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Cute iPhone Cases by Wildflower Coquettish

Some women exude an elegant and smart style, catching the eye as soon as they walk into the room. Others have sharper edges, preferring to slay the eye rather than catch it, and that's okay too. And then there are the women who love all things sugar and nice (with maybe a little bit of spice), and they want cute phone cases to match their personalities.

There's where Wildflower comes in.

We may be wild by name, but we can pull off cute with iPhone cases that are as sweet as sugar and as stylish as you need a sleek new phone case to be. We're going to introduce you to some of the cutest designs in our range (which also happen to offer the ultimate protection for your iPhone) in a minute. But first, let's take a look at what "cute" really means.

The Best iPhone Cases Are the Cutest Cases - What Makes a Case Cute?

"Cute" isn't just a word to Wildflower. It's a personality. It's a lifestyle. And it's something that you can only achieve when you blend all of the right elements to create something that toes the line perfectly between sweet, innocent, and just a little bit coquettish.

We Create Cute With Color and Texture

Color is the starting point for every one of our iPhone cases, and it's with color that we set the stage for the rest of our design. Sharp and bold colors aren't the way to go if you want cute. Just imagine your iPhone X covered in a black case that's emblazoned with sharp yellows and whites, and you'll see what we mean.

Subtlety is the name of the game (just as it is with your personality), so we move towards a slightly muted color pattern with most of our cute iPhone cases. But make a note of one important fact - "mute" doesn't mean "boring." It means colors that mesh well with one another, with nothing standing out so much that you get sharp edges that clash with the case rather than complement it.

Muted colors create a cute texture, giving us the basis of a design that matches the aesthetic by which you live your life.

Conjuring the Right Emotions Through Cute Styles

What are the emotions that come to mind when we say the word "cute?" We can give you a few of our ideas. "Playful." "Fun." "Sunny." "Friendly." Cute people are rays of sunshine who light up every room that they enter and put smiles on the faces of everybody in their presence.

So, when we want to add a cute aesthetic to a phone case, those emotions are the first that we conjure to mind. We're looking to prevent any association with emotions that don't match the idea of "cute," which means any aggressive or overly-bold designs go out of the window.

But there's a caveat to the cute style - there's a fine line between "cute" and "saccharine." Going too sugary sweet is a problem because it infantilizes iPhone cases and makes them clash against the cool aesthetic Apple works so hard to achieve. It's all about striking a balance, as you'll see with the cases we showcase later in the article.

Playful and Fun Accessories at the Right Price

Playfulness is the key to the cute aesthetic. We like to think of "cute" as the little secret you whisper into your girlfriend's ear that makes both of you giggle, but nobody will ever know the secret. Or, it's the coquettish look (just the right side of flirty) that you shoot across the room to whoever catches your eye.

In other words, there's a breezy innocence to the cute style that has just a little hint of spice to make it playful and fun. You can achieve that playfulness with everything from the outfits you wear to the way you carry yourself around other people. But if you're using accessories to achieve the "cute" aesthetic, you'll obviously prefer those accessories to come at a price that doesn't burn a hole in your wallet or purse.

When Wildflower creates a cute case, we find a balance between the design printed on the case and the affordability that makes our cases accessible to everyone. Make no mistake about it - our cute iPhone cases are limited edition. But we want to make sure you can create a cute look without having to worry too much about the price tag.

Contrasting Cute With the Power That Offers More Protection

Let's clear up a misconception - cute and powerful can exist in the same sentence. Think of a chocolate-covered toffee that has a soft outer shell with tough and chewy candy underneath. Only we flip the script with our cases for iPhones, creating a strong outer layer to protect the delicate device that lies within. Then, we throw a cute design on top. It's a triple-decker candy!

What we're saying is that phone cases (even cute ones) have to be tough as well as being real lookers. Again, it's a matter of balance, as you want something that matches your aesthetic but also protects your iPhone against the dings and scratches that can happen because of drops.

A Positive Personality That Doesn't Sacrifice Strength

Building on our previous points, one of the most important (and so far, unmentioned) emotions that we associate with the "cute" aesthetic is positivity. Remember - cute is a ray of sunshine. It's a happy aesthetic that's all about smiling and spreading positivity to every corner of the room.

Positivity also means strength. It's the strength to stand up and be yourself, even when the world around you is trying to drag you down. And with cute iPhone cases, positivity is all about sending a happy message with your phone while giving that same phone the strength it needs to last for a long time.

A Taste of the Wildflower Cute iPhone Cases Collection

We already know that you embody the "cute" aesthetic and you're ready to start checking out some cases. Here's a small taster of the cute iPhone phone cases we've created, some of our own designs and others created with the help of amazing influencers who embody the positivity and power that comes from being cute.

