Cute iPhone XR Cases for Girls in All Colors and Prints

Cute iPhone XR Cases for Girls in All Colors and Prints

Let’s be honest – Apple never really pops off with its accessories. It’s always the same old monochromatic vibe. Sure, this can be cute if you’re going for the clean girl aesthetic. But if you have something more daring in mind, you’ll have to look somewhere else.

Luckily, you won’t have to look far and long, as we’ve gathered the cutest iPhone XR cases for you, all in one place. Best of all? We’ve sorted them by colors and prints so you can effortlessly match your fit and aesthetic.

Black-and-White iPhone XR Cases for Girls

You know what they say, “Black and white is always right!” OK, maybe it’s not a widely used saying, but there’s definitely some truth to it. Arguably, no two colors go better together than black and white. (We know they aren’t always considered colors, let’s keep it moving!) With this in mind, check out some iPhone XR cases that will make you fall in love with this striking combo.

Moo Moo iPhone XR Case

When someone says “animal print,” few people will think of cow print. However, this print has taken the fashion world by storm, calling back to the old days of horseback riding and the rustic charm of the countryside. Best of all? A cow print isn’t reserved only for Western aesthetics or cowgirl core. It can look just as good on a cool city girl. So, grab your black-and-white Moo Moo case and let your inner cowgirl roam freely and fiercely in the urban jungle.

Polka Dot iPhone XR Case

Polka dots have been huge throughout history and still hold a very special place in our hearts. If you want your device to be adorned by this timeless design, the Polka Dot case is the way to go. Throw the classic “white items on black background” aesthetic into the mix, and you know your case will never go out of style.

Slay iPhone XR Case

What’s the one word that comes to mind when your outfit, hair, and makeup look flawless? Most of us will be on the same page with the answer. It’s “slay!” And when you’re dressed to kill, your iPhone case must be able to keep up. This Slay case does just that. Whether going for a baddie vibe or a Y2K throwback, this case will help your device look just as fierce as you.

Hand holding Bloom Case from Wildflower

Bloom iPhone XR Case

The Bloom case is perfect for girlies who want to show their more delicate sides but find colorful designs too much. Due to this unique combo, this black-and-white floral display goes with virtually any vibe and aesthetic.

Jaded London Monochrome Swirl iPhone XR Case

If you’re familiar with the brand Jaded London, you know its pieces are best described as eye-catching, trendy, and often chaotic. That is precisely the vibe the fascinating Jaded London Monochrome Swirl Case captures. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the monochrome warp of black and white bubbles, just like most people you encounter.

Houndstooth iPhone XR Case

The houndstooth pattern has long been associated with high society and has recently had somewhat of a revival. Most notably, Beyoncé has been rocking this pattern, and that’s all we need to see. After all, you can’t put a price on matching with Queen B! So, grab this Houndstooth case and match it to your best fit, be it a preppy vibe à la Gossip Girl or a royal moment à la Kate Middleton.

Colorful iPhone XR Cases for Girls

What better color scheme to tackle after black and white than its complete opposite – a rainbow of vibrant, eye-popping hues. The following iPhone XR cases are ideal for those who live by Taylor Swift’s lyrics, “The rest of the world was black and white, but we were in screaming color.”

Antonio Garza iPhone XR Case l Butterfly

So, you’re looking for colorful iPhone XR cases. What about a bunch of stunning butterflies in different colors? Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? The first case from the Antonio Garza x Wildflower collection is a beauty that will add a burst of color to any fit.

Remi Cruz iPhone XR Case

Your phone case is the perfect way to showcase your personality and lifestyle. If you’re all about your fluffy friend, Starbucks, and sushi, the Remi Cruz iPhone XR Case might be the case for you. This fun and colorful case will remind you to enjoy the little things and embrace the cozy (and caffeinated!) side of life.

Cherry Blossom iPhone XR Case

Calling all our cherry girls, we’ve got just the perfect iPhone XR case for you! This colorful Cherry Blossom case will infuse color into your fit while leaving the spotlight on the delicious cherries.

