From Dreamgirl to Muse: How Devon Lee’s Iconic Smile Landed Her in the Barbie Movie Soundtrack

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Hi, Barbie!

The time has finally come. Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie,” aka one of the most anticipated features in the history of film, is here! We’re sure you have your premiere outfit all picked out. But if you’re struggling, you can always consult Charli XCX on how a true Barbiecore girlie should look and act.

Charli laid it all out in her electropop bop from the “Barbie” movie soundtrack, “Speed Drive.” Give it a listen, and you’ll quickly catch a mention of a familiar name – Devon Lee Carlson. Or her smile, to be precise.

Do you want to know how (and why) this epic crossover came to be? If yes, keep reading, as we have all the tea. We’ll go over what makes each part of this doll-tastic trio—Devon, Charli, and Barbie—iconic and their crossover absolutely epic.

Why Everyone Loves Devon Lee Carlson


Dreamgirl. Fashion inspiration. Social media sensation. The internet’s IT girl. Those are just some of the names used to describe Devon Lee Carlson. No matter how long the list, you won’t find a single name that isn’t incredibly flattering. But what is it about Devon that captivates hearts worldwide?

Devon first rose to prominence thanks to yours truly, the Wildflower phone case brand. She co-founded the brand with her sister, Sydney, and mother, Michelle. The brand achieved near-instant success, becoming a staple of the L.A. and N.Y.C fashion scenes and beyond.

But the brand isn’t the only thing that became widely popular. Devon’s magnetic personality, authentic approach, and unique fashion sense quickly made her a global icon. As the Wonderland magazine put it: “This is Devon Lee Carlson’s world, and we’re just living in it.”

Her impeccable fashion sense is arguably the most famous thing about her. You’ve probably had a few of her fits saved on your Pinterest board forever without even knowing they’re hers. Her style is best described as a flawless fusion of Y2K nostalgia and modern chic.

She’s known for collecting one-of-a-kind pieces, an approach she remained loyal to with Wildflower phone cases.

But if there was one thing that’s brought up almost as often as Devon’s fashion sense, it’s her smile. But more on that later!

Why Charli XCX’s “Speed Drive” Absolutely Slaps

Let’s get one thing straight right away – the “Barbie” movie soundtrack is banger after banger. And how could it not be with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Dua Lipa, Lizzo, Ice Spice, and PinkPantheress bringing their A-game to the mix?

But even with such tough competition, “Speed Drive” manages to take the crown. This fast-paced synth-pop tune perfectly captures the exhilarating feeling of driving around with your BFFs, acting like the main characters you are. There’s no doubt about it – the new hot girl summer anthem is here!

And that’s exactly what Charli wanted. She set out to write a song “about just being hot,” and she sure nailed it.

But what does being effortlessly attractive entail, according to Charli?

We’ll just let Charli answer this question in her own words:

“She’s my best friend in the whole world
On the mood board, she’s the inspo
And she’s dressed in really cute clothes
Kawaii like we’re in Tokyo
Devon Lee smile, teeth a white row
Got a classic, real deep, Van Gogh
She got loyalty, she says, ‘I love you, girl’
I love her more.”

And there it is – Devon’s iconic smile forever immortalized in a song.

Of course, being name-dropped by one of the main pop acts and on such a legendary soundtrack, no less, is a huge thing. But this name drop didn’t catch Devon by surprise.

You see, on June 1, 2023, Devon took to Instagram to share a screenshot of her text with Charli, giving her a heads-up about the lyrics mentioning her pearly whites.

And is Devon in good company! Besides her, Charli name-drops Van Gogh, Voltaire, and the girl of the hour, Barbie. Charli called this combo of people “genius,” and we couldn’t agree more!

As expected, this song absolutely took over TikTok and other social media platforms. Thousands of creators are using it as background music for all kinds of Barbie-related content, from make-up tutorials to outfit checks for the “Barbie” premiere.

Even Devon herself used this song in a TikTok, showing exactly why her smile made it onto the track. Charli then duetted this TikTok, copying Devon’s adorable moves. Call us biased, but this dance is for sure giving a new viral TikTok trend!

And that’s great news for Devon, who once said that if it wasn’t for Wildflower, she would’ve been a TikTok dance star. Hey Devon, why not just do both?

What’s the Deal With Devon Lee Smile?


Believe it or not, Charli XCX’s banger isn’t the first time Devon’s smile has been in the spotlight. In fact, you’ll hardly find an interview, photo shoot, or red-carpet event where her infectious grin isn’t stealing the show.

NUMÉRO NETHERLANDS referred to Devon’s smile as “radiating,” while Sheesh Magazine used the word “dazzling.” Allure liked that her smile was “wide” and “eye-scrunching,” which probably prompted the Wonderland magazine to call it a “sunshine of a smile.”

So, what about Devon’s smile captivates everyone she comes in contact with?s

It’s probably the fact that it never leaves her face. Devon is, as Vogue called it, an all-smiles type of person” through and through. And that’s something everyone can instantly recognize.

In fact, Devon herself has recognized that her smile is her staple. That’s why it adorns one of the three pieces in the iconic Pizzaslime x Wildflower collab.

But that’s not all!

Devon’s smile is making a comeback with a brand-new phone case titled, well, Devon’s Smile! Grab this fab case, and you’ll be well on your way to being a Barbie dreamgirl Charli described. We’re sure you already got the really cute clothes, the loyalty, and the Van Gogh thing down.

What’s With All the Barbie Hype?


