Cool Phone Cases for Every Zodiac Sign

Cool Phone Cases for Every Zodiac Sign

Some people don’t believe in astrology, deeming it nothing more than a work of fiction. Yes, we are talking about Capricorns. Because, come on, there has to be something there! There are a few too many similarities between the signs to just dismiss it as a coincidence.

Whether you only check the horoscope once in a while or let the stars drive your major life decisions, it’s fun to explore the intriguing world of astrology.

Even if you aren’t a diehard believer, you probably have a special connection to your Zodiac sign. You can nurture that connection in many ways – wear cute jewelry with your birthstone, wear a T-shirt with a funny print, or carry a great phone case inspired by your Zodiac sign.

We’re here to help you with that last idea.

Do you want a phone case that spells out your Zodiac sign loud and clear or one that perfectly captures its essence? Either way, we’ve got you covered!

Check out cute phone cases for each of the 12 zodiac signs so you and your friends can rep yours proudly.

Cool Aries Phone Cases

Assertive. Passionate. Confident.

These are just some of the adjectives that best describe an Aries. Given that Aries is the first Zodiac sign, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that those who are born under the sign are natural-born leaders. With a distinctively fiery personality, Aries Wildflowers will fall in love with bold, vibrant, and in-your-face phone cases, just like the ones we’ve listed below.

PS. We know how competitive Aries are, so just a kindly reminder that Wildflower cases are limited edition!

Aries Phone Case

The Aries Case is ideal for those confident and charismatic girlies who don’t have any issue striking up a convo about the zodiac with a complete stranger. It features a bold yet feminine fairy surrounded by butterflies. As for the color scheme, it’s (of course) various shades of pink and red, as your sign is all about passion.

Aries Airbrush Phone Case

Wildflower’s Zodiac collection of unique phone cases with airbrush artwork starts off with a bang – the bold and beautiful Aries Airbrush Case. This iPhone case is like a mini crash course on Aries girlies, as it features their signature fire-red color and lots of sultry hearts.

Cherry Girls R 4EVER Phone Case

Did you know that Sydney Carlson, one of our co-founders, is an Aries? Now that you know, the Cherry Girls R 4EVER Case makes perfect sense.

This iPhone case was designed by Sydney herself and perfectly captures the assertiveness of an Aries. If you’re also obsessed with the cherry girl aesthetic, this case will be a dream come true. Pair it with your cutest red fit and a red lip, and you’re ready to take over the world.

Swirl Tie Dye Phone Case

With the Swirl Tie Dye Case, we’re inside the heart of a volcano. Two hot colors swirling around are enough to illustrate all the fiery parts of an Aries personality. In other words, this iPhone case is fire, just like you!

Cool Taurus Phone Cases

Down-to-earth. Loyal. Tenacious.

That’s what most Taureans are. Sure, they can also be quite stubborn and hard-headed, but that unwavering determination helps them overcome life’s challenges and stay true to their principles.

As an earth sign, a Taurus is all about warm and cozy colors, from deep browns to sunny yellows. Though you’ll definitely catch a flash of pink in there somewhere, as people with this zodiac sign also love feeling pretty and sensual.

Taurus Case

The mythological winged horse, Pegasus, was known for its loyalty and kind heart. Does that sound like someone you know?

The gorgeous Pegasus in all his winged glory is the perfect representation of a Taurus, so that’s exactly what adorns our Taurus Case. Though Taureans are usually firmly grounded, it doesn’t hurt to occasionally soar a bit, especially when baby pink and blue skies await!

Taurus Airbrush Case

The baby pink-blue combo makes another appearance in this eye-catching Taurus Airbrush Case. It strikes the perfect balance between a Taurus’s tender heart and the fierce loyalty and protection they so generously offer.

Brown Floral Phone Case

When it comes to prints and patterns, the Taurus girlies look fabulous in florals. Depending on which side of your personality is stronger, you can go with big flowers in full bloom or tiny delicate flowers that add a touch of femininity to your style.

The Brown Floral Case falls under the second category. A bunch of dainty light flowers atop an earthy brown background make this iPhone case a must-buy for a Taurus. Best of all? The same style is available as an AirPods Max case (or AirPods Pro case if you prefer a more minimalist approach), so you can match your accessories and really lean into the Taurus aesthetic.

Rodeo Drive Phone Case

OK, this case might not feature a bull, the spirit animal of the Taurus zodiac sign, but it features a horse, which is totally the next best thing. Horses are equally powerful and resilient, making them ideal for a Taurus-worthy iPhone case. Throw the earthy-toned background into the mix, and you’ll truly hit the bull’s eye for a Taurus (pun very much intended!).