Emma Chamberlain iPhone XR Case

If you’ve watched Emma Chamberlain for even a few minutes, you’ll know this case is the perfect embodiment of her personality. It’s fun, quirky, and simply adorable. If these three words describe you to a tee, you’ve found the perfect case for your device!

Blonde haired girl holding Jaded London Monochrome iPhone Case from Wildflower

Aura iPhone XR Case

By most interpretations, people with blue auras are best described as intuitive freethinkers. Those with a green aura are natural communicators who navigate any social situation with ease. A pink aura, on the other hand, indicates a tender, loving, and caring person. But why not be all of these things?

The Aura iPhone XR Case sends a clear message – there are no limits to what you can be. You’re a vibrant mix of love, intuition, and openness, and you’re here to embrace every shade of your colorful personality!

Animal-Print iPhone XR Cases for Girls

Wearing animal print has always been a sign of power. Trends might come and go, but this powerful fashion statement will never go out of style. So, if you’re feeling a little wild and ready to conquer the urban jungle, it’s time to dress your iPhone XR in one of these untamed styles.

Leopard Love iPhone XR Case

Leopards symbolize fierceness, resilience, and feminine allure. If you also embody these qualities or need a little help getting there, this Leopard Love iPhone XR Case might be the answer. Just think of all the fun fits you can create and the fierce mirror selfies you can take, and you won’t think twice about getting it.

Pretty Prep iPhone XR Case

If you’re a fan of animal print but don’t want it to completely overtake your phone case, consider buying this fabulous Pretty Prep iPhone XR Case. As you can gather from its name, this case is perfect for preppy girls looking for a fun addition to their fall fits.

black haired girl holding Pretty Prep iPhone case from Wildflower

Tiger iPhone XR Case

Are you ready for people to hear you roar? We’ve got just the confidence boost you’re looking for. The Tiger iPhone XR Case is simple yet unbelievably powerful, reminding you of your inner strength and fierce determination. Though you can pair this striking case with any fit, it does wonders when combined with fall fashion moments.

Floral iPhone XR Cases for Girls

Listen, we know how powerful Miranda Priestly from “The Devil Wears Prada” is. We are also aware of her now-iconic line, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” But will we let Ms. Priestly stop us from wearing florals in spring? Absolutely not! Even if the price is her pursing her lips. And you know what? Florals aren’t just for spring! You can rock this blooming trend whenever you feel like it all year round. If you’re with us, check out these beautiful iPhone XR cases with floral motifs.

Adelaine Morin iPhone XR Case

Energy. Joy. Happiness. Optimism. Friendship. Those are just some of the concepts the color yellow symbolizes. If you feel like you could have more of these in your life, start with this beautiful Adelaine Morin iPhone XR Case. Besides adding a pop of color to any fit, you’ll carry your own ray of sunshine in your pocket wherever you go.

Flower Funk iPhone XR Case

If quirky and retro are your thing, you’ll adore this Flower Funk case. Of course, it features the beloved flower motifs but also throws a heart or two into the mix. With the unusual yet fascinating color combo, this case becomes an irresistible fashion statement.

Pink Posie Rosie iPhone XR Case

Are you in your coquettecore baby girl era? If so, we’ve got just the case for you! The Pink Posie Rosie iPhone XR Case features delicate baby pink flowers atop a near-white background, oozing pure femininity and sweet charm.

Coachella Black iPhone XR Case

Coachella Cover iPhone case laying near shoes in the grass

Let’s face it – Coachella requires no introduction. This iconic festival is all about crafting your most captivating outfit and having an unforgettable experience in the desert. If you also want your iPhone to be dressed up in festival fashion, the Coachella Black iPhone XR Case has got you covered. Depending on your fit, you can also grab the white version of this fabulous design.

