Must-Have Apple iPhone Cases for Every Aesthetic

Must-Have Apple iPhone Cases for Every Aesthetic

If Gen Z does one thing right, it’s setting trends and creating new aesthetics. Sure, sometimes it seems impossible to keep up, as new niche trends pop up almost daily (Hello, strawberry girl makeup!). But this doesn’t make them any less fun.

Playing into a specific aesthetic is a great way to figure out your style, regardless of your age. Best of all? Nothing is set in stone! You can go through a coquettecore period only to end up as a goth girlie. It’s entirely up to you!

But whatever phase or aesthetics you’re currently vibing with, make sure to go all out. Of course, your outfit is the star of the show, but the accessories are what tie it all together. Rock a matching phone case and nail your desired aesthetics from head to toe.

Check out the perfect phone cases for every aesthetic and choose which version of yourself you’d like to be today.

Must-Have Apple iPhone Cases for Barbiecore Girlies

Caroline Ricke iPhone case from Wildflower next to charm necklace and black heel

Let’s be clear – pink has always been that color. But after the perfect storm of Valentino’s hot pink AW22 show and the global phenomenon that is Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie,” the whole world has seemingly decided to think pink. And hey, you won’t hear us complaining!

Barbiecore perfectly embodies the viral “How I love being a woman” trend on TikTok. It’s about being unapologetically yourself, no matter how over-the-top that might be. Though, when it comes to Barbiecore, there’s no such thing as over-the-top! Sport some fun prints, bright makeup, knee-high boots, and heart-shaped glasses. Or keep it simple and cute with the perfect fit and some flirty elements. Whatever you choose, these cases will fit right in.

Caroline Ricke iPhone Case

Caroline Ricke, or Rich Caroline, as you might know her, is a TikTok sensation that has grown quite a following for her hilarious videos showcasing her expensive lifestyle and narrating them à la Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde.”

And Elle Woods famously said, “Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed!” So, does it really surprise you that Caroline’s Wildflower case is an all-pink treat? Or as Caroline put it, “I think if Barbie were to, like, throw up everywhere, it would look like what this collab looks like.”

Trixie Mattel iPhone Case

You probably know the fabulous drag queen and certified skinny legend Trixie Mattel. But have you ever wondered how she got her drag name? Yup, that’s right! Mattel is an homage to the iconic creator of Barbie, reinforcing Trixie’s undying love for this fabulous doll.

So, it goes without saying that a Trixie Mattel x Wildflower collab must exude a strong Barbie vibe. And that’s exactly right! But this case is giving a '70s Barbie in her Palm Springs dreamhouse, ready to party by the pool. It's a nostalgic nod to a glamorous era with a modern edge, just like Trixie herself.

Bow Beau iPhone Case

As girlies around the world were getting ready for the “Barbie” premiere, we couldn’t help but notice that one Wildflower case would go perfectly with virtually every outfit. Please welcome her pink majesty – Bow Beau iPhone Case!

This iPhone case is designed for girly girls who think a touch of pink can turn even a long, boring day into a fabulous adventure. Though, “a touch of pink” might be an understatement as this soft case features almost every pink shade under the sun, from hot to chalk pink.

Frankies Bikinis Malibu High Case

A Malibu case for a Malibu Barbie! One look at this dreamy Frankies Bikinis Malibu High Case, and an image instantly appears – you and your fellow Barbies driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, screaming the lyrics to your favorite song. Let’s just hope this time, no uninvited Kens pop up from the back seat.

Brown haired girl next to Trixie Mattel holding Trixie Mattel iPhone case from Wildflower

Must-Have Apple iPhone Cases for Cottagecore Girlies

Let’s not get it twisted – cottagecore existed way before TikTok gained popularity. In fact, it’s one of the OG “cores,” widely beloved by people of all ages, romanticizing a world far away from the one they live in.

Cottagecore is all about nature, femininity, and escapism. And a warm pie here and there. Picture yourself in a whimsical forest in a ruffled dress and curled hair, carrying a basket overflowing with baked treats, and you’ll live a cottagecore fantasy.

Let’s see which phone cases fit this timeless dreamland where life's simple pleasures take center stage and every day feels like a fairytale.

