Practical and Stylish — Wildflower's MagSafe Case That Every Girl Should Own

Practical and Stylish — Wildflower's MagSafe Case That Every Girl Should Own

Let's be real. Who has the time to look for their charger and plug their phones in today? Certainly not us.

We're too busy running to our next appointment and meeting up with friends. And if we just got our nails done? Tinkering with a charger is out of the question.

Fortunately, Apple has made it easy for ladies to deal with this struggle (thanks, Apple!) by creating MagSafe chargers that eliminate the use of tangled wires. You only need to place your iPhone on the charger, and its battery will automatically refresh.

Now, you might be wondering, "What if I have a phone case? Will I have to take it off every time I want to charge my phone?" What a nightmare would that be for your new manicure, huh?

But don't worry. Your nails are safe. There are plenty of MagSafe iPhone cases and even accessories that allow this wireless charging — including Wildflower.

What Is MagSafe Charging?

Puppy Party AirPod Pro Max and iPhone case from Wildflower sitting on table next to each other

Thanks to the iPhone's built-in magnets, MagSafe charging is a snap. Literally. As you move your iPhone or other MagSafe-compatible devices close to the charger, it snaps into place and starts charging.

There's no need to adjust the position of your iPhone. Once it's attached, you can go devote yourself to your girlboss tasks in peace. Not even phone vibrations will interfere with wireless charging, so there's no need to silence your iPhone and miss important texts or calls.

You should also know that a MagSafe charger only interacts with other MagSafe items. You don't have to remove your magnetic jewelry or nearby objects for fear of them getting stuck on the charger.

Apple's MagSafe charger is a pretty tough fella. It delivers charging up to 15W and goes through sturdy MagSafe phone cases (including Wildflower Cases) and even MagSafe accessories. Let's take a look at some of them.

MagSafe Accessories

Various MagSafe-compatible accessories available today make your life easier. Whether you're a busy gal running from your nail appointment to your meeting with the girls or a trendy teenager wanting to impress your friends, all these MagSafe accessories will find a purpose in your life — just like Wildflower.

Charge on the Go With MagSafe Battery Pack

Having a spare battery pack at all times isn't just a nice thing to have. It's a necessity. With a MagSafe battery pack that looks like a tiny phone backpack, you'll never have to worry about forgetting to charge your phone.

It's compact and cord-free. However, although it's compact enough for you to attach it to your phone, it's still quite large on your phone. As a result, it might conceal the stylish design you have underneath. In addition, it comes only as one boring color, making it practically impossible to coordinate it with your style.

Secure Your iPhone Grip With MagSafe PopSockets

Let's be honest. We've all dropped our phones at least once in our life. No amount of care or tight gripping makes a phone safe when it comes to today's hectic daily life. Luckily, MagSafe phone grips like PopSockets ensure you never drop your precious device while taking selfies or having a heated argument over text.

Unlike the battery pack, phone grips come in various designs and colors. You can have a fun PopSocket, a delicate phone ring, phone grips that double as phone stands, or even phone loops. Whichever item ends up being your pick, it'll be easy to coordinate it with your iPhone case design. You can incorporate the PopSocket into the design or opt for a clear case ring that doesn't hide it at all.

Girl wearing sunglasses holding Puppy Party iPhone case from Wildflower next to puppy

Never Lose Your Valuables With a MagSafe Wallet

Mini wallets are all the rage right now, and there's nothing we like more than being trendy. Of course, they're not your typical handbag with multiple compartments that store your make-up, a spare pair of tights, and other necessities. They're tiny. But they carry everything you might need quick access to, like your driver's license or even some cash.

There are also minimalist wallets that double as a phone stand, so you can always set it up while doing other things when chatting with your friends, or as all of us girls do — use it as a mirror while doing our make-up. But the best part about these wallets is that there are MagSafe options that don't require you to take off your wallet or even your case while wirelessly charging your iPhone. You can just place it on the charger and let the charging begin.

Enjoy Your Drive With MagSafe Car Mount

All of us like to have our phones at hand while we drive, either for navigation purposes, DJing, or simply so we don't forget to grab it as we leave the car. But wouldn't it be better if the phone could charge while serving all these functions, too? Certainly, we say.

MagSafe car mounts allow exactly that, so you can charge your phone on the go and not worry about your battery running low as you leave the house. MagSafe car mounts are extremely beneficial during drives that are hours long.

Wildflower's Stylish and Versatile iPhone MagSafe Cases

Girl wearing matching AirPod Pro Max headphones and Hot Aura iPhone case from Wildflower

All these accessories wouldn't make sense without a MagSafe phone case, i.e., a Wildflower iPhone case that perfectly fits your aesthetics. MagSafe is compatible with iPhone 12, 13, and 14, and that's exactly what Wildflower offers — just in style. Here are our top picks when it comes to different iPhone versions.

Puppy Party iPhone 14 Pro Max Case

Dog lovers can't pass by this "puppyful" phone case without cooing and getting one for themselves. The Puppy Party MagSafe phone case shows the founders' own doggos, Martin, Pumpkin, and Daisy Lynn, among their friends. The pups are surrounded by baby blue and pale grey stars, giving this phone case an even softer look.

Girl crouching down holding Manifest case iPhone case from Wildflower

This "pawerful" phone case is MagSafe and will let your phone charge without the interference of the cute puppies. It's perfect for dog owners, but even those who don't have a pup of their own can pretend that their phone case is their new pet.

