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As a fashion phone case company we always make sure to stay up to date on trends. Not only are we fashion lovers but we want our customers to have the most fashion forward case possible. Fashion Week is always the best time of the year for a peak at trends and inspiration for the upcoming season. Here are our favorite trends from New York, London, Milan and Paris that got us inspired! 

Lace is always an obvious choice for Spring (not as obvious as florals but pretty close.) But the lace trends we saw this season were very unique. We love the look of sheer lace with nothing under or layered lace to create a three dimensional look on the garment. We also got a blast from the past with lace looks that resembled garments from the 1800's. A classic look with an exciting twist! 

Three dimensional fabrics stole the show in New York, London, Milan and Paris. From embellishments to weaving most garments shown for spring came alive on the runway. Texture is huge for Spring. You might just find your next Wildflower Case has a bit more depth to it. 

Cut outs have been big for a few seasons now but this is taking it to another level. Geometric cuts and detailing add an unexpected element to your garment. The placement of the lines and shapes are also insanely flattering silhouettes that cinch your waist. 

Fringe is a trend usually reserved for festival season. With this update to the trend fringe is making a more glamorous debut. The longer tassel gives it a more fashion forward look and turns the trend on its head. We definitely got some inspiration from this trend. 

Sheer always steals the show in the spring. Whether it be a dress, sleeves on a shirt or your shirt entirely you'll want to be wearing sheer pieces. As the weather starts to warm up it becomes a lot easier to play with revelling bits of skin. The way to wear sheer in a classy way is all about the layers and placements of details.

The netting trend took fashion week by storm. The trend showed in many different styles but our two favorites we tops and tights. Whether the top was made entirely of netting or simple netting details we couldn't get enough of this look. We couldn't help but fall with this new Spring trend. 

Our second take of the net trend was fishnets. This style hasn't been around in awhile and we couldn't be happier to see if make a comeback. This is always a tricky look to pull off. When wearing fishnets you should always pair it with a longer more conservative look to keep it classy and fun. 

Multicolor and mixed patterns is the final trend that caught our eye from New York, London, Milan and Paris. The bold mixing puts an exciting flair on simple silhouettes. This is a trend we can't wait to try out!!

Thanks for reading our little sneak peak into how we get inspired for our collections! Comment below with which trend you want to see on your next case!


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