The Ultimate Guide to Every Apple Phone Case

The Ultimate Guide to Every Apple Phone Case

Let’s be honest – your iPhone is much more than just a phone. It’s your trusty sidekick when you need to take the perfect photo, a gateway to the (mostly) magical world of the internet, and the ultimate accessory for your fit.

Although Apple is seemingly bent on releasing a new iPhone model yearly, looking at the same phone even for a year can get rather boring. The solution? Wrap your device in an Apple phone case, and you have a fresh, new phone!

Apple offers a few options for iPhone cases, and we’ll guide you through each. You’ll learn about the basics, device compatibility, and color options. Since the company doesn’t excel at that last part, you’ll also discover what to do if you don’t vibe with any of the Apple iPhone cases listed. Let’s go!

Everything You Need to Know About the Apple Clear Case With MagSafe

If you’re a newbie to Apple phones, let’s get one thing out of the way. What’s MagSafe?

MagSafe is a magnetic technology from Apple built into the newer generations of iPhone. Basically, it’s a ring of magnets inserted into the rear of your iPhone, allowing you to stick any accessory to it magnetically. In other words, say goodbye to the “Where’s my charger?” treasure hunt and welcome the simplicity of wireless charging and other sweet accessories you can stick to your phone.

On the flip side, the magnets in the iPhone aren't all that powerful, so the accessory needs to be relatively close to the phone to stick. The default covers list "MagSafe" in their name to accentuate that the product won't interfere with the magnets and wireless charging base.

Now that you know why the word “MagSafe” is all over this guide, let’s get back to the tea about Apple iPhone cases.

As you’ve already read, the first iPhone case we’ll tackle is the good old clear case.

Now, obviously, this case will do squat for your phone’s appearance, but it does have other benefits.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is protection.

Though light and thin, Apple’s clear case will keep your iPhone safe and protected from scratches and drops. If you need full protection, consider buying a screen protector as well.

The ease of use is another huge plus for this Apple case. Just slip it on your phone and type away! The case won’t mess with your buttons in any way.

In the looks department, all the clear case really does is showcase your iPhone’s brilliant colored finish. Now, you might be worried that this finish will be overpowered by all the yellowing that usually happens with clear cases. But we’ve got good news! Thanks to anti-yellowing technology, no such thing will happen to your precious phone, even if you use the case daily. Hooray!

Of course, this doesn’t mean your case will stay spotless without a little assistance. If you don’t scrub its interior once in a while, get ready for some lovely grime.

Who Is the Apple Clear Case For?

Though it pains us deeply to even put this in writing, Apple’s clear case is ideal for people who don’t really care about their phone's look (gasp!). Fans of the “naked” iPhone aesthetic and a minimalist vibe will absolutely adore this case. Those who prefer a matte finish or a bit more personality for their phone case (a bit is an understatement!) will definitely not.

What Devices Is the Apple Clear Case Compatible With?

There’s a clear case design for virtually every Apple device in function, including the iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12 (with their separate versions, of course!).

What Color Choices Does the Apple Clear Case Offer?

We know, we know! It’s a clear case; it doesn’t have any color! But come on, let us keep this guide super profesh and structured. So, for the sake of this section, let’s spell it out – there are no color choices for the Apple clear case, just one transparent version.

Everything You Need to Know About the Apple Silicone Case With MagSafe

We’ve officially left the “naked” iPhone station. We hope our colorful girlies have managed to survive it! The next stop on our tour – the Apple silicone case.

Simply put, this is your basic Apple phone case. But basic doesn’t mean bad. It’s far from it, really! This silky phone case is exceptionally soft to the touch and protects your phone from sharp corners and other dangers lurking around. The case’s edges are even raised a bit to offer some drop protection for the screen.

The inside of this phone case is made using super-soft microfiber lining that prevents your phone from getting scratched by the case itself. You know Apple – these qualities result from a bunch of hours of testing, so you’re all good on the protection part.

But what about the appearance part?

In a surprise to no one who knows the brand, all Apple silicone phone cases are solid color. Basically, you can use them to swap the color of your iPhone, but that’s pretty much it.

Who Is the Apple Silicone Case For?

The Apple silicone case is for users looking to bump up the protection of their devices and prevent damage. It’s also ideal for people vibing with the monochromatic look and looking for a simple yet stylish case.

What Devices Is the Apple Silicone Case Compatible With?

