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I don’t know about you but fall has got to be my favorite time of year.

Being from Canada the seasons change and leaves falling was always so fun for me. Now in LA, I just drink pumpkin spice lattes in 90 degree weather pretending I’m not sweating in my scarf.

I decided to break down my fall items I can’t live without and how I would style them with the Cherries & Bandana case from our Vintage Collection.

Wildflower Cherries iPhone 6s Case

For daytime, I decided to pair the Cherry case with my look.

The cherry emoji is fun and playful, just like any daytime look should be. It’s impossible to ignore that Yeezus is having a huge resurgence. Kanye may have sat back quiet the past couple years after the birth of North but not anymore! This makes any shot of Yeezus tour merch the ideal item to add to your outfit and bomber jackets are always a really cute touch. The Yeezy Boost is the hottest shoe to have right now and I can’t deny I would die to get my hands on a pair of them, instead I’ll go for a simple pair of Nikes that convey the same style without the hassle of raffles, lines and the impossible feet of getting a woman’s size 7.

Since I spend most of my day sitting and working I always opt for comfort (I am currently wearing vintage Levi’s and a tank top as I type this blog…) so the Topshop mom jean with a perfect crop top is the ideal outfit for me. I also love using backpacks when I'm running around during the day because it's so much easier than trying to keep a purse on your arm. It's also an essential accessory for those of you in school! I'd die for this Chanel bag, can you say goals?

When living in Los Angeles, California you really can't leave the house without sunglasses. The sunglasses I used for this look are my brand new Wildfox Classic Fox Glasses my mom just bought me (THANKS MOM YOU'RE THE BEST!) They're insanely cute and also a really durable frame that you won't break.

Next up, the Apple Watch. Needless to say I'm in love with this, I'm definitely pining after this watch (with the pink leather strap though, obviously.) I'm also majorly crushing on the bandana look, its the perfect accent to every outfit and totally makes your laid back look stand out. Finally you NEED a Polaroid camera. My sisters got me this Fujifilm mini camera for Christmas and I take it everywhere. I've gotten so many great photos with my friends and I'm quickly filing up my wall with them.  

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Yeezus Jacket (Similar Here) | Topshop Mom Jeans | Apple Watch | Bandana | Wildfox Classic Fox Sunglasses | Nike Running Shoes | Chanel Backpack (Similar Here) | Fujifilm Polaroid Camera | White Crop Top

Wildflower Bandana iPhone 6s Plus Case

For evening, I decided to style the Bandana case with my must haves because the bandana look is really fashion forward and trendy right now which makes it a great going out statement piece.

As I'm sure you've noticed lace up is HUGE this season (thank you Reformation!) I'm a huge fan of the delicate lace up ballet flat, this Nine West one is gorgeous, inexpensive (YAY) and comes in multiple colors. Fringe used to be reserved for festival season but with the huge suede trend we're seeing right now fringe jackets are making their way into fall. I die for suede in a really rich tan color and this jacket is absolute perfection (...currently ordering it.)

Body con knee length dresses have become a new obsession of mine since Devon introduced me to some to-die-for styles from Brandy Melville. I think pairing a basic dress with such a stand out jacket is the best choice, you don't want your articles of clothing competing with each other.

Evening is a perfect time to throw on a scarf and hat, it cools off at night and gives you the chance to play around with layers. I love the deep red of this Valentino scarf, it's such a great color for fall and really matches the case perfectly.

For jewellery I picked a ring layering set from Nasty Gal and a Cartier love bracelet. Its so fun to play around with rings and stack them, this set is really great for that. I got a Cartier love ring last Christmas and have been dreaming of the matching bracelet since (once again, HI MOM).

Another item I've been dreaming about for quite awhile is this gorgeous Larsson & Jennings watch. Its so simple and elegant and works well for day and night. Finally the bag. This Louis Vuitton is gorgeous, when you go out you want to make sure you have a small bag that only holds the essentials and you want it to have a handle and a cross body strap that way you never have the urge to put it down... not that you ever would with this bag. 

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Wildflower Beauty Essentials

Last but definitely not least, my beauty essentials!

I'm really really minimalistic when it comes to makeup and hair. For skin, I have found Clarins Toner to be the absolute best thing ever for my skin. It makes it feel so refreshed and hydrated which is really important for the change in seasons and weather.

For makeup I like to use Glossier Skin Perfecting Tint because its not cakey and it just gives my skin a dewy finish. Then I put Hoola Bronzer on, a little Gimmie Brow (because eyebrows really make the look) and They're Real Mascara with a dab of Kiehls Mint Lip Balm. If I have meetings or something to do that requires a bit more, I use my Naked 2 Palette to brighten up my eyes a little.

For nighttime, I am in love with the new Smokey Palette. It gives you the perfect smokey eye with little to no effort. I then brush High Beam on the bridge of my nose, my cheeks and forehead with a bit of Revlon Lippy. This brightens and refreshes my look. For hair I'm even more lazy than makeup. When I wash my hair I'll spray Bumble and Bumble Beach Spray and then braid my hair into two pigtails. Once that's half way dry I take them out and let it air dry, just like that you have perfect beach waves. Finally, since I started the process of going blonde my hair has majorly dried out. I try to wash it as rarely as possible so that's where the Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo comes in. This stuff is an absolute life saver. It gives your hair volume and makes it look freshly styled.

Shop Beauty Must Haves: 
Mascara | Gimme Brow | High Beam | Urban Decay Naked 2 | Urban Decay Smokey | Hoola | Clarins Toner | Bumble and Bumble Dry Shampoo | Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray | Revlon Colorburt Lip Stain | Kiehls Mint Lipbalm 

I hope this post helped you with your fall essentials! Comment below with what you'd like to see next time!

xoxo Dominique


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