What to Really Look for in the Best iPhone Cases (and Some of the Best Cases You'll Find at Wildflower)

What to Really Look for in the Best iPhone Cases (and Some of the Best Cases You'll Find at Wildflower)

Girl, you deserve the best - the best friends, the best clothes, and the best cases for your iPhone 14 (or whatever version of the iPhone you have) the world has to offer.

But what the world says is the best isn't always the best for you. You're sick of hearing about "protective iPhone cases" and gimmicky terms like "drop protection." Those cases don't speak to you - they all tick a big fat L in the style column.

And that's the thing that a Wildflower looks for - style.

Her style.

Read on because we're going to talk about what makes the best cases for iPhones in three ways. First, what everybody else tells you is the best. Second, what a true Wildflower needs for the best. And third - a selection of Wildflower cases that offer decent protection but are far more about you sharing what makes you special with the world.

Trendy girl holding the Swerve iPhone case from Wildflower


What They Tell You Makes a Good Phone Case

Ask the average person on the street what makes a good iPhone case, and you're going to get a ton of answers. "I want a protective case." "I want a case with a screen protector," or "My case needs to have camera protection."

All useful features, we're sure you'll agree. But let's look at why what most people say they want shows they haven't understood the assignment of getting the best case for a Wildflower.

You Need an Apple Leather Case

We love leather...when it's used in the right places. Leather jackets, leather bags, leather shoes - it's all good with us. But leather cases? No thank you, grandad! Even the most modern leather case feels old and boring compared to a Wildflower case. And if you make the jump to leather wallet cases, then congratulations - you've driven off Wildflower Road and down Boring Avenue.

We know we're being a bit savage here.

But let's face it - features like "high-quality horween leather" on a case don't mean a thing when the case is so boring to look at that it sends you to sleep. Leather is just too dull, no matter how much other people tell you that it's a good choice for your case.

You Need an Apple Silicone Case

We swear, if it's not leather, then it's silicone. Even the makers of the iPhone love this material - at least if Apple's silicone case is anything to go by - and we guess it's fine if you want a clear case to show off your iPhone or something to offer shock protection.

But silicone has even more problems than leather for us.

First, it's thick. Like, super thick. Your new phone will be swallowed up by the stuff if you're not careful, giving you something that may well be scratch-resistant but is also so bulky that it weighs you down when you drop it into your bag.

As we said, a silicone case is like a leather one - functional but not fiery. Practical but not passionate.

We think a Wildflower can do better than silicone.

You Need an Ultra Protective Case

Do we, though? Others may love their Urban Armor Gear cases with all of their drop protection, impact protection, and ruggedness, but is that really something that speaks to you? Most Wildflowers aren't getting into situations where they need protective cases that look more like body armor than phone cases.

Let's face it - most people just need minimal protection for their iPhones. A little screen protection for drops and being careful. That works for a Wildflower, especially one who wants to use her phone to showcase her personality.

What a Wildflower Really Needs from an iPhone Case

We can sum up what most people tell you that you need from an iPhone case in six letters - B-O-R-I-N-G. It's all gimmicks and no glamor. Less "glow up" and more "guard from home." And don't get us wrong. If protection, above all else, is your thing, then you do you! But if you're here, we feel pretty safe guessing that you're not looking for the same old same old from your phone case.

You're looking for a Wildflower case.

And that case will feel (and look) something like this.

A Wildflower Needs Energy

Let's face it - grain leather isn't energetic. It isn't passionate. It's just practical. Fine if you want to get some extra protection for your iPhone, but not the best expression of your Wildflower spirit.

For you, the best iPhone case is a reflection of what's inside your heart. It's the glow-up for your phone that transforms it from looking like every other iPhone you've ever seen into something that's you all over. What that you may be can vary. Cottagecore. Rock chick. Cutesy pie. That's all Wildflower energy expressed in different ways.

What's crucial is that your phone has the energy that you're putting out there. Boring and bland isn't you, and you don't want it to be your case, either.

A Wildflower Needs a Thin Case

Every Wildflower iPhone case is made using a thin layer of polyurethane. Why? Because that keeps the case thin rather than turning it into some massive beast that swallows up your phone. And if you've ever used an old-school phone case before, you know what we're talking about.

Your phone feels like a brick in your bag. If you have it in a pocket, there's a bulge forming whenever you have one of these bulky cases wrapped around your phone.

