iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases

iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases

Let's face it, girls - most iPhone 13 Pro Max cases are B-O-R-I-N-G. Why? They're all about giving you something "durable" or claiming they protect your phone without considering the fact that you want your iPhone to be stylish. A representation of everything you are as an independent woman. A gray, lifeless, and bulky case isn't for you, no matter how much functionality it has.

You want pizzazz, with a little longevity thrown in, because you're a Wildflower who is so far away from the basic cases you see everywhere that those products may as well not exist to you. You need bold prints. Pastel shades. Colors and designs that inspire you to be who you want to be from the moment you step out of your house.

The Wildflower team delivers limited edition iPhone 13 Pro Max cases that are limited edition and made by women, for women. And we'd love to tell you a little more about them.

Be a Wildflower - Why You Need a Wildflower Phone Case in Your Life

We're going to dig deeper into why girls need Wildflower cases in their lives in a minute, but let’s get the main reason out of the way right now - our cases are designed for you. They're designed to help you make your iPhone 13 Pro Max the perfect representation of the light you bring to the world.

You're not some dull thing that sits in the corner, and your phone shouldn't be either. You're the type of person whose passion pours out of everything they do, whether you're working away on your next big project or you're painting the town red with the girls. Any product you buy for your iPhone (cases very much included) need to be overbrimming with passion, too.

A touch of custom text on a boring case isn't going to do the job. And that, along with the reasons below, is why you need a Wildflower case.

Showcase Your Style to the World

You're cute and pretty, with a smile that lights up the room and a demeanor that makes everybody want to get close to you. You're wild and free, and nobody can dull your sparkle. You are an individual. There's nobody like you and your style is your own. So, why is your phone case the furthest thing from a showcase for your personality?

While you ponder that question, understand that Wildflower is all about showcasing your style. If femme core is your thing, we have the badass cases that tell the world that you take no prisoners. Perhaps you prefer something more feminine? Ballet core and cottage core cases galore can be found in the Wildflower collection.

And for those girls who love the personal style of their favorite influencers, we have collab cases made with some of the top names in the game. You can make their style your style, and all you need is an iPhone 13 Pro Max phone to do it.

Choose Trendsetting Instead of Trend Following

Wildflower is about embracing your girly side - no matter what that means to you. And "To you" is the most important part of that statement because you are truly unique. You're not a trend follower. You are the trend, and your iPhone 13 Pro Max case needs to jump from your phone and sing about your style to the world.

Now, we're not saying that following the crowd is always bad. But it's not unique. Nobody becomes a limited-edition girl by doing what everybody else tells them to do. As a trendsetter, you're the girl who leads the pack. The girl who gets things going and is always on time with stylistic pearls of wisdom that inspire everybody around you.

A Wildflower case is a complement to your style. It's something you use to show the world that you have a truly unique ability - being trendy without forgetting about being you.

Make Your Phone the Apple of the World's Eye

Head to a phone shop and what do you see? Basic phone cases that are so boring that they may as well not exist. Sure, some of them have designs, but it's obvious that those designs aren't inspired by what it means to be a woman. They're standard. Basic. And like we said at the beginning - boring.

Your phone isn't going to stand out when you have an ordinary phone case. You're just going to have something that does a decent job at protecting your phone and not a whole lot else.

You want something that shows anyone who glimpses your phone who you are without you having to say a word. A case that clearly communicates what you bring to the world, and is so inspiring that people gravitate to you on the power of the case alone. That's what Wildflower delivers. You'll catch the eye with your case, and that eye will always belong to somebody who admires you as much as your phone.

Build Your Limited-Edition Collection of Cases

This one goes out to the collectors out there - the girls who know that they can't sum up their personalities with a single phone case. You want more. You need a case for every occasion, and you're not afraid to order so many that you have cases filling your dresser drawer.

But only some of those cases are special. A select few speak to you as no other cases do, and those are the types of iPhone 13 Pro Max cases that Wildflower wants to make. For the fiercely fashionable, there's a case for everything you need at Wildflower.

