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Become a Wildflower With a Powerful iPhone XS Max Case

You're a busy girl, and you live a heavy-duty life. Your iPhone XS Max is along for the ride, and it's with you no matter where you go. But when you're high on life (and not afraid to show it), you need to have an iPhone case that expresses the free spirit that you are to the world.

Your problem is that when you purchase a case, it's just the same old same old. Sure, you sort out the protection issue, but the case isn't "you." It's not an expression of the Wildflower that you are or the powerful individual that you've become. Our iPhone XS Max cases are different, and we're going to tell you all about them.

The Wildflower Philosophy - What Makes Our iPhone XS Max Cases so Special?

Wildflower is born of a philosophy that every case we create is designed to capture a moment in time. Let's look at what we deliver to every customer, from the moment you checkout to when you're living your best life with your new phone case.

We're Limited Edition (Because We Know You Are Too)

You can send every "stock" case back because a Wildflower isn't interested in being the same as everybody else. Every product we create is a limited edition because we know that your iPhone XS Mac isn't just an Apple device to you. It is you. It's where you keep everything that makes you who are, from the music that moves you to the photos that bring a smile to your face.

We're limited edition because you're limited edition. Wildflower handcrafts every single one of our cases so that there's nothing like the one you receive anywhere else in the world. And we only make a handful of each case because being unique isn't just a buzzword to us. It's a way of life.

Our iPhone XS Max Cases Give You That New Date Feel

Imagine you're setting out for a new date with somebody that you've crushed on for ages. Can you feel those butterflies in your stomach? That feeling of anticipation, excitement, and happiness all rolled into a big ball that's bouncing around your body.

That's the feeling we inspire with every one of our cases. Sure, a Wildflower case does stuff like protecting your phone from spills and drops. But our goal is to capture that breathtaking moment when your date takes you by the hand, and you feel a rush of passion flow through your body.

Passion personified is what we aim for in every cell phone case we make.

Wildflower Are Trendsetters

A low date is something that anybody can get. It's low-hanging fruit. A follower rather than a trendsetter and (let's face it, girls) a boring date that nobody wants to be seen with.

“Low date” is the furthest thing from a Wildflower case. You're a trendsetter who's unafraid to be who you are, and you need a case that shows the world that nobody leads their life like you do. Your phone is part of that life (and a big part, given its price), so the case you choose has to show everybody that you're more than just another follower.

You don't live life A-Z alphabetically. You grab life by the scruff of the neck, take on new challenges, and blaze a trail that only you can take.

We're for Girls Who Are Cute, Sassy, and Unafraid to Be Themselves

When you're shopping for an iPhone XS Max case, we want you to feel like the designs you see push every single one of your buttons.

If the cute aesthetic is your thing, you need to see cottage core or ballet core - that sweet and innocent look that has just a little bit of spice to it. But if you're a badass woman who's full of sass and wants to shout who you are from the rooftops, you want to find a femme core case that's all about the passion that burns inside you.

Whatever aesthetic defines you is what we help you to achieve. Wildflower is for every woman out there, no matter what her spirit may be, and we create iPhone XS Max cases that showcase what makes you so special.

A Wildflower Is a Free Spirit

Why did we choose the name "Wildflower?"

Nobody can tell a Wildflower where to grow. It's free and untethered by the rules that everybody else follows. A Wildflower sees where it wants to go and simply...goes. Nothing can stand in the way of it as it brings its beauty into the world.

You embody that free spirit in everything that you do, and the case for your iPhone XS Max needs to show it. You're untamed. Fearless. You're a Wildflower, and you're going to go wherever you want when you have one of our cases on your XS Max.

We Make Every Phone Case Our Way

When we started Wildflower, we had two choices. We could start selling alphabetically and do what everybody else does (and get the same results they get). Or, we could go our own way and make cases that are unmistakably untamed.

Just like Fleetwood Mac, we chose to go our own way. Wildflower isn't about heartless manufacturing processes that deliver products with no soul. We handmake every case that we sell, so no two cases (even cases from the same collection) are ever exactly alike.

That's because we know that you make your own way through life, so we want to be part of helping you to forge that path.

Love in Every Case - A Small Sample of our iPhone XS Max Cases

We think it's about time that we move away from the ethos that drives us and give you a taste of what it means to be a Wildflower. If you're shopping for a new case for your iPhone XS Max, this is just a tiny sample of what we have in store.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Love Cell Phone Case

The gorgeous warm spices of a pumpkin spice latte are perfect for those chilly October days, and it's that feeling we capture with this case. We bring a little seasonal love to the Wildflower connection with repeating hearts in different shades of orange.

We know that this case will be all of the rage in October, so get it while it's hot today so you're ready to showcase your "cool" when fall arrives.

Jaded London Trippy Green Case

Swim along in a sea of color with this heatmap-inspired case made in collaboration with Jaded London and our co-founder, Sydney Carlson. The bright warp of greens that cover this case makes you feel like you're staring into a kaleidoscope. If you have untethered (and maybe slightly chaotic) energy, this is the case you need in your life.

It's available for the iPhone XS Max and X, as well as a few models of the iPhone 11, 12, and 13. Trip out with a collab case that's all about raw heat.

Leopard Love Apple iPhone Case

Powerful. Wild. Raw. Those are the feelings we evoke with the Leopard Love case, designed to make you feel like the queen of the jungle every time you take a selfie.

This is the case for women who refuse to compromise no matter how much others push back. A leopard never changes its spots, and you'll never feel the pressure to change who you are when you have this case.

Available for the iPhone XS Max (as well as the iPhone 14 and other models), Leopard Love is a case that pairs purr-fectly with your wild personality.

Adelaine Morin Case for iPhone XS Max

Cute cottage core is the name of the game with this collab case between Wildflower and Adelaine Moore. With its gorgeous girly floral pattern (it's all about fields of sunflowers), this is the case for anybody who brings a sunny aura into the room.

We've matched this case to Adelaine herself. It's as bright and warm as she is (and makes anybody who sees it feel fuzzy inside). You have to grab it now because we know this case won't be in our collection for long.

Protection (And Femme Power) for Your iPhone XS Max

Your iPhone XS Max is maximum energy by name, and you're maximum energy by nature. You're indomitable - a true wildflower who's untethered by order because she goes wherever she wants to go and does whatever she wants to do. That's the spirit we inject into every cell phone case we create.

We've given you just the smallest of tastes of our iPhone XS Max collection (we know we're teases), but there's so much more for you to discover if what you've seen so far doesn't speak to you. That's the beauty of being a Wildflower. You don't have to compromise on who you are because nothing can stop you from finding what you need to express yourself.

If you're ready to see a little more of what we have in store for you, check out our collection of iPhone XS Max cases. Every single one is a limited edition that's unique to you and your phone. And don't feel left out if you have an iPhone 13 Pro Max (or any other model of the Max iPhone) because we have cases for you, too. Shop now because these cases are going fast and won't be coming back.