Apple sells silicone phone cases for all its iPhone models, from iPhone 14 to iPhone 11. From the older models, only iPhone XS Max owners are in luck.

What Color Choices Does the Apple Silicone Case Offer?

It depends. If you own the newest iPhone (currently), you’ll be spoilt for choice. Well, at least, for Apple standards. You’ll have 12 color options to choose from, including a gorgeous baby blue color titled Sky and a dark and sultry Midnight color.

But the older model you own, the fewer color choices are there. For instance, iPhone 11 users will be thrilled to know they have all of one color to choose from – black. Guess it’s time to slip in the “all black everything” aesthetic!

Everything You Need to Know About the Apple Leather Case With MagSafe

Leather lovers, rejoice – it’s time for Apple’s leather case! In the great words of Wendy Williams, “She’s an icon. She’s a legend. She is the moment.” Of course, you can’t add “inexpensive” to that list. But those who value the look and feel of real leather will have a field day with this case.

Don’t let the material scare you – the case still offers a perfect fit for your iPhone and isn’t too heavy. As always, the company has extensively tested it, so you can expect it to protect your beloved phone from almost any harm.

The only issue you might have is that it slightly raises the camera bump. The result? Say goodbye to laying your phone flat on a surface!

Of course, this is the only issue regarding the case’s functionality. We still have its appearance to get through.

Since the case is made from authentic, premium leather, you can expect it to act like it over time. What does this mean? It means your case will develop a patina over time. Also, due to the softness of the material, the MagSafe accessories might leave a slight imprint in the case as time goes by. If you don’t dig any of these changes to your case, this leather beauty is probably not for you.

Who Is the Apple Leather Case For?

This leather case is for people who consider this material the gold standard in fashion. If you’re looking for a simple yet timeless case to cover your phone with, your search might be over.

What Devices Is the Apple Leather Case Compatible With?

Currently, Apple offers leather cases for a select few models in every generation, going as far back as the iPhone XS.

What Color Choices Does the Apple Leather Case Offer?

If you’re looking for a striking phone case design, we must disappoint you. With this leather case, you’ll get at most five color choices, with Orange being the brightest option in the latest models. If you own a previous model, like the iPhone 11 Pro Max, you might find a fun and bright Raspberry color. Still, it’ll be the same old monochromatic design.

Everything You Need to Know About the MagSafe-Compatible OtterBox Cases

If you’re wondering what happened with Apple cases, we’ve got bad news – that was it. Those are all the cases that Apple features in its accessory collection. Sure, we can see the appeal for some people – you’ll save time choosing between the cases.

Basically, if all you care about is quality, MagSafe compatibility, and drop protection, you’re good to go.

But the more style-conscious iPhone owners will probably not be able to hide their disappointment. After all, these cases force them to carry a monochromatic case day in and day out. Hello, has anyone in Apple heard of a little thing called fashion sense?

But don’t worry; we wouldn’t leave you high and dry like this.

There are a few third-party solutions you can turn to for protective AND visually appealing phone cases.

For starters, let’s take a look at the MagSafe-compatible OtterBox cases Apple offers.

The OtterBox lineup offers a wide selection of styles and designs (again, for Apple standards!). But all of these cases have a few things in common. They offer a solid level of drop protection and a comfortable grip and are MagSafe compatible.

But let’s go back to the style part. After all, that’s what sets these cases apart from the somewhat dull Apple cases.

OtterBox divides its cases into series. Let’s see what each series offered by Apple does for the aesthetic appeal of iPhones.

The OtterBox Figura Series

The OtterBox Figura series is as colorful as it gets when it comes to “official” iPhone cases. This series was designed with the artsy users in mind, each case resembling a watercolor work of art. The series features five color choices, including the mesmerizing Multicolor option. These cases are exclusively available for iPhone 14 users (for now).

The OtterBox Lumen Series

Yes, the Lumen series is technically monochromatic. And by now, we know precisely how you feel about that! But, these cases have received a little spice in the form of metallic highlights. If the sleek, shimmering look gives you life, you’ll love this iPhone 14 case. Again, five colors await, including a luscious Gold.

The OtterBox Aneu Series

The Aneu series takes us back to Apple’s monochromatic kingdom but with a small twist – the MagSafe magnet array is of a different color with a neon-like glow. This minimalistic iPhone 14 case features a black background in every model. The only thing that changes is the color of the array, for four color choices in total.