Cutesy cases when you're feeling coquettish. Cases with an edge for when you want to exude pure femme core energy. All can become part of a collection of limited-edition cases that are unique to you and tell the world exactly how you're feeling, no matter what that feeling may be. It's about more than offering services at Wildflower. We're unique, you're unique, and every case we create expresses those facts.

Woman-Owned and Woman Inspired

An ordinary case comes off the conveyor belt and gets dumped into a box with dozens of other cases just like it. That's the process for most phone case manufacturers, and it's so lacking in originality that we know it doesn't truly speak to the women who want their cases to showcase their spirits.

We buck those basic conventions to create cases inspired by women, for women, and from a woman-owned business. Our founders - Devon and Sydney - are visionaries who create cases as conduits for the feminine energy that you embody. How that energy manifests in your day-to-day life is entirely up to you. Our goal is simply to make sure that you have a case that matches your energy.

Being woman-owned gives us a perspective into what it means to be a girl that you won't find anywhere else. We're not guessing when creating our cases. We know what women want because we know what we want, and that difference in our design philosophy is the reason why a Wildflower phone case always stands out from the crowd.

Keep Your Camera Ready for Snaps

The iPhone 13 Pro Max's camera is a revelation. It's huge, and that makes it perfect for getting those perfect snaps of your nights out with the girls or those special moments that need capturing. A case that covers that camera in any old way means you can't fill your iPhone with precious memories that are unique to you.

So, we make sure every Wildflower case is camera-ready and capable of giving you everything you need for taking photos.

We won't get too technical here. You just need to know that we specifically engineer every Wildflower case to house the camera module built into the iPhone 13 Pro Max. That means no smudges. No reflections or blockages caused by the case. You snap perfect photos and shoot stunning videos every single time.

Get a Little Protection for Your iPhone 13 Pro Max

Yeah, we know that we said all of the talk about durability is boring, so we'll keep this short. No matter how slim a Wildflower case may be, it's always going to be tough enough to take on anything that you throw at it.

Those moments when you're lost in the magic of the music when you're out with the girls aren't a problem with a Wildflower case. You're guarded against every scrape and drop, and your iPhone 13 Pro Max will look like new whenever you remove the case.

Heavy-Duty Hitters - The Wildflower Phone Cases You'll Love

We'd love to tell you all about every single case we have for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. But we have a lot. In fact, a whopping 122 of them are in our collection, and every single one exists to suit a different style, mood, and girl.

But we still want to dig into what we have on sale, so let's explore a little selection of our huge collection. And girls, remember one thing - we're always coming up with fantastic new designs that explore feminine energy in ways you've never seen before. Keep checking back and you may just get a chance to snap up a new limited-edition case before anybody else sees it.

Far Out Floral Phone Case

Cottage core meets a funky fresh style with the Far Out Floral case. The chocolate brown backdrop is a setting for a color explosion, and the quirky arrangement is offset by a curvy stem that runs the length of the case. It's funky. It's cute. And it's a one-of-a-kind case that Wildflower makes with our own hands.

Once you've pulled your eyes away from the fantastic floral feast, cast them down to the bottom corner and you'll see it - the jeweled Wildflower emblem. By adding a dash of silver to the emblem, you let the world know that your spirit is untamed, free-growing, and as fresh as the most beautiful field full of flowers.

So, where did we get the inspiration for this case? If you've ever been to Limited Too, you've been surrounded by the essence of this case - girl, expressive, and so gorgeous that you won't be able to pull your eyes away from it.

Skull Girl iPhone Case

From floral to fierce, our next case tells the world that you're a sassy badass who shouldn't be messed with. Goth culture is the guiding light for this case. The classic skull-and-crossbones design features rough pencil lines, showcasing the personality of any girl who's wild, unrestrained, and ready for anything.

This case is about unleashing your inner rock star. That version of you that's never going to be kept in the corner because you thrive with the spotlight beaming down. Roar into that microphone and sing your style to the world. Trust us - nobody will be able to forget about you when you become a Skull Girl.