Bloom iPhone XR Case

If there’s a floral phone case that screams spring, it’s the Bloom iPhone XR Case. This pastel beauty features flowers of different sizes in sweet baby blue, pink, and yellow tones. It perfectly complements the soft girl aesthetic, so if that’s your jam, you know what to do.

Trixie Mattel iPhone XR Case

If you want your floral case to scream Barbie, the Trixie Mattel iPhone XR Case is the way to go. As you can probably guess, this case comes from the wonderful mind of Trixie Mattel, a real-life Barbie doll and drag superstar. Besides flowers, this case features a few hearts, bringing flower power and girl power together in one awesome design.

Frankies Bikinis City of Angels iPhone XR Case

Frankies Bikinis is a celeb-endorsed swimwear brand known for its innovative designs and fashion-forward styles. So, a collab between this awesome brand and Wildflower could only be equally iconic. And boy, did it deliver! Just look at the stunning Frankies Bikinis City of Angels case, and you’ll picture yourself having the time of your life during summer (and beyond!).

Trendy girl holding Remi Cruz iPhone case from Wildflower

Heart iPhone XR Cases for Girls

Whether entering your lover girl era and soft-launching your bf or just being a fan of the classic heart shape, these iPhone XR cases will give you an instant dopamine boost.

Salem Mitchell iPhone XR Case

The Salem Mitchell case is hands down one of the most stunning iPhone XR cases in Wildflower’s selection. It features numerous swirly hearts in periwinkle, grey, and black, creating a mesmerizing design. It’s the perfect accessory for free-spirited girlies in love with being alive.

Latte Love iPhone XR Case

What is the best way to show your love for coffee without wearing the overdone “But first coffee” designs? Through a Latte Love iPhone XR Case, of course! This stunning case features a heart design in rich espresso colors to show your heart beats to the rhythm of your espresso machine. If you dig the design but aren’t a huge coffee lover (gasp!), you can also buy this case in different color combos, like rainbow and matcha green.

Pink iPhone XR Cases for Girls

It goes without saying that the color pink deserves to have a section of its own in this article. After all, few aesthetics and styles can go without a pink detail or two. So, whether you’re into Barbiecore or just like pink, you’ll find the perfect case for your device below.

Jesse Jo Stark iPhone XR Case

Just because you like wearing pink doesn’t mean you’re all soft and sensitive. Pink girlies can be fierce, too. And that’s precisely what the Jesse Jo Stark iPhone XR Case is all about. The background in the perfect shade of pink is covered by only two items – a spider web and a “Deadly Doll” writing, an homage to the legendary Jesse Jo Stark, who designed this case.

Flames iPhone XR Case

Are you a baddie with a heart of gold? If so, this Flames iPhone XR Case is the one for you. It strikes the perfect balance between looking sweet and fierce, whether going out or having a fun beach day with your girls.

Rosé Latte Love iPhone XR Case

The Rosé Latte Love iPhone XR Case is every soft girl’s dream come true. Why? Well, let’s see. Heart design? Check! Different shades of pink? Check! A design resembling rose-flavored lattes? Check! What more could you possibly want in a single case?

Cierra Ramirez iPhone XR Case

Girl wearing sunglasses holding Cierra Ramirez iPhone case from Wildflower

The Cierra Ramirez iPhone XR Case is a pink (and purple) delight that takes you back to the early 2000s. Though the case looks fabulous on its own, it also comes with rhinestones, which you can use to take it to the next level of fabulous.

Take Your Pick

Thanks to Wildflower, you don't have to wait for Apple executives to come to their senses and finally start producing some cute designs for iPhone cases. You can dress up your iPhone whenever you'd like, and however you'd like. Your iPhone can be your faithful companion through numerous eras and aesthetics, from a clean girl to a goth girl (and back!). When it comes to style, there are no rules, and you can be whoever you want! But one thing's for sure – whichever version you choose today, their mirror selfies and fits will absolutely slay!

Choose the perfect Wildflower iPhone XR case today and elevate your OOTD game immediately.

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