Thin is the way to go because it feels better in your hand. And a thinner case means the focus is on the art of the case itself - not on the cracking in your wrists that happens because you're trying to lug around a huge and heavy case!

A Wildflower Needs to Set the Trend With Her Case

There's another problem with so many of the products that case manufacturers sell - they're not creating trends. Believe us, none of your friends are going to feel salty about rugged cases because they're nothing special about them. They work. They're fine. But they're not for a Wildflower.

And the reason is simple - a Wildflower doesn't follow trends, and she certainly doesn't want to have anything to do with brands that don't care about trendsetters. She's the girl who gets it. Who carves her own path, with her phone case being an extension of the trends she creates every time she steps out of her house.

Wildflower cases are the trendsetters because we can guarantee you won't find cases that look anything like ours. You're a trendsetter, too, which is why you need a case that's on point for your style rather than functional and boring.

Girl holding Salem Mitchell iPhone Case from Wildflower

A Wildflower Needs a Feminine Case

Durable. Rugged. Tough.

The one thing all of these words have in common is that they have no feminine energy, and that's what you're going to find with so many of the cases that other people recommend to you. Don't get us wrong - a Wildflower can be tough. But she isn't so locked into the practical side of iPhone cases that she ignores the fact that the case doesn't express who she is as a woman.

You're not bland and basic. You're special - a woman with a ton of personality and a fire inside here that needs to come out. Rugged protection from a phone case is all well and good, but it doesn't speak to who you are as a person.

A Wildflower Needs a Limited Edition Case

Every Wildflower is a limited edition. There's nobody else quite like her, so why would she want to walk around with an iPhone that looks like everybody else's? She wouldn't. She shouldn't. And she won't when she has one of our cases.

A Wildflower case is as unique as the girl who has it on her phone, and it's not something you'll find sitting on every store shelf. Your case is exclusive - the furthest thing you'll find from an Apple-made case - and it adds that extra layer to what makes you so special.

The Best iPhone Cases Wildflower Offers for Every Type of Girl

If there's one thing to take away from what you've read so far, it's that a Wildflower case hits differently. It's not about being standard and boring. Sis - a Wildflower case is for the girls who have Main Character Energy. The superstars who aren't afraid to let everybody know that there's something special about them.

But we've talked enough about what makes a Wildflower case the best type of phone case you can get for your phone. Now, we're going to spill the tea on 13 cases in our collection and the types of Wildflowers that'll love them.

Best iPhone Case for Psychedelic Chic - The Swerve

Groovy, man.

Purple and red warp together to create a psychedelic circus with The Swerve case. This is pure hippy chic set on first with bold colors - red for passion and purple because you're a queen, girl! The undulating lines give this case a trippy feel that could have you staring into its color contrast, getting lost in its waves.

Peek at the corner, and you'll see the Wildflower logo - jeweled and silver, as always - so the case expresses a little about who you are, even beyond your "hippy" aesthetic.

Who Is This iPhone Case For?

Any girl who is more "Burning Man" than "Coachella" is going to love this case, as will anybody who has a fondness for tie-dye. We'll admit - tie-dye was an inspiration for the case as we love how that process creates interesting blends of color unlike anything you'll find anywhere else.

It's also a great case for the girl who's always on the move. The undulating curves in the case seem like they go on forever - perfect for the girl who never stops.

Available For - The iPhone 12, 13, and 14 ranges, including Pro and Pro Max phones

Best iPhone Case for Anime Fans - The Sandy Liang


Oh my god, what we'd give to have the gorgeous and expressive eyes we see in anime. They're so big. So beautiful. And they can be yours (on your iPhone, at least) with this Sandy Liang case.

Our collab with the famous NYC brand brings a touch of Sailor Moon to your iPhone. The expressive eyes are set against a multi-colored backdrop that sparkles beautifully when the light hits it just right (just like your gorgeous peepers).

Who Is This iPhone Case For?

Anime fans, new and old!

If you're the sort of girl who gets nostalgic flashbacks of days (and nights) spent in front of the TV catching up with the Sailor Moon crew, you'll instantly feel that type of energy as soon as you have this case on your phone. It's that combination of cutesy and badass that anime does so well - sweet and innocent one moment and kicking ass the next.

Available For - Most iPhone designs from iPhone 11 to 14, as well as the iPhone XR

Best iPhone Case for the Techhead - The AI Butterfly

We came calling to ChatGPT and it absolutely answered the phone. The result - a stunning case made with the help of AI that shows us just what the future has to hold for the design world. After adding a sprinkle of Wildflower magic to this case, we ended up with a cool chrome butterfly with silver accents.