It might be just us, but “Barbie” feels like the biggest movie in years (maybe even ever). We can’t think of the last time a movie was absolutely everywhere before even coming out (and not in the “Morbius” kind of way!).

It seems that people can’t get enough of whatever Warner Bros., the studio behind the movie, and the movie’s stars, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, puts out. From Ryan’s super-viral “‘Cause we’re girlfriend and boyfriend” clip to Margot’s killer press outfits (all referencing Mattel’s legendary toy), everything about this movie is beyond iconic.

But why did “Barbie” receive such a warm reception from people worldwide?

Well, this seems to be the case of capturing lightning in a bottle (and knowing just what to do with it). After all, what’s not to like about this movie?

It’s directed by probably the greatest female director of all time, Greta Gerwig, who’s already given us masterpieces like “Lady Bird” and “Little Women.” The cast comprises two of the arguably most likable leading actors in Hollywood, and they’ve completely bought into the fun. Plus, a wholesome movie is exactly what we need in these tough times.

However, there’s been another factor contributing to the movie’s never-before-seen hype, a phenomenon dubbed “Barbenheimer.”

But what is Barbenheimer?

In a true ship fashion, Barbenheimer is a fan-created nickname for “Barbie” and Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer,” the two most anticipated releases of 2023. These movies are diametrically opposed in genre, yet their theatrical release is scheduled for the same day, July 21, 2023.

This cinematic showdown prompted the internet to go wild, creating endless memes about the movies, their stars, and promo campaigns. But whatever happens, Barbenheimer has proven one thing – you can do it all, enjoy life in plastic (it’s fantastic!) and a thrilling character study of a highly complex historical figure. Book a double feature, and you can do it all in one day!

Devon Lee Carlson x Barbie: A Full-Circle Moment


Now that we know what’s so iconic about the Devon Lee Carlson-Charli XCX-Barbie trio let’s see why Devon’s appearance in the “Barbie” movie soundtrack is a full-circle moment.

You see, Devon has always loved all things girlie. And do you want to guess who was one of her biggest fashion inspirations growing up? Ding, ding, ding! It was Barbie.

Devon grew up styling her Barbies and coordinating their outfits. She had a whole bunch of Barbie BFFs who would just dress up, go out, and have the time of their lives.

Barbiecore continues to inspire Devon’s outfit and hairstyle choices (as well as Wildflower case designs), so being associated with the film and this legendary doll is truly a dream come true.

Wildflower Cases Fit for a Barbie

Let’s be honest; Barbiecore has been in for ages. But what’s currently happening with this bright and feminine aesthetic can only be described as a cultural phenomenon of unprecedented scale. The whole world is seemingly blushing pink and loving every second of it!

If this fabulous aesthetic has put you in a chokehold, we’ve got just the iPhone cases for you. Even if you haven’t been seeing the world through rose-colored glasses by now, there’s only so long that you can resist Barbiecore.

Swan Lake


Do you want a phone case that doesn’t overtly scream Barbie yet pays homage to one of the most iconic Barbie animated movies? If so, the Swan Lake iPhone 14 Pro Max case is just the vibe you’re looking for. Inspired by the beloved “Barbie of Swan Lake,” this adorable phone case features swans (no surprise there!) looking all soft and cute against a baby blue backdrop.

You might think this is as adorable as it gets, but boy, are you wrong! Look at the center of this case, and you’ll see a pair of doting swans forming a little heart together. Throw the surrounding pink butterflies, flowers, and scrolls into the mix, and you’ve got yourself the dreamiest phone case ever!

Dolphin Love


Calling all the Malibu Barbie girlies, we’ve got just the phone case for you! The Dolphin Love iPhone 14 Pro Max case looks straight out of a Hawaiian dream, with two playful dolphins, a soft rainbow, and hot pink flowers popping against a baby blue background. The dolphins are looking straight at you, inviting you to join them on an endless summer vacation, just like our girl Miley Cyrus.

Trixie Mattel


Trixie Mattel has always been obsessed with Barbie, and this iconic doll has heavily inspired her drag style. So, is anyone really surprised that her Trixie Mattel x Wildflower phone case simply screams Barbie? By Barbie, we’re thinking of a fabulous 70s Barbie chilling in her Palm Springs dream house.

The swirly hearts and flowers on this case are simply to die for! Best of all, the striking pink, yellow, and orange color combination makes the same splash as the dress of the Totally Hair Barbie (only the best-selling Barbie doll in history!)

On Pointe


What happens when balletcore meets Barbiecore? A fascinating fusion of femininity and playfulness, also known as the On Pointe iPhone 14 Pro Max case, that’s what! You’ve got your basics: the baby pink, the frills, the ribbons, and the dainty ballet slippers. All you need is a cute outfit to match, and you’re ready to twirl into the spotlight.

Bow Beau


When it comes to Barbiecore, there’s no such thing as too much pink. That’s how we know you won’t be able to resist this fully pink Bow Beau iPhone 14 Pro Max case. But the color isn’t the only thing Barbie-coded on this case. So is the bunch of frilly pink bows all over it! Of course, bows are among the must-have accessories for rocking the perfect Barbie-esque hair. Pair your case with a cute hairstyle, and go out looking like a vision in pastel pink.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Taylor Swift once said, “The worst kind of person is someone who makes you feel bad, dumb, or stupid for being excited about something.” Listen to Tay Tay, and let your excitement light up the world! Be excited about watching “Barbie” decked out in pink, jamming out to “Speed Drive” with your BFFs, and sporting Devon’s Smile (both on your face and your phone!). Life is too short to live any other way.
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