The Perfect iPhone SE 2020 Case to Boost Your Inner Femme

The Perfect iPhone SE 2020 Case to Boost Your Inner Femme

You're sick and tired of boring unisex phone cases, you say?

We hear ya.

As modish girls who want to express our femininity and personality in every item we own — we know the struggle. It's tough going into a store and seeing one bland color and practically zero design options (ugh) on every phone cover available.

True fashionistas want something unique. Something bold and vibrant. Something that'll scream, "I'm a girl!" whenever people look at our phone case.

If that's your constant struggle as well, you've come to the right place. Wildflower offers a variety of Apple iPhone SE cases that don't only have stylish designs that reflect your inner femme but also accident-proof your device.

Let this article guide you through our favorite products and help you make your choice for a new iPhone SE 2020 cover.

Why Wildflower iPhone SE 2020 Cases?

Wildflower cases are cases made by women for women. That is to say — we know what the hell we're doing when it comes to stylish, girly phone cases.

By keeping up with the latest trends and considering the type of entertainment girls worldwide currently enjoy, we create products that speak to us girls on a whole different level.

And nothing makes your feminine side flourish more than supporting female-owned businesses and your fellow sisters. *wink wink*

However, we won't just try to buy you based on that. There are plenty of other reasons why you should consider getting yourself this neat and stylish phone case. Let's take a look at them together!

Slim and Smart Design That Fits Into Every Pocket

When it comes to us gals, bulk is out of the question. How are we supposed to fit all our stuff into a tiny purse with phone cases that are bulky and thick!? And even worse, how do we show off our snatched figure if we're going to have a whole brick in our back pocket?

Wildflower has considered all these predicaments and found a solution that satisfies all these needs without compromising your phone case's style and design.

Our cases envelop your iPhone SE 2020 in a gorgeous print while staying thin and minimalistic. There are no bumps and lumps that could get caught on other items in your bag or give you a hard time as you try to holster your phone into your back jeans pocket.

But that's because there's no need for it. The print is elaborate and chic enough that it doesn't need textured surfaces to be attractive.

Swiftly Click Into Place

Wildflower's cases are easy to put on and take off — even if you have long, flashy nails or have just moisturized your hands. Yet, they won't involuntarily fall off when you accidentally drop your phone. That doesn't apply to many phone cases out there.

Typically, if something is easy to take off, it's easy to slip off, too. Having a safe and stylish phone cover that snaps on and stays there, like Wildflower, will surely make your life easier.

MagSafe Compatible for Easy Charging

With thick and bulky cases, you'll also pay the price regarding wireless charging. No one wants to take their phone out of their case whenever it needs to charge. It's troublesome and a bore — especially if you've just done your nails! You might be a pro at texting with two-inch nails, but there's no chance someone could force a girl with a fresh manicure to tinker with phone cases, chargers, and similar stuff.

And let's be real — cables are used only as a last resort.

Wildflower cases are thin enough that, apart from fitting anywhere you need to fit them, they'll easily connect with the wireless charger and put those built-in iPhone magnets to use. You won't have to think twice before you snap it to your wireless charger and let it do its job.

Great Drop Protection to Ensure Safety

Many thin and minimalistic cases don't do much for the safety and durability of the phones they're supposed to protect. That isn't the case with Wildflower's products. Of course, no phone can survive getting run over by a car or a fall from a ten-story building. But at least you can save your phone from accidental drops and hits.

All Wildflower's cases have a black rubber bumper that absorbs the shock of a fall and ensures your phone screen doesn't come in touch with the concrete or your bathroom floor. From one side, you'll protect the screen, and from the other, you'll protect the lovely phone cover you just bought.

However, fall absorption isn't the only thing Wildflower's cases offer. You also keep away the nasty dust particles that try to get into the crevices of your phone and mess with its functionality while making it look yucky.

For extra protection of your phone screen, you can also get Wildflower's glass screen protector.

Cute Accessories to Match Lovely Wildflower Case Designs

A cute phone case wouldn't be complete without adorable phone accessories. Luckily, you can find just the right ones at Wildflower. Trendy charms that match Wildflower's cases are only some of the offers Wildflower has for our fashionistas. Take a look at the lovely Dolphin charm that does well with the Aquarius iPhone SE 2020 case. But if none of the charms work for you, you can get the iPhone Patch Hook and attach any keyring or charm you want to your device.

If you want your add-on to be more practical, get the AirTag keychain that tracks your phone and lets you know exactly where it is at all times. You can also attach it to your wallet, purse, or luggage while traveling with the girls and never deal with lost and found.

Convenient Shipping

You just got a cute fit for your friend's birthday party and need a stylish phone case to match it on your mirror selfies. But will the phone case arrive in time, you might ask?

With Wildflower, you can be sure that it will. Wildflower cases arrive about a week after ordering. Just visit our shipping rates & timing page, and you'll find all the info you need.

Our Favorite Apple iPhone SE 2020 Cases at Wildflower

Now that you know what makes Wildflower cases special, it's time to check out our iPhone SE 2020 case series and find the one that'll fit your needs and preferences. These are only some of the products we've chosen to display, but there's plenty more where that came from!

Leopard Love iPhone SE 2020 Case

Leopard print is always in, and this Leopard Love case proves exactly that. Whether you're into daring and eye-catching prints like this or just feeling a little feisty, this case will give you what you desire. It has a natural orange backdrop and black splotches all over it, representing the fur of a real queen of the jungle.

The print looks textured and realistic, making you think that if you ran your finger over it, you'd feel the real deal. Like a strong leopardess, this case will keep your iPhone safe and keep everyone on the lookout wherever you go. Rawr!

Stop Looking at My Phone iPhone SE 2020 Case

Imagine sitting in a cafe, drinking your Starbucks, and texting your girlfriends. Suddenly, you realize someone is reading your messages from the table next to you. Wouldn't it be great if you could just show them a sign to stop invading your privacy without getting verbal and making a scene?

With this Stop Looking at My Phone case, you can. Just turn your phone around and let them read what's on your iPhone cover. If you hear chairs scraping against the floor and someone leaving the shop, you'll know they got the hint.

Yee Haw iPhone SE 2020 Case

Yee Haw! You don't need to line dance at a country club or throw a pair of cowboy boots on to feel like a country gal. You just need this Yee Haw phone case! It features a stylish pair of cream boots, a lasso spelling out "yeehaw," and numerous red sheriff's stars to show what a girlboss you are!

Of course, country music and aesthetic isn't everyone's cup of tea. But if for no other reason, use this case to honor the musical roots of the world-famous Taylor Swift, who rocked the stage in her cowboy boots from an early age.

Venus iPhone SE 2020 Case

Nothing expresses femininity more than Venus — the goddess of love and beauty. But apart from those qualities, it also symbolizes victory and power. It's the perfect balance between gentle and fierce, which is everything you need to show as a strong, independent woman who takes good care of herself and her looks.

With the depiction of Sandro Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" on the back of your Venus phone case, you won't just celebrate womanhood and femininity. You'll also seem like a well-educated and well-read girl who knows her art and history.

Treat Yourself With Stylish Wildflower iPhone SE 2020 Cases

With all the iPhone 15 release news this year, iPhone SE 6/7/8 might not be this year's most popular Apple device. But Wildflower still has options for girls who take good care of their phones and rock these models even years later.

Whether you prefer a more subtle, elegant style or a bolder and teasing look, Wildflower has the look for you.

But hurry up cause some cases are low-stock or have a final sale! Grab a phone case of your choice before it gets sold. Or subscribe to our mailing list and get news about the latest releases so you don't miss a thing.


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