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Below is a collection of our beautiful and amazing friends who took time to post a video about their new Wildflower cases. These beauty and fashion YouTubers upload honest, unbiased reviews of our Wildflower cases and we are so thankful for all their #wildflowerlove and support! Please check out their YouTube channels and subscribe here:



Bailey Davis



Amanda Quach


  • Posted On May 27, 2013 by Maria

    Lindsey’s videos are awesome, and she is also honest and wouldn’t recommend something if she didn’t think her viewers wouldn’t love it! I love her videos and she has bought a few wild flower cases and convinced me to try it. Wildflower has such amazing quality for cases which was what made me want to buy my first one with Lindsey’s videos help. I think it’s so cool they are hand made and have little personal touches. I can’t wait for my case to be ordered and finally get to see why everyone loves them.

  • Posted On March 16, 2013 by Alina

    I LOVE wildflower cases!!!! Even though I have not ordered any of them yet, I already love how they look online!!! I have the iPhone 5 and I can’t wait to use one of the wildflower cases! I honestly will order billions of these cases! I always look on ebay or amazon for cases like these, but as soon as I layed my eyes on them I just fell in love! I have never seen anything like these cases and I am very thankful! I will be purchasing the Vintage floral gold cross iPhone 5 case soon!!! You have changed my life wildflower cases! Thank you!!! :)

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