You'll marvel at this case, asking yourself how AI could pull off something like this. Think of it as your phone's futuristic bestie - an example of what's to come as ChatGPT and similar tools really get to grips with how to create interesting designs.

Oh, and BTW...you can get this case with our AI Butterfly AirPods Max case, too.

Girl holding Bear-y Cute iPhone case from wildflower

Who Is This iPhone Case For?

Any girl who's techy enough to have already started playing around with AI will love this case. It showcases what's possible with new tech (and a dash of a Wildflower's touch). But you don't have to be a techhead to appreciate what's going on here.

The sharp edges and silver coloring make this butterfly look more like a tattoo than a cutesy representation of an adorable insect - perfect for the girl who likes cute with an edge.

Available For - Most versions of the iPhone 11, 12, 13, and 14

Best iPhone Case for the Girl Who Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve - The Salem Mitchell

Pure love!

That's what's gone into this gorgeous case, which is a collab between Wildflower and the stunning Salem Mitchell. The love flows with beautiful black, purple, and grey hearts, all of which are stylized with curves and accents to make them as free-spirited as Salem herself.

Of course, there are the little Wildflower touches, too. Our silver logo is in the corner and definitely played our part in making sure all of the hearts fit together nicely.

Who Is This iPhone Case For?

Any girl who has so much love to give that she can barely contain it is going to love this case. It's for the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve - unafraid of getting hurt because she's pure sunshine personified (just like Salem Mitchell).

And as a bonus, any girl who has a touch of queen in her (and let's face it - we all do) will love the purple hues in this case. It's a regal color befitting any girl who looks like royalty wherever she goes!

Available For - The Salem Mitchell case is only available for iPhone 14.

Best iPhone Case for Aquarius Girls - The Aquarius

It's the dawning of the age of Aquarius and to us Wildflowers, that can only mean one thing - dolphins!

Bursting out of the ocean to be surrounded by a big and beautiful sun, the dolphin that is the centerpiece of this case is cutesy and traditional. But behind that cutesiness is the sharp mind of an Aquarius - clever and always aware of what's going on around her.

The Aquarius case is independence for your iPhone. And just like you, it's a limited edition and unlike anything else out there.

And a bonus tip for all you non-Aquarius girls out there - this case is one of 12 in our range of star sign-inspired cases. You can find all twelve in the Wildflower online store.

Who Is This iPhone Case For?

Calling "Captain Obvious," of course, this case is for our Aquarius girls out there. Anybody who has the fiercely independent spirit and quiet intelligence of the dolphin that is the star of this show is going to love the case so much.

Of course, the same goes for any girls who like dolphins full stop, though the huge Aquarius lettering might hold you back from grabbing it. Oh, and boys - this case is a great gift for your girlfriend ;).

Available For - Most standard, Pro, and Pro Max iPhones from iPhone 11 up to iPhone 14

Best iPhone Case for Gothic Girls - The Cross Girl

Combining indie grime with gothic sensibilities, this case is anything but holy. The stylized crosses are just like the ones you'll find on your favorite pieces of jewelry, and that shouldn't be surprising - it's inspired by the Gothic look.

But this case isn't all doom, gloom, and endless black. The grey and white crosses are set against a blue background to give them a little more depth and make the case appealing to more than just the goth girls out there.

This is a case that speaks for itself, and its voice tells the world that you're a real "Sister of Mercy."

Who Is This iPhone Case For?

Any girl who has gorgeous Gothic energy flowing through her veins will love this case, not least because it matches her jewelry (we all know how important that is, right girls). But as we said when talking about the case, it's not all gloom and doom. It's beautiful blue and stylized crosses to match.

So, we wouldn't quite say this is the case for girls who bring cutecore or cottagecore energy to the party. But there's a little bit more light here than you'll get with most goth-inspired pieces - perfect for contrasting your dark outfit!

Available For - Almost all iPhones from the iPhone 11, 12, 13, and 14 ranges, including Pro and Pro Max models

Best iPhone Case for Fairycore Girls - The Olivia O'Brien

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. If that sounds like you, this Olivia O'Brien collab case is right up your alley, especially if you lean into the cutesy fairycore aesthetic. This case is pure fantasy made real, with gorgeous imagery of fantastical fairies and plump mushrooms - perfect for the girl who floats through life without a care in the world.

