for almost $6000 dollars down the Milan runqay. Even more radical, they were a flamboyant fuchsia pink, and embellished with beads and sequins, and intended as occasion-wear.

At long last, it seems, maximalism had made its way back. The embellished panties mobilized fast fashion to offer their own version of sequin shorts. As Kylie’s keyhole cut-out gown broke the Internet, with brands scrambled to stock upcoming collections with beaded dresses and diamanté details. Beloved party-wear brands doubled down with beads and chainmail, while up-and-comers like scrambled to offer custom catsuits. After a long last, it seems we were ready to stop loafing around in leisurewear, and embrace, well, discomfort. 

Now, as the ‘Mob Wife’ aesthetic officially became the next trend to try (cue: the fur coats, burgundy makeup and leopard print everything), maximalism has officially cemented it’s return. For those who fear the center of attention, or only recently committed to building a foundation of basics, don’t stress — there is still room for jeans and tees. Maximalism is something you can ease into. Miu Miu paired their gold-embellished panties with an nude cashmere turtleneck. A gown can be dressed down with flats or a leather jacket. Wear a sequin top with ripped denim, or a cardigan with your beaded mini. Become a maximalista (yes, we’re making it a thing) on your terms.  

And, when you’re ready to dive in headfirst, we’ve rounded up the key essentials below. 

A Head-Turning Dress

There’s no such thing as ‘overdressed.’ Go big or go home with sheer lace, beads or sequins in a color you’d typically be afraid to try. 


A Statement Coat 

Animal print, faux fur or leather, a coat can be an outfit in itself. Find yourself a coat you’ll never want to take off. 


An Iconic Phone Case 

Bring it all together with your electronic accessories. We’ve got you covered with a case to catch the eye of everyone around you.  

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