Mystic Stone Phone Case

Do you want a phone case that can protect and secure your device both physically and metaphorically? We’ve got just the case for you! The Mystic Stone Phone Case looks rock-solid yet features all these delicate colors throughout – the perfect representation of a Taurus personality.

Cool Gemini Phone Cases

Witty. Playful. Expressive.

Those are the words that best capture the essence of a Gemini. Since this is a rare dual sign in the zodiac, it shouldn’t be surprising that Gemini girlies are constantly battling between their two, usually opposite, sides. Still, both these sides crave the outdoors, so you’ll see lots of cheerful greens on their phones.

Gemini Phone Case

Every glance at the Gemini Case will reveal another reason why this iPhone case is perfect for your Zodiac sign. At first glimpse, you’ll see all the green (duh!). But keep looking, and you’ll see a fairy staring at her own reflection, her other side. Another look reveals that the fairy is halfway between the star-studded sky and peaceful waters, perfectly encapsulating Gemini’s constant battle between their dual nature.

Gemini Airbrush Phone Case

Different people have different opinions about Geminis, some positive, some negative, but no one denies one thing – the Gemini’s ability to always shine. The shine in question is bright and very much in your face, just like this Gemini Airbrush Case.

Sage Butterfly Phone Case

Gemini girlies rule prints with butterflies. So, if you’re a Gemini, an iPhone case with multi-colored butterflies on a bright green background is simply impossible to resist. And don’t worry; we won’t ask you to! In fact, we wholeheartedly offer the stunning Sage Butterfly Case to our Gemini customers who want to be just as free and stylish as those butterflies.

Salem Mitchell Phone Case

What do you see when you look at the Salem Mitchell Case? Do you see a constant battle between two sides, swirling around each other, never letting the other one win? If your answer is yes, congrats! You’re a certified Gemini girlie according to this knock-off Rorschach test of ours.

Polka Dot Phone Case

The black-and-white Polka Dot Case might seem a little out of place in this endless sea of greens. But hear us out; it will all make sense in a second. You see, the polka dot print is perfect for a Gemini gal. It’s super bouncy and bright yet captures the duality of a Gemini to a tee.

Cool Cancer Phone Cases

Compassionate. Intuitive. Emotional.

Yup, we’ve arrived at the Cancer station!

The most delicate of all the zodiac signs, Cancer, is deeply in touch with their emotions. At times, this might make them too emotional or insecure, but a Cancer will feel deeply or feel nothing at all! Check out the phone cases that best capture the essence of such caring individuals.

Cancer Phone Case

As a surprise to no one who knows a Cancer, the Cancer Case features a delicate fairy in her own world. Of course, this ethereal girlie is surrounded by all things water, including a friendly frog watching her fly by and a gentle water lily.

Cancer Airbrush Phone Case

It’s no secret that Cancers can get rather emotional. And boy, do they have an extensive range of emotions! We tried our best to capture this emotional depth (and versatility!) of theirs in the Cancer Airbrush Case.

Sandy Liang Phone Case

It goes without saying that Cancers have an affinity for water. Unfortunately, this water is often salty and comes straight out of their eyes! Though the stunning anime eyes on the Sandy Liang Case aren’t quite crying, they share the same dreamy, anime-eyed look many Cancers have before a quality crying sesh.

Fawn Angel Phone Case

If there ever was a phone case perfect for a Cancer sign, it would be the Fawn Angel Case. Why? Just look at the delicate yet graceful fawn with its angel wings and batted lashes in front of a huge pink heart, and you’ll get an immediate answer.

Puppy Party Phone Case

Check out the adorable puppies adorning the Puppy Party Case. Do you instantly feel like there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for these precious fur balls? If the answer is yes, you get how people feel when you look at them! One can’t simply say “no” to a caring and loving Cancer, but this iPhone case can be your secret “pretty please” weapon.

Cool Leo Phone Cases

Proud. Confident. Ambitious.

That’s right; that is a lion’s roar you’re hearing!

The Leo zodiac sign requires no special introduction, as it’s arguably the most recognizable among the zodiac signs. If you’re a Leo, you’re just as fierce, powerful, and self-assured as the King of the Jungle, and you aren’t afraid to show it.

Check out some phone cases that are also unapologetically bold and will make their presence known as soon as you take them out of your purse.

