Cute It Up! The Cutest Phone Cases for Your iPhone 12

Cute It Up! The Cutest Phone Cases for Your iPhone 12

An Apple iPhone 12 isn't only a device. Sure, it's a quality phone that sold like crazy when it came out and continues to do so to this day. But it's also a personal thing that we worry (and sometimes obsess) about.

Now, imagine the horror of getting your new iPhone 12, coming home, putting the phone on the table, and - watching it as it drops from the edge. We won't go into the gory aftermath of the matter. Suffice it to say your phone needs protection.

Of course, if you've pictured the scene above, you're probably getting ready to go out and find a case. But wait! Don't just go for the first case you stumble upon. Yes, it needs to be protective, with raised edges for even more protection. In fact, phone cases should excel in keeping your iPhone 12 just how you want it: safe and scratch-free all of the time.

But do you know what you need more than phone cases that are functional and protective? You need a case that holds meaning and spreads love and good emotions. You need to find genuinely cute phone cases for your iPhone 12.

Let's stop beating around the bush: If you want to keep your iPhone 12 protected, Wildflower can offer plenty of styles for you to check out. All our cases are stylish, protective, and quality-made with raised edges for extra protection. More importantly, we have a selection of the cutest phone cases ever, and that's a fact. So, let's get right into it and show you our designs.

Heart-Melting Cute iPhone 12 Cases

To get things going immediately, we'll start with the heavy hitters in the cute category: animals. Prepare for some serious overload and cute phone cases galore!

Little Stinker

Baby pink? Check! Pastel yellow? Check! A bunch of flowers and an adorable skunk? Check and double-check!

The image of the blushing, anime-eyed skunk sitting with a bunch of flowers in its tiny hands might be the cutest thing you'll see in a while. If that's the style you're looking to find, stop right now and add the Little Stinker iPhone 12/12 Pro case to your cart. Then, give us some more love and keep browsing our offers.

Puppy Party

When we ask our customers about the first association they have for puppies, they say "cute" (usually spelled with many more u's). Well, what would melt your heart more than a single puppy? A puppy party!

With a total of seven puppies, you won't think about who'll protect your phone. Then again, with designs like this, you could spend more time looking at the back than your phone's screen, so a scratch or two wouldn't even register. Oh yeah, we should mention that the Puppy Party iPhone 12/12 Pro cases include three special guests: Wildflower's own Pumpkin, Daisy Lynn, and Martin.

Precious Pony

Who better to protect your phone through sheer power of cuteness than a precious white pony? Posed on a verdant grass patch under the gentle blue sky, this pony can offer more than scratch resistance. It will serve as protection against all evil forces - it's practically a unicorn!

And lest we forget, the Precious Pony iPhone 12/12 Pro cases also features three delicate butterflies. You know, just for good measure of cute.

Sweet Swan

Are swans a good fit for this category? They're certainly birds of style, but are they cute? Our answer is yes in general. But if the swan also has a pink bow and is surrounded by roses, there's no question about it.

All our cases presented here are protective and cute. However, these Sweet Swan iPhone 12/12 Pro cases stand out by style, too. Try as you may, you'll rarely find designs quite like this.

What the Duck

Okay, did you think we showed all of the cutest items so far? If so, you're in for a surprise. Introducing yellow ducklings in a blue bath filled with pink bubbles! Sold? We thought so.

Whether you want to start the day with a wide grin or need the cutest, bubbliest protection for your device when jumping in a bath yourself, this will be the style to rock. Or, better said, quack. Take one look at the What the Duck iPhone 12/12 Pro cases, and we guarantee you'll add it to your favorites.

Poodle Doodles

Speaking of perfect styles, which animal can offer such a mix of style and cuteness like the delicate French Poodle? Well, keeping up with our designs, we've taken that idea and amped it up. That's why we have cases like these with no less than five individual pieces of fluffiness.

The pups are black and white, scattered on the soft pink surface in various playful poses. One note, though: The Poodle Doodles iPhone 12/12 Pro cases won't bark or growl if anyone approaches your device.

Kitten Around

You may or may not be a dog girl, but nobody can resist the sight of kittens. This much is true when you're talking about a single furball, but add a few more, and you're in for a true cuteness overload.

The Kitten Around iPhone 12/12 Pro cases have it all. Four lovely, soft kittens, pink bows, white clouds, and even some adorable paw prints. As far as cutesy styles go, this may be just about the most one could offer. But keep reading just in case - we could say something similar about all our cases.

Bear-y Bow Dream

Get a serious case of cute with these Bear-y Bow Dream iPhone 12/12 Pro cases. Cuddly cream-colored bears look at you from a lavender background interspersed with stars. It may sound like a dream, but it's the reality of our cute phone cases.

If you can't wait to get your hands on this lovable piece of phone protection, you better get on it quickly. Grab your huggable friends before they're sold out.

Lone Fox

Can case designs for your new iPhone be foxy and cutesy at the same time? We say yes! Get a baby fox howling at a young moon, add extra fluffiness, and you've got one of the cutest iPhone 12 cases imaginable.

That's precisely what we did for our Lone Fox iPhone 12/12 Pro Cases. The result? An offer you can't refuse!

The lovable little fox is a good case to end this section. Of course, Wildflower has lots of other iPhone 12 cases, but it would take a book to describe them all. Luckily, we have a website to give you a better idea of what's for sale.

Small and Stylish - Cute Phone Cases for iPhone 12 Mini

When talking about cutesy iPhone 12 cases for the standard and Mini models, we should note that the designs are the same. And with phone cases, we don't discriminate by size.

However, let's use this section to discuss why iPhone 12 Mini is worth the added protection.

Well, girls, the answer is simple, and we all know it: the iPhone 12 Mini can actually fit in our hands! We've mentioned the raised edges on our phone cases. Here, we say - why not have a phone whose edges you can actually touch at once?

The iPhone 12 Mini is the same device as the iPhone 12/12 Pro in all aspects except dimensions. That's why we treat the phone in the same manner - our phone cases for the iPhone 12 Mini are sold in the same designs as for the device's big brother.

Maximum Cuteness - Cute iPhone 12 Pro Max Cases

What we said for the iPhone 12 Mini will also apply to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, here the situation will be in reverse.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is, by all accounts, quite large. Compare it to the iPhone 12 Mini, and it will look downright massive. At first sight, it may look that a phone like that doesn't have to offer to girls, with our generally smaller, gentler hands.

But, even with all this being said, there's a good case to be made for getting an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Namely, its size isn't just a measurement of the phone's edges - it also means the screen is considerably larger. This means more real estate in terms of protection, but it also means more space for reading, browsing, and gaming.

To add to the extensive screen on this phone, the iPhone 12 Pro Max also has a slightly better camera than both the base and Mini models. And you know what that means? Better selfies!

Get Ready for Some "Awwwws" with Wildflower iPhone 12 Cases

Wildflower specializes in artisan phone cases, particularly for iPhone models. More importantly, we have cases specifically for iPhone 12 models. But most importantly, there are absolutely adorable, completely cute and ludicrously lovable phone cases for sale on our website.

Hungry for more? Make sure to visit our pages and explore the rest of our cute phone cases for every model of iPhone 12.

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