Gallery Girlie Green Case

When someone says “cottagecore,” you expect to see greenery, flowers, and endless bliss. And that’s precisely what you get with this Gallery Girlie Green Case.

Fruit Tart Case

What’s more cottagecore than a picnic? And what’s better suited (and more picture-perfect!) for a picnic than a bunch of fresh berries? Grab this Fruit Tart Case and your favorite blanket and escape into a sun-dappled meadow. It's cottagecore magic at its berry best!

Taylor Giavasis iPhone Case

The Taylor Giavasis iPhone Case looks straight out of a fairytale! Though we lack the words to describe such beauty, think of it this way – cottagecore meets Snow White and Alice in Wonderland. It’s full of greenery, flowers, and furry friends, or any cottagecore girlie’s dream come true.

Must-Have Apple iPhone Cases for Coquettecore Girlies

The term “coquette” might’ve had a negative connotation at one point, but Gen Z has now completely taken it over, transforming it into a celebration of feminine power. Besides hyper-feminine, this aesthetic is best described as youthful, soft, dainty, idyllic, and angelic.

Such a beautiful aesthetic deserves equally beautiful phone cases, and that’s exactly what we’ve gathered for you.

Sweet Cakes Case

We’re not sure how we feel about someone calling you “sweet cakes,” but we do know how we feel about this Sweet Cakes Phone Case. We could just eat it right up! This fun and playful phone case perfectly embodies coquettecore with its idyllic spread of delectable little delights. 

Though you can carry this high-quality case every day, keeping it for your birthday will result in some fabulous pics. Match it to your best coquette fit, pick the perfect cake to go with, and let the camera roll!

Fawn Angel Case

Do you remember us describing coquettecore as “idyllic” and “angelic?” Well, can you think of something more fitting for these adjectives than a fawn with angel wings and batted lashes? Neither can we! Grab (or should we say gently take) this stunning Fawn Angel Case and float away into the realm of whimsical charm and ethereal innocence.

Girl posing holding Nailea Davora iPhone case from Wildflower

Frilly Floral Case

Wildflower offers numerous feminine phone cases ideal for a coquettecore girlie, but this might be the coquettecore case. Let’s look at the evidence, shall we? Several shades of pink? Check! Seemingly endless flowers, lace, and frills? Check! Romantic patchwork hearts? Check! We think the verdict is quite clear – this Frilly Floral Case is what coquette dreams are made of.

Baby Pink Posie Rosie Case

Are you looking for the most exquisite, dainty, blush baby pink phone case? Feel free to end the search; we’ve got it for you. The Baby Pink Posie Rosie Case is a dreamy blend of elegance and sweetness that makes phones as pretty as their owners. Shop this limited-edition beauty and take your mirror selfies to the next level.  

Curly haired girl holding Frilly Floral iPhone case

Must-Have Apple iPhone Cases for Balletcore Girlies

Let’s end this “pretty in pink” series with some adorable balletcore options.

Balletcore (like most of the “cores”) has a pretty self-explanatory name – it has to do with all things ballet. For most people, tutus, white tights, and top buns are the first things to come to mind when discussing ballet. However, the modern balletcore is more about capturing the timeless grace and poise of this dance in everyday life.

Discover phone cases that will allow you to always stay on pointe, whether at school, work, or walking (i.e., flowing) down the street.

On Pointe Case

Does it get more balletcore than pink ribbons and ballet slippers? We don’t think so! So, we recommend this On Pointe Case as the perfect addition to your balletcore ensemble. This feminine and delicate design will have you feeling like a prima ballerina, regardless of whether you’ve ever dabbled in this great dance.

Bear-y Ballet Case

Do you like the balletcore style but find it too sophisticated at times? We’ve got just the solution. Infuse a touch of whimsy and playfulness into your balletcore aesthetics with this Bear-y Ballet Case. Of course, the design features a pre-requisite ballet detail: a tutu skirt. But you’ll also find a bear wearing it, so there's no need to worry about taking life too seriously.

Must-Have Apple iPhone Cases for a Baddie

girl on subway holding Royalty iPhone case from Wildflower

The baddie aesthetic requires no introduction. As Ice Spice put it, “She a baddie, she know she a ten.” So, let’s also find you 10/10 phone cases.