Leo Phone Case

In a really shocking turn of events, the Leo Case features a … cheetah. Don’t be surprised; we love all our cats equally here at Wildflower. The cheetah is the world's fastest land animal, which makes it worthy to swap places with the King of the Jungle. Plus, she-cheetahs can outdo their male counterparts in almost any regard. That’s some queen behavior right there!

Leo Airbrush Phone Case

With its bold red, yellow, and orange hues, the Leo Airbrush Case is just as fiery and energetic as the Leo zodiac sign. Grab this tough and durable iPhone case, and never leave the center of attention!

Royalty Phone Case

If we were playing a one-word association game and told you the word “royalty,” which zodiac sign would you think of? With all due respect to other signs, a Leo is the only correct answer! This sign is all about the dramatics that are inseparable from regal fashion. That’s how we know you’ll love the Royalty Case filled with crowns and other worthy embellishments.

Leopard Love Phone Case

We know what you’re thinking – you’ve got the wrong cat! But there's no error; we know our stripes. Now, a lion might not have stripes or prominent spots. But this doesn’t mean it can’t share the iconic print of its fellow big cats. The Leopard Love Case is here to make this fact known!

Slay Phone Case

If there was ever a sign that can rock the Slay Case, it’s a Leo. This iPhone case is pretty clear – all a Leo can do is slay, slay, and slay!

Cool Virgo Phone Cases

Meticulous. Discerning. Reliable.

You don’t need this sign’s incredible attention to detail to know it’s time for some beautiful Virgo phone cases!

Virgos basically spend their time flexing their organization and analytical skills, but they have a heart of gold and a pure soul. They’ll never pass an opportunity to stock up on some shiny and pretty things, which is often surprising based on their minimalist aesthetic.

Virgo Phone Case

Our Virgo Case leans into the birthstone for the Virgo zodiac sign – a sapphire. This stunning case features a mystical moon wrapped in the magical sapphire touch.

Virgo Airbrush Phone Case

Though there are a bunch of little stars on the Virgo Airbrush Case, they all fall in line perfectly, as if a Virgo has placed them there manually. This Apple iPhone case just goes to show how hard Virgos work in every aspect of their lives, managing to come on top every time.

Flower Funk Phone Case

The Flower Funk Case strikes the perfect balance between Virgo’s desire for order and their craving for shiny things. Numerous simple yet attention-grabbing flowers and hearts line this iPhone case, making it a well-organized treat for the eyes. As an added bonus, this case has a 1960s vibe, so it will mesh well with all our flower-power Virgo girlies.

Frilly Floral Phone Case

When it comes to fashion, Virgos are the undisputed rulers of prints and patterns. This sign can pull off practically anything and make it look fabulous in the process! One look at the intricate patterns and colors of the Frilly Floral Case, and any Virgo will scream, “Sold!”

Checkers Phone Case

If you’re not interested in all the bells and whistles you see your fellow Virgos rocking, we’ve got something in store for you. The Checkers Case is a classic – a two-tone staple that can match virtually any outfit. If you’re drawn to the beauty, simplicity, and neutral tones of the Scandinavian aesthetic trend, this is the case to get.

Cool Libra Phone Cases

Balanced. Diplomatic. Sociable.

The Libra zodiac sign perfectly captures those and many other traits.

This sign is all about balance and finding the most diplomatic and fair solution in any situation. You’ll rarely catch a Libra slipping; being cool, calm, and collected is in their DNA. (Think of our model babe, Bella Hadid!)

Check out the charming phone cases that work best with the harmonious nature of a Libra.

Libra Phone Case

The fairy on our Libra Case does what every Libra does best – balancing and holding still no matter what might surround her or come her way. This serene case showcases a combo of pastel shades of pink and green, which is quite pleasing to the eye (just like anything a Libra gets her hands on!).

Libra Airbrush Phone Case

The harmonious beauty of the pink-green combo (Libra’s signature colors) makes another appearance on our Libra Airbrush Case. But this time, the colors are much more striking – the pink is a bright bubble pink shade, and the green is a vibrant green variety. With this little twist, we’ve accounted for Libra’s artistic side.

Dolphin Love Phone Case

Does it get more harmonious (and cuter) than two adorable dolphins facing each other atop a soft rainbow on a baby blue background? We don’t think so! That’s why we deem the Dolphin Love Case the ultimate Libra case.

Fresh From the Garden Phone Case

Sure, the motifs adorning the Fresh from the Garden Case are a bit more out there than the clean lines most Libras are used to. But a look at this stunning case offers nothing but a feeling of peace and harmony, which is precisely what Libras strive for in life.

Fruit Tart Phone Case

Introducing – a well-balanced snack for a well-balanced Libra queen! This Fruit Tart Case embodies harmony and balance with a touch of creativity and country charm, all things beloved by most Libras.