Hot Pink Aura iPhone 14 Pro Case

Pink is the color of femininity, affection, and friendship. As a girly type, you'll never go wrong with a phone case of this color. But more importantly, hot pink is 2023's color. And if you're a girl who keeps up with the latest trends, you know exactly why.

This Hot Pink Aura MagSafe case is an essential piece to complete your Barbiecore aesthetics. You can even get matching Hot Pink Aura Airpods Max Covers.

But we'll let you in on a little secret. This phone case is also excellent at covering the infamous MagSafe ring that might appear with prolonged use of wireless charging. That has nothing to do with the quality of the phone case since even Apple's own phone cases develop this unattractive ring.

Lone Fox iPhone 14 Plus Case

Blonde haired girl holding Lone Fox iPhone case from Wildflower

This Lone Fox iPhone 14 Plus case definitely won't leave you feeling lonely. It features a cute baby fox howling at the moon. The off-white background goes well with the delicate depiction of the fox while letting it stand out.

The image looks like something you'd see on your grandmom's vintage teacups. That may not be everyone's cup of tea (no pun intended), but it perfectly matches the girls going for the cottagecore look. This phone case is also ideal when you want to show your softer side in a subtle way. But it could also present your more "foxy" side.

Kitten Around iPhone 14 Case

We've covered puppies, but what about the kittens? This Kitten Around iPhone 14 phone case will have your inner cat lady jump with joy. It's filled with fluffy kittens rolling on even fluffier clouds and playing with baby pink bows.

Hand gripping Kitten Around iPhone case from Wildflower

While muddy paw prints in your house aren't a welcome sight, these sparkly and soft pink ones make this phone case resemble a purrfect kitten paradise. To complete your coquettish set, we offer a matching Airpods Max cover. But if you prefer regular Airpods, you can also find Airpods Pro case and Airpods Pro Gen 2 case to complement your lovely phone case.

Once you complete your collection of kitten paradise items, you can go to town and make all your girlfriends ask where you got such a stylish combination.

Royalty iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

Brown haired girl holding cake and Royalty iPhone case from Wildflower

You don't need a crown to shine. We know you're a queen. But do you want others to know that, too, just by throwing a quick glance at your phone case? If that's the case, consider adding this Royalty phone case to your iPhone 13 Pro Max item collection.

Although color has no gender, this baby blue phone case is a breath of fresh air in the usually fully pink princesscore aesthetics. The blue background is filled with scattered crowns and stars, representing the busy life of every queen. If you take your MagSafe iPhone case to your weekly royal meetings, we assure you you'll be the center of attention. All the other queens will ask you where you got it and wish they had one of their own.

Pink Stone iPhone 13 Pro Case

For our tough girls out there, we found the perfect combination of sturdy and gentle. This Pink Stone phone case represents pink stones like rose quartz, rhodonite, and thulite. Its unique design will definitely evoke interest and draw everyone's attention to you as you take your selfies.

Moreover, it's not just the look of stone that makes this iPhone case special. This iPhone 13 Pro case will feel just as good as a palm stone in your hand and give you that inner peace everyone needs once in a while.

Swerve iPhone 13 Mini Case

Hand gripping Swerve iPhone case from Wildflower

Your iPhone 13 Mini won't feel as mini with this Swerve MagSafe phone case. The dizzying combination of these vibrant purple and red swirls is sure to make more than several heads turn. Like an optical illusion, the shapes make your phone appear larger and more prominent. So, if you want your iPhone case to be a statement piece without trying too hard, this is the one.

iPhone 13 Case

Although you'll never be too old to ride a pony, you can always have one by your side with this Precious Pony iPhone 13 phone case. This lovely MagSafe case features a white pony on a patch of grass, surrounded by butterflies. One glance is all it takes to make you feel like you're lying on a flowery field surrounded by docile horses and buzzing bees.

It has a cartoonish feeling to it that takes you straight back to your childhood when you dreamed of being the badass girl you are today. And with all the Barbie rage lately, you'll fit right in with this feminine phone case.

Peony Floral iPhone 12 Pro Max Case

Flower prints are always in fashion, especially peonies. You can also ensure you're always trendy if you consider this Peony Floral iPhone case with MagSafe compatibility. It showcases a bunch of lovely pink peonies on a light green backdrop, making you feel like you're in a flower garden yourself.

Horse next to Pretty Pony iPhone case from Wildflower being held next to ear

The texture of the case also adds to the gentleness of the image, contributing to your feminine side.

Manifest iPhone 12 Mini Case

The Manifest iPhone 12 Mini Case might not directly manifest your dreams and wishes, but it'll definitely inspire you to do so yourself. It's the perfect motivation as you write your manifestations. This MagSafe case incorporates all the colors of a pastel rainbow in a charismatic butterfly that looks seconds from flying away from your phone case. It almost makes you want to chase after it, but instead — you get encouraged to chase after your dreams.

Pick Your Wildflower MagSafe iPhone Case

MagSafe phone cases make wireless charging easy. You can focus on your busy girl life without plugging and unplugging your phone all the time. And if you add Magsafe phone case accessories, like a MagSafe mini wallet or car mount, your life becomes even easier. Just find an iPhone case, such as Wildflower Cases, and accessories that show MagSafe compatibility, and you're good to go.

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