The OtterBox Core Series

The OtterBox Core series is perfect for all our eco-friendly girlies. This iPhone 14 case series is made from recycled materials (plastic and rubber) and features four attractive color choices. Again, they are technically monochromatic, but the little specks give you the much-needed pop of color.

What to Do if You Don’t Like Any Apple iPhone Case

If you’ve gone through all of these iPhone cases and still can’t find the perfect pick, we don’t blame you. Sure, protection should top your list of priorities, and quality and grip should matter as well. But damn it, so should aesthetics! (Cue the Joker’s “I'm tired of pretending it’s not” quote!)

But don’t worry; we got you. It’s Wildflower to the rescue!

Wildflower cases will also grip well, protect your phone, and not interfere with the camera and the buttons. All Wildflower cases are also MagSafe-compatible, so you can still keep the wireless charger or magnetic accessories. But the main advantage of these cases is that they’ll also look good doing it.

Wildflower offers an impressive range of cases for iPhones suitable for every aesthetic, from minimalistic to in-your-face Barbiecore. The same goes for virtually every iPhone model in use. And we're not talking about iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 versions. We're taking it back all the way to iPhone 6, baby!

Before you scream, “Shut up and take my money!” let us introduce you to some of our fave designs. Then you can scream all you want!

Little Stinker iPhone Case

Our Little Stinker Case is so stinking cute that no other case will probably stand a chance. Plus, it’s a real refreshment in the sea of cases with no cute elements, just a vast space of color. This case features an adorable, blushing skunk clutching a bouquet of flowers atop a soft yellow background with additional floral elements. Talk about cuteness overload!

Poodle Doodles iPhone Case

We promise not all of our cases feature animals, but we couldn’t help but include this fabulous bunch. The Poodle Doodles Case is probably too much for one person to handle, as it features as many as five four-legged delights. Thanks to this imagery and a baby pink background, this case will fit right in with a soft girl aesthetic.

Fresh from the Garden iPhone Case

Baby bees, pastel flowers, and striking butterflies … is this heaven? Nope, just Wildflower’s Fresh from the Garden Case! This pastel wonder will whisk you away to a whimsical world filled only with serenity and natural splendor. This makes it perfect for our cottagecore lovers!

Caroline Ricke iPhone Case

From the world of heaven-like gardens, we move straight to Barbieland (which is a heaven in its own right!). The Caroline Ricke Case is our one-way ticket to this magical land where there’s never enough pink, and you can look as over-the-top as you damn please!

Réalisation Par x Devon Lee Carlson iPhone Case

With Wildflower cases, you’ll always end up somewhere magical, and this Réalisation Par x Devon Lee Carlson Case is no exception. This time, we’re going to a fantasy world filled with the most magical things life has to offer, from delicious cherries to even more delicious kisses. Match this eye-catching case to a cherry girl aesthetic and stand out wherever you go.

Salem Mitchell iPhone Case

What do you get when you mix an earthy green background with mesmerizing heart swirls? You get your next fave iPhone case, that’s what! The Salem Mitchell Case is a breath of fresh air in the sea of monochromatic Apple cases – not too packed with color yet infinitely more visually striking.

Star Girl iPhone Case

Move over, Abel; it’s Star Girl’s time to shine! The Star Girl iPhone Case brings all the drama, perfectly tiptoeing between a darker grunge aesthetic and a sparkling astrology girlie vibe. Whatever version you prefer, one thing’s for sure – your mirror selfies will slap!

Lone Fox iPhone Case

We know we did the whole “Wildflower offers more than just animal cases” a few rows above, but come on, it’s a teeny-tiny fox howling at the moon! The Lone Fox Case has earned its place on this list fair and square, as well as one in your shopping cart if we might add!

Wildflower – Giving Apple Phones the Makeover They Deserve

Sure, buying a piece of tech is usually all about functionality. But if you tend to lean toward the aesthetic side of life, you’ll always try to factor the appearance in as well.

Let’s not sugarcoat it – an item can have incredible specs and hundreds of glowing Amazon reviews, but if it’s ugly, it’s an immediate no (yup, that’s a Justin Bieber quote!).

With iPhones, all the right specs are there; you’re just missing a little oomph in the looks department. That’s what you have Wildflower for! Shop our stunning iPhone cases, and the words “plain,” “boring,” or “ugly” will cease to exist in your vocabulary when talking about your phone.

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