Cool Scorpio Phone Cases

Intense. Magnetic. Powerful.

It’s Scorpio time, baby!

Let’s get one thing straight right away – Scorpios are much more than some dark people with a brash attitude. It’s just their spirit animal giving them a bad rep! Underneath their tough exterior, Scorpios are actually deeply emotional, creative, and brilliant individuals. But we don’t have to tell you that, you know your sign well!

We’re just here to show you the best phone covers worthy of a Scorpio’s legendary style.

Scorpio Phone Case

Instead of playing at the Scorpio’s infamous dark and sultry aesthetic, our Scorpio Case digs deeper, heading straight to this sign’s soul. And what did we find there? Only fiery passion, strength, and a touch of sassiness! And that’s exactly what is depicted on this case.

Scorpio Airbrush Phone Case

Continuing to battle the misconceptions about this zodiac sign, our Scorpio Airbrush Case is a fun and bright delight! However, we’ve kept the key element of these misconceptions – the constant struggle between the soft pink inside and the fiery red outside.

Star Tattoo Phone Case

The goth stars of the Star Tattoo Case might scream dark and edge at first glance. But keep looking, and you’ll see the playful and whimsical swirls surrounding them. You’ll also see the baby pink background peeking through behind these punk-like dark stars. Looks like the perfect phone case for a Scorpio to us!

Leopard Phone Case

Some Scorpios aren’t interested in battling misconceptions about their personality. They’re more than happy to head straight to their closet and truly lean into the alluring and sultry aesthetic associated with their zodiac sign. And what’s more alluring and sultry than animal print? Many Scorpios go wild for this print, so we’re certain they’ll do the same for this Leopard Phone Case.

Star Girl Phone Case

With the Star Girl Case, we’re back to the “dark and mysterious” territory. But the stars illuminating the bulk of this Apple iPhone case suggest that everything might not be as it seems.

Cool Sagittarius Phone Cases

Adventurous. Optimistic. Free-spirited.

Strap yourself in for the ride known as a Sagittarius zodiac sign!

If we only had one word to describe the attitude of a Sagittarius, it would be “larger-than-life.” Everything these hilarious and honest individuals do follows the “go big or go home” mantra. They aren’t afraid of going off the beaten path, taking risks, and living life to the fullest.

Discover some phone covers that can keep up with a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Phone Case

A Sagittarius has a brazen spirit, and that’s precisely what our Sagittarius Case captures. With bold colors and fierce imagery, this iPhone case is fit for any representative of the final fire sign.

Sagittarius Airbrush Phone Case

The Sagittarius Airbrush Case and its corresponding zodiac sign have one thing in common – they aren’t afraid to stand out. Grab this eye-catching phone case, and forget about the rest of the world!

Lone Fox Phone Case

With how we described the Sagittarius zodiac sign in the intro of this section, you might be confused as to how a seemingly lonely fox matches their personality. But that’s just the thing – a Sagittarius isn’t afraid to be alone if that’s where their free spirit takes them. As long as a Sagittarius has themselves, they’ll be just fine! Just like the adorable fox on our Lone Fox Case.

Lucky Girl Phone Case

A Sagittarius is all about living by their own rules. So, who says 13 can’t be a lucky number? Certainly not us, and certainly not Taylor Swift, a global superstar and, more importantly, a fellow Sagittarius, who considers 13 her lucky number. Since T. Swift also has a song called “Archer,” the Lucky Girl Case is seemingly destined for a Sag queen.

Réalisation Par x Devon Lee Carlson Phone Case

A Sagittarius knows life is too short not to live it to the fullest. And a huge part of this attitude is trying all the wonders life has to offer. One look at this striking Réalisation Par x Devon Lee Carlson Case, and you’ll see many of those life wonders waiting for you there.

Cool Capricorn Phone Cases

Ambitious. Pragmatic. Disciplined.

It’s time for our Capricorn customers to secure their perfect phone cases.

As we know you well, we won’t try to sell you on some extravagant cases where the camera gets lost in all the prints and pictures. We know Capricorns as goal-oriented individuals whose unwavering discipline always keeps them on track and away from such distractions.

Let’s see what kind of phone cases we have in store for you.

Capricorn Phone Case

There might be many interpretations of a Capricorn’s personality, but one thing’s for sure – they’re the GOATs of the zodiac. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that our Capricorn Case has an adorable goat running around.