Royalty Case

The Royalty Case is a baby blue beauty channeling the old Juicy Couture vibe. And let’s be honest, Juicy Couture girlies were the OG baddies! This fab case goes with a variety of fits and will get you praised in every single one of them.

Nailea Devora Case

Nailea Devora, a social media powerhouse in her own right, can be described as many things. A certified baddie is for sure one of them! So, when she linked up with Wildflower to drop a collab, we knew it had to be as fierce as she is.

The edges of this striking phone case might hug dozens of drawings and colors, but they all scream unapologetic confidence and bold style, just like Nailea herself.

Slay Case

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you open your Instagram and see a baddie? If you’re anything like us, it’s “slaaaay!” So, it’s only logical for a baddie to carry a Slay Case to remind her to never stop, well, slaying.

Besides helping you look your best, this case can boost your confidence whenever you need it. One look at it, and you can survive a test, interview, or whatever life throws your way.

Must-Have Apple iPhone Cases for a Clean Girl

Girl laying down holding Butterfly Sky iPhone case from Wildflower

Depending on how deep in the trenches of the clean girl aesthetics you are, you might just settle with an Apple leather case and call it a day. But just because this aesthetic is minimalistic and effortless, it doesn’t have to be boring (no offense to Apple!).

Though muted tones are all the rage in the clean girl community, infusing some other color options through accessories can help you stand out in the sea of beige.

Here are some unexpected versions of clean girl aesthetics phone cases that might interest you.

Heavenly Hearts Case

The Heavenly Hearts Case is clean, polished, and heaven-sent, just like you. It features a few pastel colors to save you from looking too monochromatic yet perfectly embodies the essence of the clean girl aesthetic.

Butterfly Sky Case

Google “clean girl aesthetic,” and you’ll see many beautiful girls porting a butterfly haircut or a butterfly hair clip. So, why not a butterfly case? This Butterfly Sky Case is perfect for those who tend to be on the safe side but want to infuse some fairy dust into their polished fits.

Must-Have Apple iPhone Cases for a Goth Girl

Out with the pink and girlie, in with the dark and edgy! It’s gothic girl season, and everyone’s invited. Check out these phone cases when you want to channel your inner Wednesday Addams.

Cross Girl Case

Cross our hearts and hope to die; this Cross Girl Case is the perfect addition to your goth girl fits (it really is to die for!) It will infuse some color into your fit yet remain true to your goth girl's soul.

Skull Girl Case

Skulls are part of almost every goth fit, so this Skull Girl Case will fit right in! It’s dark, mysterious, and undeniably cool, just like you.

Girl licking side of Cherry Girls iPhone case from Wildflower

Must-Have Apple iPhone Cases for a Cherry Girl

You might be wondering, “What is a cherry girl?” To that, we have to say hello, have you never seen our founders, Sydney and Devon Lee Carlson?!

These two fabulous girls embody the cherry girl aesthetic and are known for their sweet yet sultry style and effortless appeal. The color red is a staple in this aesthetic (duh!) and adorns everything from their lips to their wardrobe staples.

If you’re a fellow cherry girl (or want to become one after reading this), here’s which phone cases to buy while they’re still in stock.

Cherry Girls R 4EVER Case

The name of this adorable phone case is pretty self-explanatory – Cherry Girls R 4EVER! In a surprise to no one, this phone case features a delicious cherry atop a tribal tattoo (that part might be more surprising, though). This case was designed by a cherry girl for cherry girls, and you can truly tell.

Réalisation Par x Devon Lee Carlson Case

Taylor Swift once said, “Cherry lips, crystal skies, I could show you incredible things.” Well, this Réalisation Par x Devon Lee Carlson Case is here to make good on Tay Tay’s promise and show you the most incredible things, from juicy cherries (of course) to even juicier lips.

Why Choose a Wildflower iPhone Case

3 girls posing holding Realisation Par x Devon Lee Carson iPhone case from Wildflower

It's pretty obvious that Wildflower cases are unmatched in the style department. However you feel and want to look on a given day, you'll find just the perfect Wildflower case to go with. Of course, the aesthetic isn't the only area these one-of-a-kind cases excel in. They also feature a durable black rubber bumper that serves as a screen protector and helps prevent damage caused by drops.

Combine impeccable design, superb functionality, and excellent protection, and you get the perfect phone case for your iPhone.

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