The eagle-eyed among you may even spot that a handful of the skulls have hearts for eyes. That signifies that your feminine power is still there, in all of its glory, but you're going to make sure that only those who get close enough get a chance to see it.

Coachella White iPhone Case

The summer sun is beating down, and music fills the air. You're at Coachella and you're lost in the music, the magic of the festival flying off that stage and running through your body like bolts of electricity. If only you could bottle this feeling and take a sip whenever you're feeling down.

You may not be able to do that, but you can get the next best thing (and get that 'Chella fit all over again) with the Coachella White case. Decked out in dramatic desert details, with the iconic Coachella Ferris wheel peeking out of the corner, this is the perfect case for firing away those post-festival blues.

The Coachella case is one of our favorite collabs because it gives us a chance to bring the desert to your home. And for the girls who want to go a little darker, we make a version of this case with a jet-black background. Perfect if pure white doesn't speak to your soul.

Olivia O'Brien iPhone Case

Cast your mind back to when you were a little girl absorbed in your favorite fairy tales. You had visions of yourself as a princess waiting for her knight in shining armor, or the fairy who flits around the world without a care in the world. Some of us never grew out of those visions. And that's okay because the world could use a little magic.

In this collaboration with singer and songwriter Olivia O'Brien, Wildflower creates a fairy tale case that's ready to find a home on your phone. Inspired by Olivia's own arm tattoos, this case is for the fairy-core female who loves to sprinkle a vintage feel into everything that she does.

Butterflies, mushrooms, and a cornucopia of fairies populate this case. And best of all - each case comes with a personal notecard written by Olivia O'Brien herself.

Rose Romance iPhone Case

We could all use a little romance in our lives. That moment when you come back home and see a trail of roses leading toward your bed. But you don't want to get sickly sweet. As the old saying goes, "Every rose has its thorns." And with the Rose Romance case, you'll showcase your romantic side with just a touch of thorniness that lets the world know that you're sharp and ready.

The main event of this case is the gorgeous heart-shaped violet buds and ravishing red roses set against a pure vanilla backdrop. The case radiates love, romance, and everything that you want in the perfect relationship. But tucked away in all of that romantic foliage are the subtle little reminders that your heart is a valuable thing that you'll always protect.

Take a closer look and you'll see the Wildflower emblem in leaf-like form - a constant reminder of who you are. Dainty violent hearts also dot the case, pulling the design together.

Fresh From the Garden iPhone Case

Is there anything quite like standing in a fresh garden during the spring? The flowers are in bloom. You see wildlife - birds, bumblebees, and butterflies flitting around and enjoying the fruits of spring. If only you could transport yourself back to that place whenever you want with a simple look at your phone.

Thanks to the Fresh From the Garden iPhone case, you don't have to snap pics of your garden just to remind yourself of that feeling. A simple glance at your case leaves you awash in a sea of bees and butterflies, making you feel like you're peering down on a garden that you can fit into your purse.

The case is pure cottage-core - with the soft colors complemented by delicate feminine roses that are as attractive to your eye as they are to the wildlife, you'll see on the case. Your selfies will stay as fresh as you feel with this limited-edition case.

Kittens iPhone Case

Cute little kittens are bundles of joy, and you'll be saying "meow meow" as soon as you lay your eyes on the adorable bundles of fur on the Kittens iPhone case. This case is cutesy-kitsch made real, with so many little details that you’ll fall in love with the case and the pair of kittens that take center stage.

Take a look at the curved tails and you'll see they form the shape of a heart. Cast your eyes below the kittens to find they're sitting on a bed of roses. And like the little cuties they are, each kitten has plucked a rose from that bed just for you and is holding it in their mouths.

The design is set against a pink floral boudoir, making this the case of choice for anybody who wants to capture that purr-fect selfie.

Pink Hawaiian iPhone Case

Conjure an image of Hawaii in your mind. The soft waves lap over your feet as you stand on a picturesque beach, looking out into an ocean that's sparkling so much that it's almost inviting you in for a swim. You look off into the distance and see palm trees dotting the streets, and you know that you're exactly where you want to be.

