About Us

Wildflower® cases are a new fashion iPhone accessory brand and company based out of Los Angeles, California that officially launched in January 2013 by founder and creator, Michelle Carlson. She explains the inspiration behind Wildflower cases below.

"I could not find any phone cases I liked and everything out there was the same or not cute. I wanted something with more of a cool, edgy style that I knew my daughters would love and I knew there was nothing out there like it. So with lots of creative exploration, I found a way to make iPhone covers myself and put the first set in my daughters Easter baskets. That morning when they awoke and opened their Easter baskets, THEY LOVED THEM!!! After that, it took off from there. All their friends wanted my iPhone cases and the rest is history. I love what I do and love being creative for fashion. I plan on continuously researching more styles, patterns, colors and also launching other products." 

Thanks to all our family, friends and fans who've been with us since the beginning! Love you all! xoxo #wildflowerlove

—Michelle Carlson, Founder and Creator of Wildflower

Today, Wildflower Cases are in high demand and sold world wide. 

Wildflower Family PhotoMichelle searches for the most unique and limited fabric designs and/or designs the fabric herself. Our philosophy on limited products brings the uniqueness you would expect and demand from a custom hand made iPhone case company. Most of our unique designs only allow for small batch production run that vary from 50 - 1,000 Wildflower cases for world wide distribution. 

With each case being hand assembled, it is without a doubt, a true work of art. Yet they durable and strong enough to protect your iPhone 6/6s/6+, 5/5s/5c and 4/4s

At times our commitment to artistry and beauty creates a demand above and beyond or production capabilities and we apologize in advance for those delivery delays. What we can promise and guarantee is when you receive your new Wildflower case you will be reminded just how unique and limited your phone case is by the compliments of those who see it and desire it.  

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All Wildflower Cases are "Patent Pending".