Red-haired girl holding Olivia O Brien iPhone Case from Wildflower

There's a vintage feel to this case, too, and it's inspired by some of the tattoos that Olivia has. Plus, you'll just love the butterflies. We think they complement the fairy artwork perfectly.

Who Is This Case For?

The clue is in the name - fairycore.

Any girl who's all fantasy and fairies is going to love this case. It's a stylized version of what you wish you could see in your garden every day. Only now, you get to see it on your iPhone.

Plus, as we said, this is a collab case with Olivia O'Brien. So, if Olivia is your girl, you can show her a little love by adorning your iPhone with some of the artwork from her tattoos!

Available For - This case is available for almost all models of the iPhone 11 up to the iPhone 14, as well as the iPhone XR

Best iPhone Case for Little Troublemakers - The I'm Sorry by Petra Collins

We've all been there, girls - those nights when we're a little naughtier than we should be and have to apologize for what we got up to the day after. A little cutesy and coquettish look later, and forgiveness is ours!

And it's that spirit that flows through this collab case, which brings Wildflower together with Petra Collins. An adorable little bunny rabbit takes center stage, with its arms behind its back, as it's ready to say "sorry, but not sorry" for the mischief it's gotten up to.

Bonus - the artwork is by Miigo (@miigoring), which is why there's a hint of an anime vibe to this case.

Who Is This Case For?

If you have a cheeky or mischievous side (but you never do anything to actually hurt anybody), then this is the case for you. The clue is in the title - I'm Sorry. It's for the girls who can't help but get into trouble and the cutesy energy they bring when they're making amends.

Of course, "cute" is the operative word here, too. Even if you're not getting into mischief, this is a great case for any adorable little lady out there.

Available For - iPhone 14, iPhone XR, and most models in the iPhone 11, 12, and 13 ranges

Best iPhone Case for Coconut Girls - The Frankies Bikini Malibu

Summer songs and beach vibes - that's what you get with this case, which is an ode to both our own and Frankies Bikinis' 10th anniversaries. That friendship has stood the test of time, and this case radiates the joy of nostalgic summer days when you're doing nothing but enjoying your time on the beach with the people you love.

Set against a gorgeous pink and sparkly background is some of the most iconic imagery associated with the beach - palm trees, lapping waves, and a big and beautiful sun. We're going for a dreamy vibe here, less what you see at the beach and more how the beach appears in your memory when you're thinking back to the fun days you've spent there.

Who Is This Case For?

The Frankie's Bikini Malibu case is perfect for anyone who loves the coconut girl aesthetic. That blend of beachy bliss and late-1990s attitude has a definite retro feel to it, and it's something we've tried to capture with this case - perfect for the girl who's all summer dresses and shell necklaces.

You'll also notice the big "Malibu" lettering on the case's center. If you happen to come from that stunning area, then represent! The case tells people where you come from (and where your heart lies) no matter where you are in the world.

And that's what it's really about - bringing summertime energy to anywhere you happen to be.

Available For - Most iPhone models in the 11, 12, 13, and 14 ranges, as well as the iPhone XR

Best iPhone for Balletcore Girls - The Bear-y Ballet

Its balletcore meets softcore with the gorgeous Bear-y Ballet case, which is perfect for the girl who spends as much time in a tutu as she does in dresses.

We've gone for a cute teddy bear aesthetic with this case, and you'll see half a dozen of them wearing their best tutus and ribbons just for you. God, we just want to cuddle up to these bears and think back to the days when we were little girls without a care in the world.

The pink pastels all over the backdrop add an extra layer of cute - bringing the slightest of cottagecore vibes to a case that's already perfect for a sweet and innocent girl.

Who Is This Case For?

Girl wearing sunglasses holding Frankies Bikinis iPhone case from Wildflower

We've already touched on it - anybody who loves the balletcore aesthetic. We're talking tutus, ribbons, and pointe shoes here. It's a definite look, one that radiates cutesiness and power at the same time. Because let's face it, girls - as cute as a ballerina looks, there's no doubt that she's hardcore for what she puts her body through to perform.

If you're not spending your days on the tips of your toes, there's still plenty about this case that you'll love. The teddy bears have a nostalgic vibe - ideal for girls who have a favorite bear that they cuddled up with as a kid (or still cuddle up with today!)