Taylor Giavasis iPhone 14 Pro Max Case

Cute is definitely a vibe, and this case (made in collaboration with Taylor Giavasis) embodies that vibe. We like to think of the design as something that jumps straight out of a springtime storybook and onto the back of your iPhone.

You'll see furry friends no matter where you look, with rabbits, ducklings, and deer frolicking among sage green foliage that includes flower and mushroom details. Look closely and you may see that we've even snuck a few strawberries into the mix.

This limited-edition collab case is only available for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, so grab it now before it sells out.

Bow Beau Cute iPhone Case

If a springtime storybook isn't your scene, ribbons, and bows might be more your style. The Bow Beau collection is part of our spring line of iPhone cases and it brings just a small slice of flirtation into the cute equation.

wildflower bow beau iphone 13 mini case

We've covered this case in pink frilly bows, making it perfect for girls who just love...well...girling. Match it to the ribbon you wear in your hair (or any ribbon you may have hidden elsewhere) and you get the perfect mix of doll core aesthetics.

The Bow Beau is one of our most popular designs (the iPhone 11 Pro Max case is already sold out) but we still have cases available for the following iPhones:

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Plus

Rosé Latte Love Quality iPhone SE, 6, 7, and 8 Case

wildflower rose latte love iphone 12 pro max

Imagine sitting across the table from your date at a cute little coffee shop. They're cracking jokes and making you laugh as you swirl your latte around. You take a sip (with a little glance over the rim because you can't take out eyes off your date) and you feel your heart skip a beat when he does something cute.

Those are the feelings we evoke with this case, which takes the classic multi-layered latte design and combines it with radiant rose hearts in shades of red and pink. Even if you can't tell them how you feel with words, this case will show them exactly what's going on inside your heart.

Get it now for almost all iPhone models, from the iPhone SE to the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Peony Floral Cute Phone Cases

Picking your way through a garden full of peonies is about as cute as you can get, and the fluffy pink blossoms that cover this case show off your flowery personality.

Feminine floral is the theme we've chosen for this case. The cute little flowers are subtle and fun, creating a sunny look that you can match to a flirty outfit for your next big date. But don't feel left out if you're not dating (and even if you're not flirting with anyone) because this case is a perfect match for girls who love teddies, sunshine, and all things flowery, too.

Like the Bow Beau, this case is inspired by the joy that spring brings to our hearts. And it's selling fast, with the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Mini cases all gone. Act fast if you want this cute case for your phone.

Jess Rutherford Mint Chip iPhone Cases for iPhone XS and iPhone X

A collab with Jess Rutherford, the Mint Chip case evokes memories of fun times at the beach with your friends, ice cream in hand, as you soak in the sun and play in the sand.

This is a limited-edition case that we've designed only for the iPhone X and iPhone XS. Don't let your chances of getting your hands on it melt away. Grab the case today and make your phone as sweet as you feel.

Lone Fox Pretty and Cute iPhone Cases

Is there any animal cuter than a little baby fox? The bushy tail. Those big beautiful eyes. And those ears that look too big for the fox's head but look so cute you could almost die.

It's almost cuteness overload, and when that little fix is left all alone, it's nearly enough to make us cry. But when you buy the "Lone Fox" case (which features a little fox howling at a crescent moon), you'll make sure that this gorgeous animal is alone no more.

We won't go so far as to say this is the cutest case that we've ever created, but it's right up there. Maybe that's why we've already sold out of this limited-run case for several iPhone models. If you want to keep the "Lone Fox" company (and create a cute and foxy aesthetic) you'll need to move quickly before they're all gone.

Color Yourself Cute (and Protect Your Device) With Wildflower's Cute Phone Cases

Shopping for cute accessories and phone cases is easier than ever before thanks to Wildflower. We've redefined the cute aesthetic with phone cases that embody every aspect of what it means to be cute. If cute to you is little animals roaming through nature in springtime, we have cases for that mood. But if you want just a little bit of an edge (or dare we say, a bite) to your cute aesthetic, you'll find that in our collection, too.

You've gotten a little taster of six of our designs in this post (along with what we believe "cute" means) but there's so much more to try. Think of what we've shown you as the starter before the main course. You may have already found the cute case that's perfect for your phone (and if you have then you better move fast to make sure you claim it). But if the six shown here aren't for you, there's so much more on our metaphorical menu.

Shop our entire collection, each one handcrafted and built to last to be completely unique to you. And keep an eye on that collection because Wildflower is overflowing with cute energy, so we'll have even more case designs available before you know it.
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