Capricorn Airbrush Phone Case

Capricorns might be no-nonsense boss girlies, but even they can’t resist the allure of pink. Throw the beautiful purple shade into the mix, and this Capricorn Airbrush Case becomes the perfect way to show your super-secret soft side. We promise we won’t tell anyone!

Starry Not Sorry Phone Case

Like a Capricorn, the Starry Not Sorry Case has no time to mess around. There are no bells and whistles, just a clear message – shoot for the stars!

Houndstooth Phone Case

If you need a phone case to match your busy tempo and girl-boss attitude, we’ve got just the one! The Houndstooth Phone Case is classy, stylish, and fabulous, the three adjectives that perfectly describe a Capricorn’s style.

Marble Phone Case

The Marble Phone Case sums up a Capricorn perfectly – they are strong, stoic, and protected yet unbelievably beautiful.

Cool Aquarius Phone Cases

Unconventional. Humanitarian. Intellectual.

Those are the adjectives that can summarize an Aquarius. Though, if we’re being honest, the first of the adjectives could be joined by many similar ones. Eccentric, innovative, progressive, you name it; an Aquarius reps it. Basically, when it comes to an Aquarius, anything goes!

Discover which phone cases are fun enough to fit this description.

Aquarius Phone Case

Though no one seems to want to accept it, Aquarius is an air sign. Here at Wildflower, we’re firmly planted at the “this makes no sense” station, so our Aquarius Case is an absolute aquatic delight.

Aquarius Airbrush Phone Case

Thanks to their wild imagination, Aquarius girlies often have their heads in the clouds. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Just look at our Aquarius Airbrush Case, and you’ll know how beautiful it is up there.

What the Duck Phone Case

It’s not uncommon for people to have a single response to an Aquarius’s ideas – what the … ?! The What the Duck Case captures their eccentric but lovable personality to a tee.

Bretman Rock Phone Case

The iconic Bretman Rock might not be an Aquarius, but he has the eccentric part down. Just ask one of his chickens! Our fave baddie also has the Aquarius aesthetic down with this phone case that features a stunning play between various shades of white, blue, red, and purple.

Nailea Devora Phone Case

Bretman Rock might not be an Aquarius, but the hilarious Naiea Devora certainly is. And boy, does she rep her zodiac sign on her Wildflower phone case! This colorful iPhone case is the embodiment of “anything goes,” from cutesy talking pickles to angry teddy bears.

Cool Pisces Phone Cases

Intuitive. Creative. Affectionate.

After hearing these words, you know we’ve reached the last zodiac sign – Pisces.

Most Pisces are all-around dreamy people, full of empathy, love, and imagination, and lucky enough to be able to channel all these emotions into art. When we think of Pisces, we think of the color blue, the soft touch of ocean waves, and mermaidcore.

Here’s which phone cases capture this essence.

Pisces Phone Case

There are four water signs in the zodiac, but Pisces undoubtedly reigns supreme. With this in mind, our Pisces Case makes perfect sense! We didn’t go for the fishies, the obvious association with this sign. The Leo Case should’ve shown you that we like to mix it up a bit, so the Pisces Case features a majestic mermaid surrounded by nothing but serenity.

Pisces Airbrush Phone Case

With its color combo, playful sea foam, and aquamarine bubbles, the Pisces Airbrush Case instantly takes you under the sea. And remember what Sebastian says – “Darling, it's better down where it's wetter!” We don’t know about you, but we’ll take it from him!

Frankies Bikinis Phone Case

The Frankies Bikinis Case perfectly captures the beauty of waves without being too obvious. The soft swirls of white, pink, and baby blue fits right into the aesthetic of an adorable Pisces.

Latte Love Phone Case Blue Moon

Another soft phone case that captures the delicate energy of a Pisces is undoubtedly our Blue Moon Latte Love Case. Of course, this iPhone case also works great if you love drinking an almond latte or two while deep into your creative projects.

Frankies Bikinis Malibu High Phone Case

Calling all our Barbie Pisces, your dream phone case has arrived! The Frankies Bikinis Malibu High Case is just that – a wonderful dream of pink, white, and baby blue hues, enticing you to drop everything and jump into the nearest ocean.

Wildflower: Cute Phone Cases for Every Zodiac Sign

As you can see, astrology girlies will have a field day with Wildflower cases. But besides looking amazing, these protective covers will also keep your phone safe while letting your personality (and zodiac sign) shine. Plus, our design team is always working on new and unique phone cases, so your zodiac-inspired collection can keep on growing. Make sure to browse our website from time to time to stay up to date.

For now, order your fave cases from our list for you or as a perfect gift for another astrology-obsessed babe.

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