Available For - The iPhone 11 and most standard, Pro, and Pro Max models of the iPhone 12, 13, and 14

Best iPhone Case for the Flower Power Girl - The Bloom

Fields of flowers are in bloom with this case - delivering a floral aesthetic that's perfect for anybody who loves to roam nature and appreciate the color and beauty that flowers have to offer.

Speaking of color, there's plenty of it here. The stylized flowers that adorn this case come in pink, yellow, and baby blue tones. Subtle and with a slightly coquettish vibe that makes the case as cute as the girl who owns it.

Simply put - it's pure flower power in a case, and it's going to transform your iPhone into a floral wonderland.

Who Is This Case For?

Are you the type of girl who makes daisy chains and strings flowers together to make beautiful necklaces?

Then this is the case for you - pure flower power that matches the vibe you have with your fashion choices. Of course, it's not just the girls who dedicate themselves to floral expression who'll love this case. Most of us love flowers, even if we don't wear them or have them all over the house, which makes this case a versatile little number.

Practically anybody who loves its combination of floral and cutesy energy will love it!

Available For - iPhone 14, as well as the standard, Pro, and Pro Max versions of the iPhone 13, 12, and 11

Best iPhone Case for Cat and Kitten Loves - The Kitten Around

We're doing anything but kitten around (get it?) with this gorgeous case, which is all beautiful balls of fluff frolicking among ribbons. We're going for a pure cutesy vibe with this one - ribbons, little paw prints, twinkling stars, and the stars of the show themselves in the four kittens who are the highlights of this case.

So, it's pure kittencore (that's a thing, right?). Soft. Cuddly. But watch out - these kittens have claws, and you don't want to get on their bad sides.

Oh, and this one has a few bonus accessories, too. You can get cases for your AirPods or AirPods Max that feature the same design.

Who Is This Case For?

Isn't it obvious?

Kitten and cat lovers, of course. Any girl who goes "awww" whenever she sees a pair of beautiful eyes or feels that telltale purring on their lap is going to love this case. It's cute and playful. But we like to think that it's also pretty subtle - the baby blue sky serving as the backdrop isn't garish and will look gorgeous when it's on your phone.

Available For - The iPhone 14 and practically all models of the iPhone 11, 12, and 13, including the iPhone 12 and 13 mini


Best iPhone Case for Dog Lovers - The Dalmatian

We can't have a case for cat lovers and then leave all of our dog lovers out in the cold, right?

The Dalmatian case is our love letter to one of the cutest types of dogs around, and we think you'll find 101 reasons to fall in love with it. Irregular black spots adorn a white background to emulate the fur of a Dalmatian. And if you look closely, you'll see a little treat - hidden hearts that represent the loving energy that a Wildflower brings to the table.

The inspiration for this case is obvious (hint - it rhymes with Malt Bisney), but the Dalmatian case brings its own little ode to your favorite canine companion to your iPhone.

Who Is This Case For?

Disney fans and Dalmatian lovers!

We can't say clearer than that, really. It's pretty obvious what inspired this case, making it perfect for anybody who loves the 101 little bundles of joy in the famous Disney film. Or, if you have a touch of Cruella's energy (watch the new Emma Stone film - she's amazing), then you finally get your own little Dalmatian accessory to complete your look.

Available For - The standard iPhone 14, 13, 12, and 11 models, as well as most of the Pro and Pro Max phones in this range, plus the iPhone 13 mini

Get the Best Case for any iPhone Model

Two stylish girls holding the Aquarius iPhone case from Wildflower


That's a lot of cases we've just highlighted, but here's the crazy thing - this article only scratches the surface of the Wildflower collection. We've just given you the lucky 13 (btw - shout-out to our Lucky Girl case). There are dozens more in our collection that help you express your unique Wildflower energy.

All that's left is to answer a question - why choose a Wildflower case?

We'll start with the obvious in that you get a quality case. But really, it's all about the design and the energy. Every case we create is a limited edition, and the case you receive is completely unique to you. How?

No mass production techniques are used in Wildflower cases.

They're all handmade, so even if you and one of your girlfriends order the same case, they'll be just slightly different. And that's perfect for the girl who doesn't want to be like everybody else. You won't be with a Wildflower case because we can guarantee that your case is unique to you!

Are you ready to become a true Wildflower?

Shop our selection of cases (and accessories, like screen protectors and AirPod Pro and Max cases) to make your phone match your vibe. And remember - if you don't see something you love right now, then keep checking back. We're constantly coming up with new designs and collabs for our Wildflowers.

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