It's these feelings that Wildflower makes real with the Pink Hawaiian case. The waves seem to travel around the case, washing up against the dusty pink palm trees and stunning red plumerias that adorn the vista.

Inspired by the traditional Hawaiian beach shirt, the case takes that concept and sprinkles a little femme magic onto it, creating a case that's vital for your next tropical vacay.

Safari Babies iPhone Case

Ruth J. Morehead.

That name may not be instantly familiar to a lot of girls, but if you've ever fallen in love with the designs on classic Hallmark cards, you've seen the talented Morehead in action. She made her name by drawing nostalgic and adorable characters for Hallmark and she works with Wildflower to deliver a pure and sweet case.

This case gives you the feeling of being tackled by a gaggle of baby animals all at once. Their fur on your skin. Those little tongues licking your face. And a cacophony of cuteness that overloads your senses and leaves you asking, "How is this life?" Simply put - you need this case if you're as adorable as a baby animal.

Super Star iPhone Case

You're a superstar and you're ready to let the world see you shine. Nobody can dull your sparkle as you fly through the sky, casting a little twinkle of light into the lives of everybody around you. It's that feeling of being the shining star that Wildflower captures with the Super Star iPhone case.

Uncomplicated. Simple. Spectacular. Those are the three words guiding the design of this case, which has a simple black backdrop overlayed with bubblegum pink shooting stars.

It's the perfect case for any girl who wants to unleash her inner Avril Lavigne. That little rebel inside who won't be told what to do because she follows her own rules.

Shop with Wildflower

You've gotten a little taste of our cases (there are plenty more in our collection), and you just have one question left to ask: What makes a Wildflower?

We can tell you.

Make Your Own Rules

A wildflower doesn't break the rules. She makes them. She's the boss, no matter where she is, and there's nobody who can tell her that she can't shine the way she's supposed to shine. And that desire to remake the rules in your own image is what you shoot for with every Wildflower case.

That starts with how we make them. There's no conveyor belt here, and no off-the-line "everything looks like everything else" design philosophy. We want every case we sell to be unique, so we handmake all of them so that every small quirk you see in your case is something that you won't see anywhere else.

You can only make the rules when you're not scared to do something different. A Wildflower understands that fact. Embodies it. And she brings her own philosophy for the world with her.

Seek Inspiration Wherever it May Find You

The world around a wildflower constantly changes, and that's something that we use to our advantage. A changing world is a source of inspiration. A Wildflower always has one eye pointed toward "new," whatever "new" may be, and she seeks inspiration wherever it may find her.

She's open. Willing to welcome new ideas, thoughts, and feelings into her world so she can use them to craft things that are unmistakably her. Inspiration is everywhere. The magic of music at a summer festival, the smiles of the girls during a night out, and even the scent of flowers during walks in nature. It all feeds into the idea machine at Wildflower.

Being inspired is the route to being unique. At Wildflower, you'll see the inspiration pouring out of every one of our iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases, and you'll see that we let the world around us help us to make the rules and set the trends.

Be One of a Kind

There is nobody in the world quite like you. That may sound like a sappy sentiment, but it's true, and who you are is written all over you. The clothes you wear. How you stand up in a world full of followers, unafraid to let your light shine and be truly one-of-a-kind.

That spirit of simple "being you" is the Wildflower philosophy personified. It doesn't matter who "you" are as long as you're unafraid to let that person be who they are, no matter what the world tells them. And to complement your uniqueness, we handcraft every one of our cases so that each one is just like you - unique.

Find Your Perfect Wildflower Case

There's only one thing left to do - move away from the heavy-duty and boring phone cases that are all around you and head toward the Wildflowers. Spend some time with our collection of cases, each of them unique, and each handcrafted so you know that nobody else in the world has a phone case that's exactly like yours.

Our cases are limited edition and ready to order. So find a case that speaks to you, check it out to learn more about it, and shop now. Remember - every Wildflower case is a limited edition, and once it's gone, it's gone forever.

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