Matching Phone Cases: How to Match Your iPhone Case With Your Besties

Matching Phone Cases: How to Match Your iPhone Case With Your Besties

Hey girl, we know you're all about starting new trends. So are we. It's always great when you're the first to rock a new aesthetic everyone wants to copy. But you probably want to share the love with your best friends too. Your girls each have a signature style that makes them unique. Or maybe you all absolutely adore the same colors, patterns, and clothing. It's hard to argue with good taste.

Either way, matching phone cases are a have-to-have gift idea. By choosing the cutest ones, you can show the world just what your friendship is all about. Whether you're getting ready for an exciting girls' night out or just going to class, you'll always look flawless as a group.

That's because looking great isn't just about your aesthetic but about matching with your friends, too. So, let us spill the tea on a super secret fashion tip. Namely, we'll explain how to rock matching phone cases and some of your best options.

Using the Super Cute Same Color Palette: Latte Love and Sweet Cakes

When you think about it, successfully matching your phone cases is much like matching clothes and accessories. For example, brown doesn't go well with orange or black. While there are some flashy color combos out there, sticking to the same palette with matching phone cases is generally a safe yet classy choice. This method works especially well when your friend is generally predictable with their outfits. You also probably know everything about their favorite color. If you love it too, consider getting the same hue.

For color palette-matching phone cases, you might want to consider the Wildflower Sweet Cakes and the Rose Latte Love iPhone cases. Both have super cute designs that are just a bit different, but their base colors still match together perfectly. They're primarily shades of very light pink. One is covered in latte hearts, while the other has the sweetest-looking cakes.

Contrasting Colors for a Match Made in Heaven: Pink Flames

While you and your bestie might like a lot of the same things, you might be totally different from others. For example, you may be a free-spirited, down-to-ride girl who loves to have fun and throws caution to the wind. In contrast, your bestie might be more of a laid-back and gentle caregiver. That's the beauty of your friendship- you complete each other. Just think about all the times she had your back and made sure you were alright. That's why contrasting color phone cases with the same design might look well together.

To achieve this effect, consider buying matching flame iPhone cases. There are multiple design colors available, including yellow flames with a blue background, dark pink with baby pink flames, black flames with a green background, and hot pink flames with a black background. These color schemes give you enough options to achieve the same look while still having a contrasting appearance.

Matching Aesthetics Like Ballet Core: Bear-y Ballet and On Pointe

Maybe you and your bestie grew up doing the same things. You went to school together and enrolled in the same dance class. To this day, you both absolutely love ballet-core as an aesthetic, dancing or not. Friend couples that love the same things can look for phone cases that have the same aesthetics on them. It doesn't just stop at the ballet core. If you're both into the 70s or love reading your horoscopes, there are still options for you.

If you're both into ballet core, then the bear-y ballet and the on-pointe Wildflower phone cases might be the best option. While one is designed with teddy bears in tutus, the other is covered in pink ribbons and ballet slippers. To tell the truth, it's hard to decide which is actually cuter! Matching phone cases like these is a great gift idea for that next dance recital.

A Friendship Written in The Stars: Pisces and Gemini

Sometimes, your friendship feels like it was just destined to be because of the date you were born. Your bestie seems like a gift from the universe, and you definitely want to show that. In that case, consider getting zodiac sign iPhone cases. Each one is designed with the same style; that way, they're matching but have a matching aesthetic.

For this example, we're focusing on Pisces and Gemini Wildflower phone cases since they're so compatible. You can also choose from the other zodiac phone case designs on the Wildflower website. The great thing about this option is that it's not limited to just two friends. You can easily find your whole friend group to get them the same aesthetic. Consider using this gift idea on your bestie's birthday. The gift will be symbolic in a special way and show you just how much you appreciate them.

Matching Favorite Animal iPhone Cases: Bunnies in Bonnets and Lone Fox

It's no secret that animals are the cutest. Some girls are dog lovers, while others prefer cats. Whether your bestie absolutely adores horses or prefers deers, Wildflower has an exclusive, one-of-a-kind, hand-made version ready for you. Most of our animals are depicted with the same dreamy style, so you won't have to worry about the line work not matching properly either. Make sure to choose your bestie's favorite animal for their Apple iPhone case. Your set will remind you just how beautiful they are.

Take the Bunnies in Bonnets and Lone Fox Apple iPhone cases as an example. One is covered in floral patterns, and bunnies wearing the cutest bonnets. The other depicts an adorable fox howling at a magical moon. Keep in mind that they have an additional rubber bumper, protecting them from any drops and spills. Wildflower phone cases aren't just the cutest; they save your phone's memories for future use.

Fun Is Best Shared With Friends: Flower Funk and Flower Power

Maybe you and your friend both love the 70's aesthetic. Next to being funky, they show just how lively and fun you are. If you're ready to express this to the world, consider matching iPhone cases that reflect this. This great gift idea should be a representation of your fun-loving nature and the adventures you like to take with your best friend.

The stars of this pair are the Flower Funk and the Flower Power Phone cases. One has a pink and purple collage base with lots of green floral patterns on it, while the other displays similar multi-colored blossoms and swirls. Both also sport the limited edition Wildflower emblem. This set is best for besties who have been having fun since they met.

Why You Have to Have Matching Phone Cases

Matching phone cases doesn't just offer protection for your phone. They're so much more than that. Let's take a closer look at why matching phone cases can be the next best thing.

They Help You Show Appreciation

This great gift idea is a way to show just how much you cherish your best friends. After all, they've been with you through thick and thin. It's only natural that you'll want to show that love back. Couples may come and go, but BFFs are forever.

Update Your New Look

Let's say you're planning out a whole new aesthetic. Next to a major wardrobe change and a makeover, you'll want to reflect that in your other things, including your phone cases. Of course, this is always easier when your best friend is on board, too. They'll be able to view some of Wildflower's options and make the final choice with you.

Start a New Fad

Starting a whole new trend by yourself can be exciting. However, it can be lonely, too. I guess that's just the price to pay when it comes to amazing style. By buying matching Apple iPhone cases, you'll be able to start a new fad stronger than if only one person was doing it. Simply click your way through Wildflower's online store.

Match With Your Friend Wherever You Are

Distance can sometimes be hard on friendships. When you buy matching phone cases, it means that you can be with your bestie no matter where you are. Your aesthetics will also match even better whenever you're together. Just think of the nights of helping each other choose the best outfit and accessories. Matching phone cases makes this process a whole lot easier for you.

Matching Is The Next Best Thing

When you're looking for a gift for your best friend, you want it to be perfect. While there are many options to choose from, buying matching phone cases can boost your style, protect your phone, and show your love for your friend at the same time. There are many ways to mix and match your favorites. Whether it's your favorite animals, colors, aesthetics, or patterns, each is a chic and adorable option.

Head over to the Wildflower online store to find the perfect pair for you and your bestie. You can choose from a wide range of styles and also find different iPhone sizes.

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