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The Carlson Sisters Take Coachella

 Forget Christmas or New Years — for Californians, Coachella is the biggest event of the year. Each April, Angelenos make the annual pilgrimage to the desert to watch music's biggest acts perform in walking distance from each other. And the Carlson sisters are taking you with them.

From the pre-games to the party buses and beyond, a Carlson Coachella was always going to be a little chaotic. Scroll on for run-ins with Wildflower fans, overflowing fridges and photographic evidence of the girls falling head-over-heels for a cardboard cut-out DJ. This is Devon and Sydney's Coachella diary, and you have exclusive access. 


DEV: Camera duel with Luna Blaise the night before day 1!!


DEV: Saw so many wildflower cases my heart was gonna explode.

DEV: OOTD Day 2.

DEV: Luna lila & ella ◡̈◡̈◡̈

DEV: Nothing beats a party bus.

SYD: Arrived to our coachella house & the fridge is STOCKED.

SYD: Day 1 outfit. 

First up: Sabrina Carpenter. 

SYD: Alana and I Day 2-ready.

SYD: First stop…bathrooms. Here’s Olivia posing in front of them.

SYD: Me and Kelsey found love with Pauly D at the Pizzaslime party.
That's a wrap! See you next year. ;)



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